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Hi people of TravelBlog, is this time I'm going to talk to them about my trip to the water park, called Villa mar Park, this was a great trip with my family, we went to a new place that we did not know, was a great experience, if the biggest and most riskyexperience that I have lived because it was extremely , I step of all, the only thing I regret was that he hurt the knee when passing by a slide in the form of long neck a dinosaur, to the almost get hit me the knee very strong against the it cemented, that hurt me much but I still kept bathing extremely, because here everything is end for the theme which is the Park, people here were very polite and quite friendly, this place ... read more
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Next stop was Comayagua, the former capital of Honduras, known for its colonial architecture. I stayed two nights here. It was a bit underwhelming, but there were definitely some nice churches, and a cool cafe or two, that made the stop not a total bust. Stayed at the "Hotel American Inc.", with nary an American in sight. Somewhat generic, with broken internet, but clean enough, with actual working hot water. Saw very few other tourists during my stay, only perhaps three or four, which was kind of neat in some ways, but one of the times when I felt a little bit more lonely than usual. Normal enough while travelling solo, and hanging around in the main town square was good for people watching. The city hall and main cathedral are the focus points of the ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Central » Comayagua January 3rd 2012

11/19/11 “Where’s Jan? Jan’s gone.” I was nearly screaming in the crowded café. I looked from the chair in which she had just been sitting to all the faces now staring at me, wondering what it was I was screaming about. How do you say ‘missing’ in Spanish? How do you say ‘thief’? “Calm down. Where’d you see her last?” John asked calm, and annoyingly collected as he walked to the table. He wasn’t missing Jan. He’d only recently been introduced to her. “What do you mean where’d I see her last? She was sitting right there… I got up to get some sugar and came back and she was gone. Someone took her. Ladrons! Ladrons!” the word for thief suddenly came to me. People were looking at me because now they knew what I was ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Central » Comayagua August 11th 2011

I wake up in the mountain town of Tilaran, Costa Rica. Forty kilometers south, via a dirt road, is the eco-paradise once featured by National Geographic, Monteverde. It has butterfly, frog, and snake gardens, suspension bridges, and canopy tours. But I’m not going there. No, I’ve had enough of Costa Rica and its high prices; paying $10 for a breakfast that would cost $7 in LA. In Monteverde I could spend as much walking across one bridge as I would for three days of adventure in Nicaragua. And so, I’m heading north, back to Nicaragua. My destination: a beach city named San Juan del Sur just 25km north of the Costa Rica/Nicaragua border. Here I should be able to get a hotel for $5 and breakfast for $2. I’m happy to be on the road again ... read more
Bella Esperanza near a wind farm, Nicaragua
Water filled with surfers, Madera Beach
Hotel in Playa Madera

Comayagua, Honduras and Antigua, Guatemala are the two best known places in Central America to see the "alfombras" or "carpets" each Semana Santa (Holy Week), on Good Friday. Although there are a few other places doing them as well, none are as well known as these two cities. I have now seen the sawdust carpets 3 times, and am still impressed at the fine detail and work that goes into them. Most are made using dyed sawdust, but several also incorporate materials such as wood shavings, eggshells, dried beans, pine leaves, fabrics, and much more. The carpets are sponsored by local families, businesses, and schools, and are spread out among the streets in the center of the city, near the cathedral and central park. People usually take to the streets around 12-1am on Thursday night, and ... read more
Quite the Production at 3am!
RIP Dr. Marco Zapata

The hunt begins... Missing out on the first week of a 7 month rtw trip, in reality, isn't that bad in the long run. But what made it worse for us was the fact that we had pre-paid for a 17 day tour through central america which started while we were stranded in London. Therefore, every day we remained in London waiting for the infamous ash cloud to surrender the skies we were missing out on a holiday we had already paid for and had no chance of a refund (act of God get out clause). On top of that, the longer it took us to land in Guatemala city, the further away our tour group ventured. By the time we got to Guatemala city our tour was in a town called Comayagua in Honduras. So, ... read more
Guatemala - Honduras Border
Yvonne at the border
Free ride!

Walt and I had a great vacation. I am very sad that today is my last day before I must return to school. As soon as my parent/teacher interviews were done I was off in a taxi to the bus station, then heading for Comayagua. Saturday morning we woke up at 6am to go catch a rapidito (mini-bus or van) to Siguatapeque. This was the start of our good luck that day. We JUST caught the van as it was about to pull away. Once we arrived in Sigua, we caught a taxi to the Don Tiki restaurant where we were going to catch our bus. The bad news was that the buses to La Ceiba (where we need to catch the ferry to Roatan) were all full until 1:30pm (it was about 7:30am at this ... read more
West Bay Beach
Native Sons Dive Boat
Sawdust Carpets

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Central » Comayagua February 16th 2010

We start with Christmas and end with Valentine's Day... A friend of mine from home decided that this year for Christmas, her Christmas presents with her immediate family would be instead to spend the money on shipping a box of her son's old baby clothes to me in Honduras to donate to the people here. I was touched and felt truly blessed to have such a friend. The box took a few months to arrive but it came in perfect timing. I was heading to Comayagua this weekend to visit Walter, and would be able to take the box to the centre (where Walt teaches) where I would distribute the clothes to those in need. Friday was a "Winter Holiday" from school. Sarah and Jimmy were heading to Comayagua to see Jimmy's family and so they ... read more
Group Prayer
Sleepy baby!

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Central » Comayagua November 19th 2009

A couple weekends ago, Libby, Pam, Kallie, and I all loaded into Libby's car after school on Friday and drove to Comayagua for a visit. The other 3 girls stayed at a hotel while I stayed with Walter. Friday night we spent the evening at Sangria's. This is the bar that I constantly referred to in my previous Honduran year as "Morgan's bar", as this is the bar owned by my American friend Morgan. The place looks AWESOME! He's expanded it into the bar that used to be a disco next door. He added a door that goes between the two so there's two sections of the bar. There's still the chill, sit-down section with a nice outdoor patio, as well as a new disco with dance music and fancy lights. Friday we all sat around ... read more
"The Fish Place"
Dinner in Parque Central

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Central » Comayagua August 23rd 2009

This weekend I went to visit Walter in Comayagua. After he came to visit me two weekends in a row, I figured it was my turn. The taxi ride from my apartment to the bus station was about 20 minutes long and I have to admit that I felt a little nervous. It's been a big adjustment trying to get used to life in Tegucigalpa, as ýou always have to be more aware of what is happening around you and of any potential danger as well. The bus ride to Comayagua was surreal. It was a route I had done many times before but usually this particular route was when I was heading "home" from a weekend visit to Tegus. This was different, but it felt SO good to be back in Comayagua. I feel so ... read more
"Peepsa Hut"
Dancing with my Server
Oh dear

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