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After the cathedral we headed towards the market for some ´Kaq´ik´, a loal turkey soup speciality. Unfortunately it was too late in the day for it (which I found highly frustrating after much searching) so we atea little beef things with tortillas, rice and salad in a comedor and it was pretty good. The second church we went to I may have already mentioned, it was Catholic but with pagan traditions and there were alcoves for small sacrifices all the way up the long steps to it. The three wooden crosses inside had been plastered with feathers and stuff. By the 28th, I had learnt a lot more about Jake. He´d done most drugs in his early teens and followed the Grateful Dead around for four years in the 90s. He was a proper hippy and ... read more

Today started at 6:30am when Lacey and I caught the boat from Santa Cruz to Panajachel. From there we took a chicken bus to Guatemala City. This started off very badly. The bus was PACKED and I think I took out about 3 people with my bag then dropped my bag on some lady's head while trying to stuff it above into the racks. For all those of you who don't know, a 'chicken bus' is a school bus that gets crammed with tons of locals, but is the cheapest mode of travel in Central America (other than free). It was just over 3 hours to the capital. Luckily the bus didn't stay 3 to a seat for very long and Lacey and I were able to share a seat between just the two of us, ... read more

So our update this time is quite an uninteresting one but I'm going to write about it none the less. Casa Da'Cuña, where we had to switch due to the lack of space at our heavenly first hostel Casa Luna, ended up being the biggest downfall and only regret of this entire trip. We ended up eating dinner at the restaraunt connected with the hotel because it was close and we didn't feel like trekking out again after our failed first attempt during the day to do something fun and productive. The waiter that had waited on us earlier in the day greeted us very kindly and showed us to our reserved table in which he had placed flowers and a couple of bottles of wine. That was a very nice gesture and I think he ... read more

We didn´t visit this town very much, except for the fruit market which was a bit crazy. When we arrived at our reserved hotel, we immediately made calls to move. After a previous evening in a rather musty place, we didn´t want to follow that up again with another for two nights. We found a rather nice hotel with a cute indoor courtyard. We were warned at check in that there was a Quinceniera taking place that evening (party for a girl turning 15 - the coming of age) and music would last until 12 midnight. At around 2:30am it finally quieted down. The next evening after returning from Semuc (see next entry for more on this place) we were told that this evening´s party would be from 6pm to 4am. And that was directly in ... read more

Hola amigos y amigas! Saa maa det vist vaere min tur til at opdatere bloggen. Lad mig starte med at sige tak til Nynne, som aabenlyst ikke fatter nogen af foelgende udtryk: "Det var ikke noget at skrive hjem om" eller "less is more". Hun er jo fuldstaendig ude af kontrol! Naa, hvad er der saa sket siden sidst? Vi forlod Panajachel i soendags - en knap saa hensynsfuld beslutning eftersom Nynne havde tilbragt hele natten paa toilettet, hvor hun braekkede sig i stride stroemme. Hun er faerdig med foelgende: Oksekoed, tortillas og guacamole (der er stadig uvist hvilken, der kan betegnes som synderen - saa bare for at vaere paa den sikre side..) Panajachel var helt sikkert en dejlig by, men 2 dage er rigeligt - der sker sgu ikke det store. Personligt blev ... read more
Hippie hut El Retiro
Tikal ruiner

Ok i was very happy to leave Antigua , it was very nice there for the few days but in the Holy friday it was crazy , i wanted to go get something to eat but it was impossible , the cheap fastfood places were packed with people , the line was going outside the shop , and the cheap resterounts were full as well , my only chance was the markets whice were full but reasonable but the damn possations blocked my way , it was impossible to cross the street and getting to the markets , i was walking 5 blocks trying to bypass it but the crowds of people there didnt allow to pass .. And the most important i was happy to leave Antigua becuase i got sick there i dont know ... read more

Martes early morning and Raul put me on a bus for my trip to Coban. Couldn´t take a shower or go to bathroom cause the water had not been turned on yet. I need to catch an 8:30 express bus in order to get to Coban in one day. Got to bus terminal earlier than expected because the chicken bus team of driver and assistant were amazing as we zoomed around the mountains and small villages. The assistant literally hung way outside of the door to spot for incoming traffic and obstructions in town. All stops for passengers to get on and off were rolling stops and the kids swung back into the bus from throwing baggage off the roof, after the bus was already going a good 20kmph. Went to get my ticket so I ... read more
Semuc Champey 2
Semuc Champey 3
Sleeping quarters

From Belize, we took a ferry to Livingston in Guatemala. ... read more
Ferry Captain!!
sunrise over the jungle of Tikal

Today was a long travel day that took us 6 hours south of Flores to an industrial town called Coban. I have to say this is and probably will be my least favorite city in Guatemala. Just too much garbage, too much dust and alot of poor people. We arrived in Coban at 8pm at night, not a good time to arrive into a city. You feel disoriented from the nauseating (spelt right?) bus rides, the cramped seating and when you arrive to a town there is always someone waiting for an opportunity to screw you over. So if you dont have your brain turned on you can end up in a shitty situation. Conveniently our driver dropped us off right by the hotel we wanted to go to. This hotel 'casa d'acuna' was amazing. This ... read more

Well, at this point, I hardly know what to say. It´s been so long, and I´m so far behind in writing that it´s almost funny. it´s been 3 months already and it feels like it was nothing. First, I want to thank Tess for everything she has done for me, and for making my trip aggreable and enjoyable thus far, and my life. We have gone separate ways now. But thank you Tess for everything! I hope you are doing well. now I have made it as far as Coban. Getting close to tikal. The trip is much slower than I imagined, I mean taking longer! I´ve been in Guatemala a month already. One thing you probably don´t know about guatemala is that it´s cold in the high country. Lately I have been nearly freezing to ... read more
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.Guatemala city, main plaza
.GUatemal city

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