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We arrived late noche on Saturday the 8th of December. That was one of the longest days of my liiiiife. Got up at 1am to drive to St Louis airport. Flew at 6am but for whatever reason when checking in it took foreeeeever, something wrong with checking in Isabel. As a result, the plane was closing as we threw ourselves into the plane. Didn't have to pay extra for the 3rd bag, which was nice and since Isabel didn't have bording pass it was good that we were so late no one paid attention. Okay, so now we're leaving St. Louis. Arrive in Miami and eat and use the bathroom, etc. Isabel was running everywhere and slammed herself in to the glass window three times, surprised that she couldn't keep running and was flat on her ... read more
lenin's sister in law

It's the middle of November 2012, which means I arrived in Moropoto about 4 years ago as a Peace Corps Agriculture & Food Security volunteer. Lenin and I left Nicaragua about the 3rd week of January 2011. I won't bore you with details, but here are the highlights..... Realized I came home a few weeks pregnant; Lenin got his green card on St. Patricks Day; we worked over the summer; Isabel Vilma Torrez-Baade was born on October 17th, 2011; Lenin passed his full driving test just about that time. Now Isabel is a year old but acts so much older! I am 30 (!). Lenin continues working at the resort. He just requested all of his days that he could and we are headed back to Nicaragua for the holidays. We'll be here for Thanksgiving and ... read more

18 January 2011 Tuesday 10:40 am We leave Nicaragua in one week. We are mostly packed, though we need to borrow a scale today to make sure the huge suitcase doesn’t weigh more than 50 lbs. Also, need to check the weight of the small suitcase that is crammed with papers, albums, and everything heavy. Lenin and his grandfather and his father and his brother are out buying a piece of land that is right next to the house where I live. It’s a fairly decent piece of land, especially for sembraring the beans and corn that everyone thinks about. Buying land here involves having a topographer come out with his GPS to put in all the points in the property line and then going to a lawyer to exchange the cash and get the title ... read more

Lenin and I leave Nicaragua in two weeks. I don´t even know how to deal with this timeline. I´ve been counting down for years and suddenly it´s here and I don´t know what to do. All I can say is that my internet time will be practically nonexistant in these last two weeks and the first few days that we arrive. So don´t be surprised if you email me and I never get back to you. I think I´ll be able to process this more when we arrive.... read more

02 January 2011 Sunday 11:45 am I’ve been missing in action lately. I haven’t written on here or checked my email in weeks. On December 23 at 2:50 a.m Lenin’s mother, Vilma, passed away at the age of 47. Her wake was that evening. On December 24th she was buried in the San Lucas cemetery. She was preceded in death by her her mother, her sister, and three children. She is survived by three brothers; her husband, Bernardo; four children, Lenin & wife, Molly; Deybis & wife, Sandra; Carlos & wife, Doris; daughter Iris, and two grandchildren, Asly and Alan. Neighbors, family, and friends were here with us in the weeks before lending support to Vilma and the family. Her pastor from San Felipe was at her side, as were all of her children. The wake ... read more

6 December 2010 Monday 2:45 pm I need to evaluate. I have been evaluating for my whole time here in Nicaragua. Thinking. Thinking too much, really. But now that all of my comrades have gone home and just Lenin and I are left, I have been thinking a lot. Trying to imagine what it will be like when we get there. Much of our future life is up in the air. There are a few things I do know. I know that we will live on Spencer Creek Rd for the first couple of years at least. I know that I want my student loans paid off by Christmas next year. I know I want to replant the garden and make the casita ours and I am soooo excited for a washer and dryer. I know ... read more

Random November photos to post on this first day of December....... read more
metrocentro mall christmas
lenin on moto when we went to ocotal to pick up his passport and visa
coconut river bridge near ocotal

25 November 2010 Thanksgiving Thursday 10am Today is Thanksgiving. It is also the 25th, which means that in one month it will be Christmas day and in two months we will be in the airport waiting for our flight home. I am listening to my “feliz navidad” playlist, which predictably only has Christmas music in Spanish. We won’t be celebrating Thanksgiving here until Saturday, but since today is the mero mero it warrants a blog. I will be forever thankful for Peace Corps Nicaragua, especially to the secretary Mimi and to Marva and Ximena in the medical office. Because of Peace Corps I have learned to speak Spanish, I’ve gotten to know this beautiful Central American country and, of course, Lenin appeared and I inherited a new family. Peace Corps wasn’t easy and Nicaragua is certainly ... read more

Today, Saturday, is my first day in Nicaragua as a free woman. Yesterday was my last day as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Also, yesterday Lenin's immigrant visa was approved. ALSO we arrive in st. louis late tuesday night, jan 25th! ... read more

Here are some photos from the end of October´s going away party, the beach, and babies. Lenin has his immigrant visa interview on Friday 19 November. That is also my last day as a volunteer. One story ends and another begins. ... read more
class of nicaragua 48
director carol and molly
me and lenin at the leon cathedral

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