Published: January 3rd 2011
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02 January 2011
Sunday 11:45 am

I’ve been missing in action lately. I haven’t written on here or checked my email in weeks.

On December 23 at 2:50 a.m Lenin’s mother, Vilma, passed away at the age of 47. Her wake was that evening. On December 24th she was buried in the San Lucas cemetery. She was preceded in death by her her mother, her sister, and three children. She is survived by three brothers; her husband, Bernardo; four children, Lenin & wife, Molly; Deybis & wife, Sandra; Carlos & wife, Doris; daughter Iris, and two grandchildren, Asly and Alan.

Neighbors, family, and friends were here with us in the weeks before lending support to Vilma and the family. Her pastor from San Felipe was at her side, as were all of her children.

The wake was held in mamita’s house. The pig was slaughtered to feed everyone. People who have coffee in the mountains gave us pounds and pounds of coffee. Others from the mountains gave us loads and loads of firewood. We received hundreds of tortillas, bags upon bags of bread, and all the vegetables and chickens people had to give.

I’ve been to a few burials here and several wakes. Sometimes in the cemetery there isn’t enough dirt to properly cover the coffin. The mayor’s office provides simple coffins for the people who don’t have money to buy one. Sometimes the hole isn’t made large enough and things are delayed while more people dig. The people who have money line the hole with cement blocks and cover it with cement slabs before putting dirt over it. Sometimes there isn’t enough cement and someone has to ride to town to bring back another bag of cement. Usually there isn’t even a pastor present; someone from the church or the family might say a few words, say a prayer, and that’s that.

Vilma’s burial was very dignified and well attended. The morning that she passed away, the family went to Somoto to buy a nice coffin and then they went to the cemetery all morning to prepare the site. The next day, the day of the burial, they loaded her coffin in the back of a truck and we all walked down the mountain with her for the last time.

In the cemetery there were four pastors present. There were hymns and prayers. Her biography was read. I was busy taking photos and videos as Lenin was supporting his little sister, Iris, who had been here taking care of her mother since they came from San Felipe, Wiwili, to Moropoto in September.

The part that breaks my heart is watching Lenin’s and his family’s hearts breaking over and over again. Christmas will always bring about sad memories. Also, the last time that all of these people were gathered together was a mere six months ago for our wedding.

Vilma del Socorro Espinoza Diaz. Descansa en paz. Rest in peace.


3rd January 2011

Thinking of you and Lenin and family
I heard of Vilma's passing from Steve when I called on Christmas Day. Please send our sincere condolences to Lenin and his family. It is so sad that Vilma had such a short life. Her children will miss her terribly, as will the rest of her extended family. I am so sorry for your loss Molly. Remember that we love you and we are thinking of you every day. Aunt Lori, Stewart, Katherine and Keaton
4th January 2011

Dear dear Molly & Lenin and family,
We are all so very very sorry at the loss of your Mother, Vilma. We got to meet her for the only time while we were down for your wedding. What a beautiful person she was ...... in and out. I will forever remember the warm twinkle in her eyes and her beautiful smile. Through Molly's translations for words, Vilma told me that I was now Lenin's Mother, and she asked me to love him as our son. I promised and told her how grateful we were that she had totally accepted our Molly as her own. We each reached out for a tearful cheek-to-cheek hug. I'll always picture your Mother just like that. Beautiful, tender and loving. In fact, I KNOW that she was always this way: I have met her children.
12th January 2011

Si. Descansa en paz.......
12th January 2011

Molly & Lenin, I have had so many people expressing an outpouring of sorrow for your loss, hugs for you all, and general well-wishing for you since they have heard of Lenin's Mother's passing. The last of many (ugh! Memory WHERE ART THOU?!), Dianna wanted me to send her sympathies. Love you and counting the days!

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