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Europe » Andorra » La Vella July 31st 2017

Hello my fellow travellers! We woke up at a good time this morning and ate some breakfast together with Radek after Michal had left. We had more time than we initially planned since the bus we was going to take had been fully booked so we had to book on the next one going an hour and half later. But it gave us a good leisure time to hang out with Radek and give him some tips for his day in Barcelona. Luckily enough the international bus station is just around the corner from where Michal lives so we just took a leisure stroll over there and hopped on the bus where we watched a movie for the first half until we reached the mountains and the view become far more interesting than any movie! Both ... read more
Andorra la Vella
Casa de la Vall
Sant Esteve d'Andorra la Vella

Europe » Andorra » La Vella February 19th 2017

2-10-2017 Andorra Andorra by Night 2 2017 Andorra by day 2 2017 Andorra la mot quoc gia nam o bien gioi cu France va Spain. Voi dien tich rat nho, nho nhat Au Chau la 467km2 va dan so la 85,000 nguoi. Trung binh moi nguoi dan kiem duoc 53,000/nam. Noi tieng Catalan. Vi canh Phap, Spain va Portugal nen dan o day da so noi duoc 3 tieng cua 3 nuoc nay. 49% nguoi o day la nguoi ban xu Andorran, tuy nhien cung co 24% la nguoi Tay ban Nha, 14% la Portugal va 45 la nguoi Phap. Thu do cua Andorra la Andorra La Vella la la thu do cao nhat Au Chau vi the o day rat lanh, lanh hon cac noi o Au Chau. Nuoc nay khong thuoc European Union nhung ... read more

Europe » Andorra » La Vella June 9th 2016

Bilbao's efficient metro system, Spain's extensive bus network and ALSA's spacious, modern buses ensured that the seven-and-a-half hour journey from Bilbaoto Barcelona was absolutely painless. Comfortable, even. It was great to be back in Barcelona again. It was where I spent three months learning Spanish before I set off for South America just over eight months previously. I had great memories, fun memories, of my time here and those memories were rekindled almost as soon as I arrived back in the city. Although most of the friends I made here have already left, there were still a couple hanging about (as well as revisiting Barcelona at the same time as me!) the place and it was great catching up with them. Just like I did when I was livin... read more
Casa de la Vall
Sign O' The Times
Esglesia de Santa Coloma

Europe » Andorra » La Vella January 23rd 2016

A little over three years ago, this traveller made a valient attempt at reaching Andorra by means of flying into Toulouse airport and making the rest of the journey south overland until the intended destination was reached. Cutting a long(er) story short, the attempt failed, and Andorra remained a little more shrouded in mystery and speculation over what might have been missed out on. This time around, however, the same snow-blocked road blight did not hamper the proceedings, and reaching the small but more than adequate hotel Festa Brava in the nation's capital, Andorra La Vella was a victory of determination over circumstance. Andorra La Vella could best be described as an outsized duty-free shopping zone, and the sheer wealth of retail outlets, strung together with hotels, restaurants and the occasional significant building, bear testimony to ... read more
Spa centre (Andorra la Vella; Andorra)
Piste view (Soldeu; Andorra)
Street view (Andorra-la-Vella;Andorra)

Europe » Andorra » La Vella April 1st 2015

Today was a relaxing day in the Pyrenees, and I needed it. My loyal readers will know that yesterday was not the kindest experience for my feet. So I took it easy this morning, sleeping until after 8AM (!) and then doing some grading for my online class at McAfee. I'm almost finished with grading for the week - I'll finish it up tonight, and then I have over a week before the next assignment is due. Another pressing matter for me is laundry. The last time I did laundry was at Eno's place in London - now 2 weeks ago. I'm really finding out how long I can wear clothes without them becoming unbearable. Most articles like shirts and pants don't really get too bad unless you work up a sweat, which I have done ... read more
The path above the city
Great shots over the city today
Springtime in Andorra!

Europe » Andorra » La Vella March 31st 2015

That pretty much sums it up. I'm having a great time here, all things considered. Andorra La Vella is the highest capital in Europe, situated amid the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain. I've wanted to come here since I was 14 or thereabouts, so I'm glad it has finally happened! My trip up from the south of Spain yesterday was pretty painless - even the 5+ hour train ride to Barcelona went by surprisingly fast. I'm impressed by the Renfe trains of Spain, in spite of what I've heard in the past. The 3-hour bus ride from Barcelona to Andorra also went by unexpectedly fast. There were only 13 of us on the minibus, but most of us kept to ourselves. I was admiring the scenery for most of the trip, until it got dark. ... read more
Looking down from the Parliament building
9th century church in Santa Coloma
Pont de la Margineda

Europe » Andorra » La Vella July 21st 2014

10/07/13 - 12/07/13 So after a hectic week in Pamplona, I decided to spend the next few days of my trip relaxing in Andorra. Andorra is a small land locked country on the border between Spain and France. With no airport and no train service the only way in was by bus. The whole nation is only 468km2 with a mix of four languages all commonly spoken, it was looking to be a small challenge. So from the beginning I awoke in my hostel in Barcelona, still unsure of my movements to get to Andorra. Ant and I made our way downstairs to use the wifi to work out our next moves. It was surprisingly not hard to find a bus to Andorra so with that booked I bid farewell to another new friend as he ... read more

Europe » Andorra » La Vella June 2nd 2013

Woolly says - We waved a regretful goodbye to El’s Pratt Village. Tea last night was excellent, using the 11 Euro menu (approximately £9.90GBP) I helped Ian out with his cannelloni starter, chicken main and toffee mousse. Jo seemed to be struggling to finish her garlic prawns and perch main so it was only fair to help her as well, no chance with her toffee mousse, it was gone before I batted an eyelid. If you’re heading towards Tarragona I would definitely recommend staying at this site. We started heading into the foothills of the Pyrenees, the scenery was amazing and as every twist and turn in the road revealed another stunning view things just got better and better. Passing lush green fields separated by lines of scarlet poppies we could see the real mountains getting ... read more
Stunning Views
The Views got better
and better

Europe » Andorra » La Vella June 26th 2011

We woke up in plenty of time for breakfast before catching the first bus down to Andorra La Vela at 9:40. Breakfast was the usual coffee, juice, cereal, toast and spreads, and some fruit. Although the driver was a bit reckless, the ride down was nearly as scary as the ride up had been yesterday. We spent most of the morning shopping for gifts to bring to Manoli's brothers and nephew. For lunch, we almost ate at the same place in the Pyrenees store, but changed our minds when we saw the buffet style layout in another store called Escale. Although most of the restaurants and cafes we'd seen wanted what seemed like ridiculous prices (from 9 Euros and up for a single plate!), this store also had food at much more reasonable prices. We all ... read more
Iglesia de Sant Estevet
Old Andorra La Vela
Neat Fountain

Europe » Andorra » La Vella March 10th 2011

Nestled high in the Pyrenees is a tiny country that you may not have heard of…Andorra. By a quirk of fate, this country, which is the size of a small county in the US and the population of a small city, is still a country. Andorra is basically one main, sometimes very narrow, mountain valley nestled on the border between Spain and France and is jointly controlled by both. There are a few side roads but the country is only 50 km across at the widest. It is one big ski resort in the winter and in the summer it specializes in mountain sports. Ninety percent of its national product is tourism and employment is 100%. Since we were so close, we could not resist a visit in order to put another country on our list. ... read more
Cloisters in Ripoll
Skiing in the Pyrenees
Shall Cow Ski?

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