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Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Hallstatt May 4th 2018

Today would be one of the “less good” days of the trip. It's not that we had a bad time. Au contraire. It was just that a couple of annoying issues happened along the way. In the end things righted themselves but they put a damper on our day. The day started off with the clanging of the bell in the tiny village church at sunrise. I apparently fell back asleep rather quickly because we didn't make it downstairs to breakfast until after 8:00. Christina and her had mom created a delightful breakfast for us with a great assortment of treats one might expect at a 4 star hotel. The best part of it was the fact that almost all of it came from their farm. Fresh butter, milk, yoghurt, honey, cheeses and homemade breads. I ... read more
Thanks for not waking us up this morning
Countryside of Aichau
By the shores of the Traunsee

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Hallstatt September 6th 2017

We left Salzburg by train, after a 7:00AM taxi ride which our hosts graciously arranged for us. The Salzburg train station is easy to find your way around in and we had purchased our tickets for Hallstatt there a few days earlier. The short train journey of less than 3 hours, including one quick train change around halfway, was through beautiful countryside and into the mountains dotted with small towns and the occasional castle. It was just starting to rain as we got off at the Hallstatt stop. There is a small building here in the wilderness at the side of the track and a path leads down to a small walk-on ferry to take you on a 15 minute ride across the lake to the town of Hallstatt. I remembered that our hotel was on ... read more
Pension Maria Theresia, Bad Goisern, Austria
Skywalk above Hallstatt
Sliding down a tunnel, 400 metres underground.

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Hallstatt August 11th 2016

Hi I haven't posted anything in over three years... lots have happened back home and somehow I've been feeling that there's no point in updating anyone on my travels, as they are mere holidays now, just the way people take time off work and go on holidays, not the way I used to work and travel abroad.....Anyways, I don't know why but I just feel like picking up where I left off, so will do that without too much fuss and drama. I've been running a language centre in my hometown, quite successful I might add for the last 5 years. It's always our August Road Trip that keeps me going through the last school months when things usually go from busy to hectic. June and July mean Cambridge Exams, in addition this July it's meant ... read more
Hallstatt Centre
Hallstatt Centre

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Hallstatt September 14th 2015

The weather was looking a bit dicey today so we weren’t sure what we would get up around Lake Halstatt where we were headed to visit the main attractions – the Ice Cave, Krippenstein the Five Finger Platform and Halstatt. We had biked in this area in 2013 and figured that Irvahn would love these sites so we bought a ticket that would take us on the Seilbahn to the Ice Cave and to the top of the mountain at Krippenstein. The Ice Cave is at the mid station where we got off, signed in for a tour, then walked slowly up the steep track to the cave entrance which takes about 15 minutes. We put on warm clothes and started the tour into the dry part of the cave which is part of a vast ... read more
Lake Halstatt
Another picturesque view of Lake Halstatt
Outside the ice cave

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Hallstatt August 15th 2015

Geo: 47.5573, 13.647We left Flaurling prepared for rain but had nothing but bright, sunny skies for our ride to Hallstatt. Outside of Salzburg, we encountered a lot of traffic, having to lane-split for nearly 13km before we could bypass the city in favor of the country roads. After that, it was a wonderful excursion through the pristine valleys and around several azure alpine lakes of the Salzkammergut, the area from Salzburg south towards Italy. We found our lodging for the coming week nestled against the side of a narrow road cut into a sheer wall of rock at the edge of beautiful Lake Hallstatt. After unloading our gear, we walked into the village where a festival was taking place. We enjoyed cheese-filled sausages and pastries for lunch with wine and beer, all accompanied by traditional Tyrolean ... read more
In front of our Hallstatt house
Lakeside view of our Hallstatt house
A view from our window

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Hallstatt February 15th 2015

At the end of what is bound to be one hell of a long travelogue I plan to thank the many great Bimmerfesters out there who guided me through the whole ED and negotiating process. However, at this point I need to say "thanks" to all those Travelbloggers who urged me to find a way to get to Hallstatt in Austria. In our many years of travel throughout Europe one thing or another always seemed to prevent us from getting to that super picturesque little village. So many times I looked at that famous view of the little town hugging both the mirror-like lake and the towering Alps on her other shoulder and so many times I either got lost, snow derailed us or I just ran out of time. On our first full day of ... read more
Sonntag Geschlossen
Photo Op in Austria
Austria Has Some Serious Snow

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Hallstatt June 15th 2013

Today is a rest day after many consecutive days of biking. The body is saying enough is enough but that doesn't mean doing nothing. We walked from Obertraun to the Hallstatt railway station which is about a 45minute walk. From the Schiffstation (ferry stop), we took the ferry across the lake to Hallstatt which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of it's unique position and history. It sits right on the lakeside between the water and the cliffs which doesn't allow for much room for a village which is essentially carless. Hallstatt is known for its production of salt dating back to prehistoric times, and gave its name to the Hallstatt Culture, a culture often linked to Early Iron Age Europe. It's human history appears to go back 7000 years still based on the trading ... read more
A house in the square at Hallstatt
A street scene in Hallstatt
A wonderful find in Hallstatt

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Hallstatt March 19th 2013

“The thing about travelling is that you will never get bored of the things you see, because they are always different, no matter how similar they can be.” The phrase just rung in my head as we admired the beauty of Hallstatt from across the lake, when Steph and I first disembarked from the train. I thought I saw sceneries familiar to this, perhaps in Halong Bay or somewhere else, but Hallstatt’s landscape just blew me off completely. The houses stack upon each other on the mountains, seemingly symbolizing humans’ touch encroaching nature. The immensely clear lake reflects off the houses along the lakeside, giving them a symmetrical paint-like image in the waters. The snow-capped mountains at the backdrop add the final touch to the picture-perfect scenery that is ever so breathtaking. Wow in exclamation. We ... read more
Mountains as the backdrop
Into the lake!
Comfort in tranquility

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Hallstatt September 11th 2012

Geo: 47.5573, 13.647LAST NIGHT: The concert was very nice and about a dozen of us went. We were seated toward the rear of the room, but I guess that doesn't matter when you're really there to listen. The room itself used to be part of the prince-archbishop's palace, so it's rather grand and pleasingly baroque. There were five or six musicians dressed in 18th century costume, and two singers, a tenor and a soprano. Personally, I thought the tenor was good but the soprano got a little breathy in her mid-range. First, we were given a selection from Don Giovanni and then were served (this is verbatim from the menu, which I didn't take with me because there was a very stern notice stating that the menu was not free but could be purchased for two ... read more
View from our boat on the Wolfgangsee
View from our Hallstatt terrace
Dissatisfied kitty

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Hallstatt July 18th 2011

Geo: 47.5573, 13.647After a hearty breakfast at our Gastof, we drove to the Krippenstein Valley (only a five minute drive) to catch a cable car up the mountain to the Krippenstein Middle Station. We thought the Funicular that took us up the mountain to the Salt Mine yesterday was steep. It has nothing on the Cable Car. When we reached the Middle Station (750 metres up from the valley floor), we walked up a steep incline to visit the Ice Cave. The entrance to the Ice Cave is literally on the mountain side, and is full of ice flows, even in the middle of summer as it is over here now. The Ice Cave was very cold, so it was just as well that we wore warmer clothing to what we have been used to wearing ... read more
The Ice Cave
Five Fingers Lookout
View from Five Fingers Lookout

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