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Published: January 19th 2011
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18 January 2011
Tuesday 10:40 am

We leave Nicaragua in one week. We are mostly packed, though we need to borrow a scale today to make sure the huge suitcase doesn’t weigh more than 50 lbs. Also, need to check the weight of the small suitcase that is crammed with papers, albums, and everything heavy.

Lenin and his grandfather and his father and his brother are out buying a piece of land that is right next to the house where I live. It’s a fairly decent piece of land, especially for sembraring the beans and corn that everyone thinks about. Buying land here involves having a topographer come out with his GPS to put in all the points in the property line and then going to a lawyer to exchange the cash and get the title to the land. Hopefully everything goes well today.


19th January 2011

Well, there's only a few things to tackle and then you'll be on your way. Can't imagine what emotions will be flying on that day. Just hold on to your and Lenin will be fine! Very exciting about the family expanding their farm land...good luck to them! I'll be thinking of you sending warm thoughts...
21st January 2011

Oh, Molly, it was SO good hearing your voice over the phone tonight!! You know, in all of your time away from home, we've at least had the internet and your great blog with which to visit. So, thank you, my Molly, for sharing so willingly with all of us back home (and in other far reaches of the world!). We have learned so much about life in another place so far away. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined some of the things you've shared. It's been just great!!!! BUT,..........IT WILL BE EVER-SO-WONDERFUL to have you and Lenin up here on Spencer Creek Road! We can hardly wait until next TUESDAY!!!!!! So, to Nicaragua, for now,......happiness and farewell!!! XO

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