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Europe » Austria » Vienna March 13th 2021 12th March- The city of a million melodies Today’s virtual tour with Claudia was interesting to hear stories about some of the well-known composers of the past. Vivaldi Antonio Vivaldi was born in Venice, Italy, which is where he spent most of his life. His father taught him to play the violin, and the two would often perform together. He made his first known public appearance playing alongside his father as a violinist in 1696 Antonio continued to study and practice the violin, even after he became a priest. He was called the "Red Priest" because of his flaming red hair, but he had bad asthma & that kept Him from saying Mass. After that, Vivaldi spent all his time writing music and teaching. He taught at an orphanage for girls, and wrote a lot ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna March 13th 2021 12th March - Belvedere Park & Palace - Vienna Built between 1717 and 1723, the palace started life as the purely ceremonial residence of the military genius, Prince Eugene of Savoy. The Lower Belvedere building was the more functional residence. The Belvedere Palace is divided into two building units. The Upper and the Lower Belvedere, both were constructed on behalf of Prince Eugene of Savoy in the 18th century. Between the two buildings is a huge garden area. The palace served as the Viennese summer residence for the successful commander Prince Eugene of Savoy. Both, the impressive palace and the beautiful landscaped garden, have been built in the Baroque style. With its magnificent gardens this former residence is a stunning Baroque landmark and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Upper Belvedere houses the... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna March 5th 2021 5th March - Imperial Vienna Our virtual tour commend in the Museum Quarter with Francis and his wife who he called his Umbrella Lady. The Museum Quarter was built in the eighteenth century as Vienna’s imperial stables Together with the Hofburg Palace, the New Hofburg Palace, and the Museums of Art and Natural History, the stable complex was originally intended to form one end of the so-called “Kaiserforum,” planned as a complete urban ensemble. The main frontage, a baroque façade 400m in length, was completed in 1725. Between 1850 and 1854, the Winter Riding Hall in classical style was added in what is now the MQ Main Courtyard. The rain was falling & Vienna looked quite grey as we viewed the magnificent statue of the Empress Maria Theresa. Unveiled in 1888, the monument pays tribute ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna March 4th 2021 4th March - A walking tour through Vienna’s romantic Old Town. Today we started our tour in Volksgarten, A beautiful landscaped park to one side of the Hofburg palace complex. In June the roses must look wonderful but now in March they were all covered to protect them from the winter temperatures, looking quite spooky too. Opened in 1823, the Volksgarten owes its existence to the exuberance of Napoleon’s army.The French emperor entered Vienna in 1809 after a hard-fought victory over the Austrian army at the Battle of Wagram. He then forced the Austrian Empire to sign the Peace Treaty of Schönbrunn at great cost to the Habsburgs in terms of territories and prestige. When Napoleon’s troops left the city with their souvenir cakes and Mozart postcards, they blew up some of the fortifications as ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna July 13th 2020

Bonjour à tous, Vienne, capitale de l'Autriche, à l'est du pays, est traversée par le Danube, peuplée de 1,9 millions d'habitants, est le principal centre culturel et politique et économique du pays. De nombreuses organisations y ont leur siège tel que OPEP, OSCE, ONU, l'agence mondial de l'énergie atomique, etc. Entre 2005 et 2015 Vienne a été la première destination pour les congrès et conventions internationales. Elle accueille près de 4 millions de touristes par an. Rien que les serbes, et les turques, dépassent les 200 000 personnes. La renommée de Vienne repose principalement sur sa vie musicale. Il n'existe pas d'autres villes, dans le monde, dans laquelle autant de compositeur ont vécu. Des événements musicaux tel que le concert du nouvel an, ou le bal de l'opéra, avec des bâtiments dédiés. Mozart, Beethoven, Liszt, Strauss, ... read more
Musée histoire Naturel
la roue l'originale
Beethoven !!!!!

Europe » Austria » Vienna July 12th 2020

Bonjour à tous, De nouveau, ce matin à Prague, le soleil est revenu, mais pas la chaleur, 12*. Je vais garder le soleil toute la journée et pas bien plus de 20, même à Vienne, ce qui me va très bien, pour mes longues marches. Ce jour encore, 9.8, et il faut que je trouve encore où souper, j'ai vu, cet après midi beaucoup de restaurants fermés. Je vous avais dit, que je prendrais l'autoroute de Prague à Vienne environ 350km, pratiquement aussi pénible que par la route. Les 200 premiers, jusqu'à Brno, environ 150 en travaux, sur une file, entre 60 et 80kmh. En 3 jours que j'ai passé en Tchéquie je peux traduire le terme travaux ''pozor''. Après toutes ces zones de travaux, une déviation nous a emmenée dans la campagne Tchèque, dans les ... read more
l'ambassade France
la cathédrale de Vienne

Europe » Austria » Vienna July 5th 2020

Pesibusom si to mierim na zel.stanicu sered. Vlak ma meskanie 15min, no nikto to neohlasuje. Smer tt. I pripoj ma meskanie, tak v pohode stihnuty prestup. Je nedela, cakal som narvanu supravu z vychodu na zapad, no su uz prazdniny, tak pohodicka. Usadzam sa do detskeho kupe. Dvere polepene roznymi zvieratami. V kupecku ma jeden chalan masku, druhy nema. Tak si nedavam ani ja, nemal som ani cestou zo serede. Na hlavnej stanici, vykvetu svk sa nezdrziavam a idem si pesibusom na bus stanicu nivy. Casu mam akurat, vonku uz prijemne vecerne pocasie. Park na namesti slobody prave polievaju. Striekace su mudro nastavene na chodnik, tak to prebieham a uz som mokry. V okoli bus stanice stale prebieha vystavba. Mensie zmatkovanie, otazka na sbs pri twin city ci idem spravne, je tu samy plot a natahane ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna May 26th 2020

Do you know how many notes are in a chromatic scale? In Western music, there are 12 familiar tones, each a half-step or a semitone apart. To visualize this, think of the keys on a piano: A half-step is the shortest distance between two keys, so if you start on C (which is a white key), one semitone up is C# (a black key), and one semitone up from that is D (another white key). The sequence in this case would continue as follows: D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, and B. This type of scale, where you play every semitone in ascending or descending order from one octave to the next, is called a chromatic scale. Other, more common scales have fewer notes. For example, if you play a major scale — the ... read more
The big 3, retired!
Carnegie Hall, NYC
The greatest Artur Rubinstein

Europe » Austria » Vienna March 12th 2020

Povodne som mal zacat trip piatok 13teho avsak vdaka postupujucemu korona virusu svk uzatvara hranice o 700 13.3 t.j. do viedne by som sa nedostal. Doma upenlive rozmyslanie, ist alebo nie. Na rozmyslenie mam 2hod to mi ide posledny bus do ba, kedze som vacsinu dna prespal. Stredu som mal svoju poslednu nocnu. Nakonec rychlo balim batoh a pesibusom po titesi na bus stanicu sered. Bohuzial sa nestiham rozlucit s V, sme si mali dnes spolu aj so simonkou pochutnat na vinecku. Nasadam do prazdneho busu co ma konecnu v cesku. Platim nehoraznu cenu 3.8€ za cestu. Cestou este stale rozmyslam, poletim do porta alebo kupim let do bogoty. Predsa len tam su zatial neni ziadne obmedzenia resp pojdem to preckat na neaky indonezsky ostrov. Vyskakujem na nivach, kukam na odchody busov, bus do viedne ide ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna January 12th 2020

My overnight train arrived in Vienna around 8 am. I hadn't really slept much on the train and hadn't eaten, so my first port of call was McDonald's for breakfast. 4 euros for a McMuffin and a coffee and no hash brown was a shocking reminder that I was back in Western Europe. While eating my breakfast, I decided what to do. Since I couldn't check into my hostel in Bratislava until 2 or 3 in the afternoon, I had quite a lot of time to kill. I had been to Vienna many, many years ago when I lived in Germany. I can't really remember too much about it. All I can remember is going to the 'Bermuda Triangle' area for a drink, I think we were staying in that area, and the cashpoints dispensing 100 ... read more
Belvedere Palace
Belvedere Palace
Belvedere Palace

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