Published: January 12th 2011
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Lenin and I leave Nicaragua in two weeks. I don´t even know how to deal with this timeline. I´ve been counting down for years and suddenly it´s here and I don´t know what to do.

All I can say is that my internet time will be practically nonexistant in these last two weeks and the first few days that we arrive. So don´t be surprised if you email me and I never get back to you.

I think I´ll be able to process this more when we arrive.


13th January 2011

The Ultimate Tourist
My name is Jennie and i just wanted to let you know that there now is a webpage called http://theultimatetourist.com where tourists from around the world finally can get some use from all these photos they have, posing by different tourist attractions. Here you can choose between over onehundred different attractions and activities, upload your travel-photos and collect one tourist-point for each photo. You will reach different levels of Tourist the more photos you upload, and everybody over 80 points will be Ultimate Tourists. Remember, you have to be in every photo yourself to prove you were actually there, and dont worry about the 'No backpackers'-sign. Its just for fun ;). So if you would like to compete with your photos, or maybe just spread the word, go into http://theultimatetourist.com Good Luck with your travels!
14th January 2011

Safe travels to you and Lenin!

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