don't know much, but here is what i do know

Published: December 9th 2010
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6 December 2010
Monday 2:45 pm

I need to evaluate. I have been evaluating for my whole time here in Nicaragua. Thinking. Thinking too much, really. But now that all of my comrades have gone home and just Lenin and I are left, I have been thinking a lot. Trying to imagine what it will be like when we get there. Much of our future life is up in the air.

There are a few things I do know.

I know that we will live on Spencer Creek Rd for the first couple of years at least.

I know that I want my student loans paid off by Christmas next year.

I know I want to replant the garden and make the casita ours and I am soooo excited for a washer and dryer.

I know I want to immediately start working out. Whether that means walking or running the steps at Haha Tonka or biking or like taking pilates or aerobics or another class.

I know I want us to eat locally grown and raised food and that packaged foods will be kept at a minimum, though I realize this will be harder in the winter.

I know I want to eventually start my own business.

I do know that Lenin and I work well at gathering things “like ants” which means a little by little.

I do know we both like to save money and count what money we have under the proverbial mattress.

I know I want to learn more about coffee. If that means working at Starbucks, so be it. Although, the importation of coffee and the details around getting a fair price to the coffee growers around the world is much more interesting than working behind the counter at Starbucks.


9th December 2010

fair trade
Molly, maybe getting involved in a fair trade business would sell nicaraguan products, perhaps locally or via the internet. Also, a lady I know is doing something interesting in Mexico to help women help themselves. It's at suerte chica, sigue tus sueños y seguramente los alcanzarás
11th December 2010

We've been so busy....
SO BUSY building "the shed". Clearing the trees (hoo! major undertaking in itself), having Willie and Frankie dig the HUGE hole, leveling, filling with white chat, digging and drilling and pulling rocks and mud out of the huge holes, raising the 14' tall 6x6 lumbers, setting the massive poles in hand-mixed concrete, getting the trusses up (thank GOD for Ernie and his tractor with its lift/bucket thangy!), etc, etc, etc. I guess that the plan is for Steve and Tom to put all of the metal on the building by themselves). ANYWAY, not much time in the house and nearly ZERO time on the computer. guys have NOT been abandoned by us!! Ha! So glad to get your emails and your blogs and talk with you on the phone, Molly!!! This coming week is full of FINALS for Ben, then he expects to be home Sat. night! I hope to have it looking a little like Christmas by next weekend!! More again soon as the weather's to turn bitterly cold around noon tomorrow! XO

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