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ski holiday in ANDORRA

Looking for info on best resort and best place for a night out!
14 years ago, December 28th 2007 No: 1 Msg: #24722  

Me and my friend are thinking of a snowboarding holiday in March to Andorra and were looking for some help. Whats the best resort for a good time, on and off the slopes?

We'll be coming from the UK, are we best to get a package ski holiday deal or are cheap flights and hostels the way to go? We're both female, in our 20s and done a fair bit of travelling so don't mind finding our own way from the airport and staying in a hostel if need be. I've heard theres a good night life so wouldn't mind sampling that too...

Also how much should we expect to pay for renting equipment and lessons? I have my own gear, but my friend will need to hire and get a lesson or two. Because its duty free is the gear cheaper to buy over there? I might be tempted by a new board.

Also (most importantly!) what are the slopes like? And the park?

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