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Published: December 19th 2012
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the new housethe new housethe new house

looks like it's in the middle of nowhere, but really it's just the angle at which i took the photo.
We arrived late noche on Saturday the 8th of December. That was one of the longest days of my liiiiife. Got up at 1am to drive to St Louis airport. Flew at 6am but for whatever reason when checking in it took foreeeeever, something wrong with checking in Isabel. As a result, the plane was closing as we threw ourselves into the plane. Didn't have to pay extra for the 3rd bag, which was nice and since Isabel didn't have bording pass it was good that we were so late no one paid attention. Okay, so now we're leaving St. Louis.

Arrive in Miami and eat and use the bathroom, etc. Isabel was running everywhere and slammed herself in to the glass window three times, surprised that she couldn't keep running and was flat on her back!

The flight from Miami to Managua was kind of like hell. Isabel hadn't slept since about 2am. So she was going on 12 hours without a nap. We were the unlucky parents with the screaming infant on the airplane. She finally fell asleep on my lap, as did both of my legs because I wasn't going to move one muscle as long

Isabel, her cousin Karla and Jael's daughter Franceli
as she slept. Flight from hell.

So we finally get to Managua and deargod just getting off the plane and the heat I started sweating immediately. Half an hour later the truck with Lenin's brother, Carlos, and sister, Iris, showed up. Carlos sat in back with our mountain of luggage and Lenin and Isabel and Iris and I sat in the cab of the four door Hilux Toyota truck.

Four hours later, at like 8pm, we arrived at the new house in Moropoto.

For the last week and a half, all I have done is try and keep Isabel relatively clean. This child of mine goes through at least 2 outfits a day because all she does is play in the dirt and put rocks in her mouth. The first few days were the hardest because every rooster that crowed, every dog that barked, every cough - woke her up screaming. However, after a few days, she became accostomed and hardly wakes for all the noise. However, she had diarreah for a week, too, and the only thing that was different was frying rice with manteca de chancho, or with pig fat. Once we bought aceite, oil,
lenin's sister in lawlenin's sister in lawlenin's sister in law

doris and karla, her daughter. karla is isabel's cousin. karla's parents are doris and carlos. carlos is lenin's younger brother.
to fry the rice, the diarreah stopped.

Now I just try and keep the rocks out of her mouth!

And of course it is the dry season and as soon as we arrived, the water didn't come to the house any more. I don't think Lenin has even bathed at this house yet. He tends to go to Mamitas, and I walk down the hill to Jael's, where I bathed and washed for 2.5 years here. Isabel hates bathing on the rock. It doesn't matter what temperature the water is, she is going to scream. I bathe her as fast and as thoroughly as possible. Also my pobrecita is being eaten alive by something, probably a flea.... but I don't have flea bites like she has and fleas just love me. I have no idea what is eating her, but it breaks my heart to see her like this.

I tried to go to Somoto with her yesterday. Five minutes into the bus ride, she was sound asleep. The day was a total failure. She was hot, I was hot, she was thirsty and tired, as was I. I wanted to buy us some sandals but that

Isabel was born in October and Karla in November
couldn't happen with her being so upset. The only things I could get were in Pali when I could put her in the cart and just try and shop. We've had to buy at least two packages of diapers already and have only been here for a week and a half.

Am on Lenin's computer using Claro modem that is his sister, Iris's. $3 and we have internet for 12 hours. Pictures to come later. Lenin has some on facebook already.


mama de the rock eating baby

ps. those who live in the new house are lenin's dad, bernardo, his brother, carlos, and carlos's wife, doris, and their daughter, karla. also his sister iris lives in the new house.

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great grandmothergreat grandmother
great grandmother

mamita, isabel and karla's great grandmother
karla and isabel's grandfatherkarla and isabel's grandfather
karla and isabel's grandfather

lenin's dad, bernardo, with two of his four grandkids. the other two grandkids still live in wiwili

20th December 2012

Oh, it's so good to hear from you on this first blog, back in the Nica after 2 years away!
Molly, I was so glad to hear from you, again! The pictures, even this few yet, are just terrific! Yes, travel with a baby (especially at Isabel's independent age of freedom!) are always, shall we say, CHALLENGING. These pics of Isabel just melt my heart; I do miss all of you! Attended Addy's college graduation with Ben and Addy's family. Rode down (&back) with your Dad. Was a beautiful day for a drive. I'm enjoying working back on HCR 77 @ the PO, for Keith. At least SOMETHING feels old & comfy & familiar. Great to be back, though part-time. We'll see what life holds for all of us when you guys get home. Nice pic of Mamita & Isabel. DAMN! Now, I REALLY wish I'd taken Lenin up on his offer to join you all down there! YOU might have had a more relaxed time with a little help. Oh, well, at least, court's over now. Maybe next year? Ha! Hello to everyone down in Moropoto, Nicaragua! xo

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