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Car Accident

Unfortunatly my friend and I were involved in a horrible car accident in Guatemala a year ago. It is a hard thing to get over and it has changed my life entirely. I am thinking of writing about my experiences to share with others and would like suggestions on part 1 of my story. I also would like to know if anyone has also experienced an unfortunate accident or run in with the government in Central America. It would be helpful to know what others have done to move on and what happened to them. Thank you.
14 years ago, June 9th 2009 No: 1 Msg: #75613  
This is my story:

I layed on the concrete for what seemed like hours... waking up only for the lack of breath. My view of the world was sideways. I pick my head off of the ground, putting weight on my elbow. It seemed like someone had poured a dark liquid on to the top of my head. Dripping slowly down my cheeks and infront of my eyes... I tried to stand, but sharp pains in my back decided for me. Looking around I saw nothing but people staring. Nothing but faces I did not know. Nothing but a world I did not know. Fear took over me as I began to weep. My head drooped and I noticed that my tears were creating red stains on the concrete. I began to feel this new world spinning as I heard his name.
Once again I saw it!... riding swiftly along in this newly discovered world!... I knew it was too fast to stop!... I knew that man would not either... And... My world turned black.
As this sequence encircled my mind, threatening to take it over... I heard his name once again. I tried to look around but the tightness of my neck was playing a cruel joke. I fought back by turning to my knees. It was good that I was already on them... the pain in my back would have brought me there anyways. My feet seemed to cry out with pain as pieces of concrete became lodged into gashes. A hole in my lip allows for more stains on the concrete. With the red water of life dripping from what seemed like every opening in my body... I saw Cris. He looked as if nothing was wrong except the absence of movement. There was not a drop of blood on him. The lifeless body of an unknown man stood in my way to Cris. I used every muscle to drag myself around this unknown man. I began to weep as I never knew I could... -Cris!- I sobbed... and cried -Cris talk to me... Cris!- But I did not and would not get a response.
-¿Donde esta su telefono?- a voice sharply rose above the mumbling of the crowd. I looked up to see a face I had never seen before. -¿Donde esta su telefono?- she repeated. The language suddenly flooded back to my mind. I reached into the pocket of his now tattered jeans and grabbed the cell phone that his aunt had borrowed to us. I handed it to her... along with my trust she would contact his family to come and help. -¿Que es el nombre?- The woman asked me... -Cris- I mumbled. -¿Quien puedo llamar?- she added after I gave her his name. -Glenda- I said. And that was all.
A man in a darkly colored uniform ran up to Cris. I watched this man as a little puppy would watch their master after having an accident. -Stop moving my leg!- I suddenly heard a voice shout! -Cris- I sobbed... as my heart skipped a beat. He was alive... just barely.
The man in the uniform placed a plastic stretcher near his body. He grabbed a man from the crowd and they lifted Cris onto the stretcher. This action did not go smoothly however as a scream was repelled out of his mouth. I began to sob harder then before.
-Where are you taking him! Where are you going!- I screamed through my tears. They placed Cris into the ambulance and closed the door. I began to drag my shattered body towards the ambulance, when two men began to help me to my feet. A cry anyone could recognize was released from my gut, and they knew I could not walk. One of the men grabbed me under the arms, and the other my legs. They placed me into the front seat of the ambulance.
-Cris- I sobbed. I turned my head to the best of my ability to see him... He was sobbing from the pain.
A hand touched my shoulder. The driver, with a somber face and concerned eyes, said -Tranquila-.
Tranquila! Tranquila! How could I be calm! Cris was crying as if he was being tourchered! Every jolt, every movement the ambulance made... another cry was released! His screams pierced my heart over and over.
Suddenly the world stopped moving. A dirty orange building with white trim was behind us. The driver backed slowly into the parking space. The man jumped out and opened the back door of the ambulance. Male workers suddenly bolted from the door of what I had realized, to my horror, was a hospital. They grabbed Cris... and the unknown man... who I also had just recogonized was with us. The men put Cris and the unknown man on stretchers and wheeled them through the rusty doors. As my view of him ceased, I noticed the faces. The faces staring at me through the back of the ambulance. Sad faces mixed with concerned ones. Faces worn from a lifetime of work. Their eyes were fixated onto mine.
The door opened next to where I was seated. Two men grabbed my legs and arms. They plopped me onto the same type of plastic stretcher as Cris. A sharp cry left my lips, a cry that no one seemed to hear. The men carried me through the rusty doors. However, not before I passed those faces. The faces changed from curiousity to horror, to almost say that I looked worse then Cris... but that was not possible.
As my eyes adjusted to the dark hallway, I concentrated on the ceiling. Dim light after dim light passed by as traffic would on a busy street at night. By this time my adrinaline had worn off, and nothing but pains filled my body. With every movement, with every turn, sharp pains would shoot across my back.
We passed through another rusty door. The men placed the stretcher and I onto a bed. Four people then put their hands under my body and lifted me onto another bed. My cries again went unnoticed.
-Stop moving my leg!- a sharp cry pierced the thick air. I slightly lifted my head and saw Cris. He was moving now... and talking, but to no one. Then a question came to my head -Why is he speaking in English?- The doctors did not leave me enough time to answer my own question.
Three masked faces entered my view as I plopped my head back onto the bed. One of them began to speak to me -¿Donde tiene dolor?- This was a new frase to me. -¿Que?- I said confused. She pointed her finger at my arm, where later I would discover a bruise the size of a softball, -¿Duele aqui?-. I shook my head no. She pointed to my head. -¿Duele aqui?. Again I shook my head no.
As she interrogated me, another nurse began to wipe my face with a damp cloth. -¿Duele aqui?- -No- -¿Duele aqui?- -No- The more she asked, the more fustrated I became. -¡Duele solo aqui!- I snapped, pointing towards my back. A concerned look grew on her face. She quickly walked away.
I tried to raise my head again to look for Cris, but the nurse cleaning my face pushed me back down. A man dressed in white joined the nurses in my view.
I peered over to my left and saw a needle being preped. -No quiero- I said beginning to cry again. Just as my cries before, that went unnoticed. Before I could react, the needle was pushed with force into my arm.
Suddenly, another needle appeared infront of my face. The doctor assured me in Spanish that it would only hurt a little bit. The needle was pushed gently into my forhead. Once, twice, three times... maybe more, but after the third time I could only feel pressure. The nurses through a blue sheet over my face.
Three minutes later, it was over. I had recieved four brand new stitches on the left side of my forhead. -Thats where all of that blood came from- I thought to myself.
-Stop touching my leg!- Cristian..s voice returned to cut the thick air. I lifted my head only to be stopped again. A nurse began moving me to the other side of the room.
Finally, I was able to lift my head, I saw Cris laying there. Crying out in pain, I noticed a familiar figure to his right. Negro, his uncle! And Glenda! Glenda walked towards me, -todo esta bien Sarah-. I tried to explain what happened, but the words in Spanish illuded me. -Cris necesita ir a Guate- she said somberly. -Quiero ir- I said hopeing to get a good answer, but that went unnoticed as well as another cry from Cris filled the room.
They were moving him. -Cris!- I screamed. -Cris stop moving! Calm down!- But he was in too much pain to hear me. And before another tear could hit my blood stained T-shirt, he was gone. His journey was one I would never want to experience. Two hours to Guatemala City by ambulance, speeding down a road not in a state to be sped on. Little did I know, I would not see him tomorrow... or the next day... or the next.
The look on my face informed Glenda that the doctors had not given me any pain medicine. She grabbed the nearest nurse and demanded that I needed some. A short male nurse brought over a needle and began to prep my right hand. I began to cry once more. -No mas!- I sobbed. The man tried three times to put a needle, more then two inches long into my hand, without success. Another nurse took over, and the needle finally made its way in. A female nurse soon brought a suringe with pain medicine. Through a tube attached to the needle, she injected it. As the liquid entered my vein... a burning sensation began to grow in my hand. It quickly migrated from my hand to my wrist, and from my wrist to my shoulder. I began to scream. My whole arm was on fire! I grabbed my arm and screamed again.-¿¡Porque duele!?- I cried. No one had an answer.
Once this attack on my arm began to dissappear, a second injection, this time of Penicillin, was next in line. The entire process repeated itself all over again, and would every time from then on when I recieved an injection after that.
Finally after the tourcher was complete, I looked up again and noticed the unknown man sitting up on a bed. He was throwing up. -¿El esta bien?- I asked Glenda. As small smile came to her face she said -Pobrecita, si el esta bien-. I layed my head back down. There was nothing I could do but let what was going to happen, happen. Reply to this

14 years ago, June 16th 2009 No: 2 Msg: #76446  
B Posts: 171
wow, thrilling story, i want to read all of it! .... and also i want to remember not to get in any accidents...i do hope all is ok now.. or that things have improved

i can only suggest coulpe of word changes, ie. "torture" instead of "tourcher". and i believe it would be "cual es su nombre" instead of "que es su nombre"..maybe a native spanish speaker would want to confirm this.
oh and well we tend to call pain medecine, pain killer. however maybe pain medecine is fine too..

great writing though! Reply to this

14 years ago, August 3rd 2009 No: 3 Msg: #81900  
N Posts: 1
Sarah, unfortunately I know what it's like to experience an accident in central america. I was just in Nicaragua and we were going up a mountian/volcano road when the driver of a jeep in front of us lost contol and slid down the mountian hurling toward my passenger door with great velocity. What I thought were to be my last words were, "We're going to die." The back of the truck hit my side and completely flipped over. I got out of the car and miracuosly I was injured and not severly. Some of the people in the truck were. It is a miracle that we did not slide off the volcano. Please take care and if anything has helped you with the post truamatic events let me know as well and I will also share information with you if I find any that helps me.

Take care and I hope that all will be well,


MS. Reply to this

14 years ago, February 9th 2010 No: 4 Msg: #103099  
Wow Sarita, que cuento!

A truly devastating story, I hope you and Cristian are okay.

A few questions:

Where did this happen in Guatemala? When did it happen? Were you in a private vehicle or a minibus?

I myself have lived in Guatemala; fortunately nothing like this ever happened to me. But I know that if it had that the healthcare would be a worry. I hope they did treat you well.

I don't have time to write a story of mine yet, but I do have quite a few.

Hope you are well. Take care
Pura Vida!
-Brendan Reply to this

14 years ago, February 10th 2010 No: 5 Msg: #103132  
The accident happened in Jalapa in July of 2007. Cristian and I were on a moto scooter and we collided with a tourism bus. Of course his family didn't have helmets so we were subjected to whatever was thrown at us. I have written the second part of the story of me in the hospital. They story only gets worse.... and unfortunatly, Cristian and I parted ways. I loved the person he was before the accident... he changed. I still talk to him to this day but he is not, and will never be the same... he became so violent. Anyways, I will be posting the second part soon. Thanks for all the adivce and stories. 😊 Reply to this

14 years ago, February 16th 2010 No: 6 Msg: #103886  
I almost had a few accidents in Colombia. You can read my story Bus 5491 to Medellin here or at
Reply to this

14 years ago, February 18th 2010 No: 7 Msg: #104067  
Thank you for your story....very touching! I was was in an accident when I was in Shanghai, China five years ago. We were traveling in a taxi and were slammed into by a truck in the middle of a VERY busy intersection.
The truck flipped over and I remember seeing blood on the pavement. The weird thing, because of the language barrier, is that I never found out what happened to the people in the truck and that has bothered me to this day. The whole experience was frightening and I won't ever forget it, but fortunately my friends and I escaped with minor injuries.

Please post the rest of your story! I hope you are now okay!
Candee Reply to this

14 years ago, February 25th 2010 No: 8 Msg: #105050  
N Posts: 4
So I don't want to seem like an ass... Because I truely am sorry this happened to you and Cris, but my question is, are you going to be telling people NOT to go to Guatemala? I'm saying this only because I believe this could of happened anywhere else that's a 3rd world country specially due to the fact that you were on a motor scooter with no helmets... If that's not your intention then I would definately enjoy reading the rest of your story. By the way just in case you think I might be defending Guatemala because I'm from there, I'm not. American here with parents from Peru & Venezuela... Just commenting...

Again I truely am sorry you had to go through that, hope talking about your experience does help you get over the trauma... Reply to this

14 years ago, February 25th 2010 No: 9 Msg: #105053  
I loved Guatemala other than this accident and the way the courts treated us. It was a truely amazing a beautiful place. The people I met accepted me with open arms even with my horrible Spanish at the time. I would never tell anyone not to go to a place just because something happened to me. I had a surfing accident in Costa Rica but I tell people to go there all the time. Things happen and thats what makes traveling what it is. The good and the bad times. I only suggest to people to be careful in Guatemala, but also if traveling anywhere else. I wanted to share my story and see if others have been in the same situations. Even though this happened almost 2 years ago now... I am still bothered by it. Talking has helped and someday I hope to return to Guatemala someday. Reply to this

12 years ago, August 24th 2011 No: 10 Msg: #142330  
Hello Sarita,

I realize this is an older post, but I really want to read the second part of your story. Have you posted it?

I was actually hit by a bus in Guatemala on July 29th, 2011. I am very, very luck. I only broke my ankle and fibula. Obviously, I had some experiences with the medical care there. Anyway, I'm curious about others who have been involved in car accidents in Guatemala, and also about others' experiences with the healthcare system in Guatemala. Have you ever posted the second part to your story?

Jessica Reply to this

12 years ago, September 4th 2011 No: 11 Msg: #142779  

12 years ago, October 5th 2011 No: 12 Msg: #144512  
great writing, intriguing! I want to read part 2...wish it was posted somewhere :-( Reply to this

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