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This has been one very long week. Luckily though, things are finally better. I’ve moved out of the host family’s house that we were staying in. That helped my mood immediately. They are an amazing family and I adore them, but it was driving me batty. I hated feeling that I had be in at like 4 in the afternoon and could only eat when they did. I found myself thinking about food a lot. I always want what I can’t have, so come 8 at night when they serve dinner, I was famished. I could’ve eaten my own arm at that point. This is a pretty small town, so I’m sure I’ll see them pretty often, which is nice. My new apartment is awesome. In fact, everyone loves it. It is in a new building ... read more

Just so everyone knows, I may be regaining some of my happiness. Today was the best day I’ve had yet in Coban. Of course, it was cold as all hell, but people did say a few things that made me think that I will get better. Most people are surprised how cold it is here and apparently it hasn’t been this cold in many years. Another good thing, this should only last about another month and then things will start to get warmer. Once the sun comes out, it gets pretty hot, pretty fast considering our elevation. The day I say I’m hot, I hope someone slaps me hard. So, tonight I am wrapped up in my usual winter get up, praying that soon this cold front will end. I had to go into work early ... read more

Every single part of me is screaming get out of here…and fast! I know that most of you at home will laugh when I say this, or possibly even roll your eyes, but please don’t. It is so ridiculously cold here, it is really starting to get to me. My body is aching from the constant shivering I’ve been doing for the past two days. At least at home, if you get cold, you can turn up the heat. Here, there is no such thing. It is just cold, surrounded by more cold. Oh and the rain doesn’t help much either. It has been raining for two days and hasn’t stopped. But, apparently the rainy season just ended. I think someone lied to me. At night, I get into my damp, freezing cold bed, wrap myself ... read more

I should’ve known how this trip would be right when we pulled up to the border. When they asked why I was going to the airport, I told them I was going to Guatemala. No sooner had the word Guatemala come out of my mouth, the customs guy told my sister to turn off the car and hand him the keys. They searched the car, I’m guessing for some random immigrants hidden in the trunk. Now that humorous. The Detroit airport however, not funny at all. Apparently during the holiday season, the U.S. has this ridiculous new law called the Luggage Embargo. Not only am I not a fan of it, but apparently I could’ve ended up in prison for a short period of time because of it. When I got up to the counter, the ... read more

After ensuring we were on a bus to Coban Guatemala and not Copan Honduras (small difference - big error to put right!) we started the 5 hour journey to Coban. Our main reason to come here before we head to Antigua city is Semuc Champey and Languin. the former is a series of waterfalls and natural swimming pools and the latter a series of caves full of bats which fly out in the evening and obscure the sky. Only 8 of us in a 13 seater microbus as they call a minibus so relatively comfortable and cost only 12 quid each so although more than the local chicken buses definitely worth it. Made a crossing on a really weird ferry. Wooden and flat so the bus drove on then the ferry was powered by two men ... read more
Views of the mountains

Tim Version: * Tried to leave Antigua for Coban on the 1st, found life totally shut down! Got there on the second though... * Spend some time in net cafes and caught a movie, stayed in my worst ever hotel, and enjoyed the cheap but brilliant street food. The version that is still creeped out by that druggie tryin to break into my room...: For Coban I had to enter the dreaded *da da daaaaa scary music* Guatemala City... doh. The areas for both my buses I know are dodgy too. This time though, being sick and having worked out how much I was saving by taking chicken buses versus microbuses that might avoid the city, I happily took a cab from one to the other and all was fine and dandy. Escobar y Monje Blanca ... read more
The room where the druggy was tryin to break in...
Creepy yellow cloudy sky night

Sun 14th Part 2 When we returned from Chamula & Zinacantan we were tired. I ended up drinking some beers & a bottle of mescal there was( something at the bottom of the bottle), with Fran in the hotel lobby. We were taking advantage of the wifi in our Hotel Montezuma downloading & paying music. I was a little drunk when we all met for dinner that night. We went to an all you can eat Argentinian Steak house. For about $ 10 Fran & me had 1 t-bone, 1 new york steak, 1 tenderloin steak & 1 sirloin steak each. I had a couple of glasses of red wine too. On the way back to the hotel I decided to set off the crackers, fireworks & rockets that I had bought in Chamula. I gave ... read more
San Christobal
San Christobal
San Christobal 522

The past few days have been slightly wacky. Im sitting in an internet cafe, outside of a hotel in Coban a city in the Alta Verapaz highlands. We were planning to leave Coban today, but there are no buses running in Guatemala as theres been a lot of violence on the roads in the past few days. Parents, youll be happy to know that tomorrow were paying quite the price to ride on a private bus which is a lot safer. Its interesting with the safety thing, sometimes its easy to forget that travelling is risky, which is ok, but its good to be aware of those risks. My last week in San Andres is a bit blurry at the moment. We had a fiesta for everyone, which involved us going to town and buying food, ... read more

The bus ride to Coban was the first of what's sure to be many intriguing, confusing, and harrowing rides. We got to the bus in Guatemala City, which was about the size of a Ford Econovan, and they crammed no less than 25 people . We were unable to sit together and our bags were unexpectedly whisked to the roof, which only compounded the overwhelming sense of being out of our element. We rumbled up winding roads, passing other cars around blind corners while screeching the tires as we held the exact point of equilibrium between remaining upright and... not. Many brown ears bobbed and lolled in front of us as everyone uncontrollably dozed in such conditions of discomfort that we were sure it was induced by mass amounts of carbon monoxide. Although amusing at first, ... read more
Ascending to greatness
Peering through the fauna

After a quick overnight stop in Flores, near Tikal in northern Guatemala we made our way towards what I´d heard was the most beautiful place in Guatemala: Semuc Champey. We were lucky enough to meet up with some others who were interested in doing the same thing at a hostel in Coban. So the next morning all eight of us piled into a minibus at 6am and set off. It was an interesting journey we were taken as far as Languin, where we had to get out because the roads were too bad for a minibus to continue. And so it was time for the reliable pick up. It was a bit of a tight squeeze for eight backpacks and their owners - not to mention that at this stage it had started rainging pretty heavily. ... read more

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