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Europe » Austria » Vienna October 13th 2018

Dear Blog Readers, It’s been an uncomfortably long time without a blog, and an uncomfortably low number of requests for an update. However, perseverance is the secret to all triumphs so settle in for a whistle-stop tour of a wonderful summer in Vienna! The sweltering heat of Japan and Korea acclimatized us well for the summer heat of central Europe. On one of my wanders around Oberdobling, I stumbled across the beautiful Turkenshanz Park which is worth a trip out of the city centre to see. It has a fantastic lake with huge fountains and an old lookout post in the centre. Sky now has exclusivity of the Austrian Bundesliga football, so we were treated to go and see the opening game of the season – Austria Vienna vs Innsbruck. Prior to the game, we stopped ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna October 11th 2018

Like all other European capitals, Vienna is full of mysteries. Tombs of the royalty, unusual museums, and much more. Unorthodox attractions are here in on every corner, some of them being centuries old, and some surprisingly new. Our guide gives you a look on some of the most unique places to see while visiting the Austrian capital: from the (in)famous sewers, to the best Wien escape rooms. If you want your trip to Vienna to be unusual and different to what most tourists there experience, take our favourites into consideration while planning the stay! Arkham Asylum The Narrenturm (most commonly translated to Fool’s Tower or Madhouse Tower) is one of the oldest asylums for insane people - or at least for those who were considered insane by the society back in the day. The inmates were ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna October 4th 2018

We have a couple of days in Vienna such a fantastic city, with beautiful grand buildings and architecture. Cruising along the Danube is wonderful, just watching the scenery go by. Of course eating so much good food. This morning caught shuttle bus to town at 9.15am. Walked around looked at beautiful buildings and statues. Tried to catch 11am bus back but didnt turn up so caught taxi back. There was a fire emergency in next street so all traffic was diverted away. Had some lunch then went for a bike ride this afternoon along the river bank. Lovely bunch of people we are with, mostly Aussies and few from NZ. Tonight late we start cruising again.... read more
Doorway with statues
Franz Joseph
Another statue in the park

Europe » Austria » Vienna October 3rd 2018

Cruised overnight along the Danube, breakfast at 7.30am then back to room to rest and watch the riverside go by. Very relaxing and plenty to watch. Also bit of reading and washing. About midday cam to lock which was fascinating to see how it all works. Afterwards lunch was served then decided to go into town for some clothes shopping for Pio & Dalyse. Both need some warmer clothes as it has turned cold Caught taxi into town with Marion. Had look at H&M, Zara and other stores Caught taxi back to shop anout 4.30pm. ... read more
Another fishing shed
Fishing shed

Europe » Austria » Vienna October 2nd 2018

Good sleep, shower then breakfast at 7.30am. Decided to stay on ship today as only 14 degrees and raining. Pio & Rob not the best to be out in the weather. Walked to pharmacy and market, also aldi. Kelly bought a better jacket for the cold. Lunch then safety briefing then on to Austria. Spent the day cruising, mostly stayed in room, watched movie and scenery from our window. Went up to sun deck for a very short while but far too cold & windy, so back to room. Beautiful sunset tonight. Captains reception cocktails then gala welcome dinner tonight.... read more
TM Jewel
Government building
Village along the Danube

Europe » Austria » Vienna October 2nd 2018

Kathleen en ik stonden op het gemakske op. Met 2 gaat alles ook veel sneller. We namen een uitgebreide douche (het douchegebouw was zo goed als volledig open, dus ijskoud. Het was dus geen makkelijke beslissing om eronder uit te komen) en aten ons ontbijt. We hadden eindelijk eens plek op de tafel en zeer weinig afwas J alletwee kwamen we tot de conclusie dat we ons een dag hadden misrekend. We hadden dus nog een vrij in te plannen dag. Er werden alvast enkele denkpistes verkend en besloten deze straks voor te leggen aan het koppeltje. (Het zou een half dagje Zwarte Woud worden voor een boswandeling + dan moeten we zaterdag minder lang rijden naar huis) Dan terug richting Wenen. Het weer was slecht (regen en kou), maar het beloofde wel mooi weer te ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna October 1st 2018

Vanmorgen was een druk moment. Aangezien we illegaal stonden (vlak voor een camping dan nog), moesten we wel op tijd vertrekken. Om 7u stond onze wekker om dan snel vertrekkensklaar te geraken. Thomas en Laura ruimden snel hun tent op om snel de camper in te stappen en verder te rijden (wel nog snel enkele foto’s van de mist op het meer!). Omkleden en een beetje wassen, deden we op een wegtoilet. Niet de meest comfortabele voorziening, maar dat kon er nog wel bij na die sobere, smaakloze maaltijd van gisteren. Ondertussen nog een vignet kopen (we waren dus ook al illegaal over de wegen aan het rijden) en richting de volgende camping. Daar aangekomen op een klein boerderijtje met enkele staanplaatsen voor campers en tenten, aten we ontbijt en meteen dus ook ons middagmaal. Dan ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna September 5th 2018

Our last full day in Vienna was dedicated to Schloss Schonbrunn. In order to get there, we decided to take the Subway, and were carefully instructed as to how to get there without having to switch lines, which was a very important factor to us even though it required walking to a station further away from the hotel. Needless to say, we were completely dumbfounded once we got to the station about the, supposedly, simple task of buying whatever ticket we needed for the ride. We were so frustrated that we were about to give up on the whole idea and just pay for a taxi ride when a gentleman approached us and offered his help. In no time at all we had our tickets, were in the right side of the platform, and were even ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna September 4th 2018

Our first morning in Vienna we discovered that not only did our breakfast buffet was as extensive or more than in Budapest, but this enlightened hotel kept sparkling wine on ice for those who wished a little perk me up in the morning! Our first full day in Vienna was planned around some of the major landmarks around the Inner City. Hofburg Palace, the Museum Quarter, the Opera House, etc. With slightly more confidence as to where we were going, we set out for the Inner City and managed to do a fairly good job about finding the landmarks we were looking for. I enjoyed the Hofburg complex, and the wonderful architecture of the Museum Quarter, although having the grounds prepared for a festival was a bit of a turn off. The highlight of the day ... read more
Hofburg Palace
St. Michael's Gate, Hofburg Palace

Europe » Austria » Vienna September 3rd 2018

Our departure from Budapest could have ended in disaster! We got to the train station early, and were directed to our platform where a train for Munich was waiting. We were still not particularly aware of procedures but, in our defense, I should say that we asked at least three different persons to make sure we were in the right place and, although friendly, it wasn't until the last person we asked who actually told us that the train we had been staring at for fifteen minutes was the train we should be on! Yes, it was for Munich, but it made several stops along the way, Vienna being one of them! We were embarrassed, but eventually laughed it off with relief for not having missed the train. We had seats in the first class compartment, ... read more
The Harmonie Hotel
Around Inner City, Vienna
St. Peter's Church

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