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Central America Caribbean » El Salvador » Western » Juayúa January 10th 2017

Our next stop was Juayua (confusingly pronounced why-oo-a). This is the first town along the route of flowers, and is famous for its gastronomical market every weekend. Juayua is also famous for its nearby waterfalls. As soon as we got in to town we headed out to the waterfalls. We were told that we need a guide here as there have been a few robberies lately, but as there were 5 of us we instead opted to not take any valuables and risk it! The waterfalls were beautiful, and the only locals there were very friendly. The next day we headed to the famous culinary market. This was rather disappointing! We were expecting a range of foods to try, but instead there are just stalls selling fairly large plates for $6 each. Quite pricy when you ... read more
View from the Ferris wheel
On the Ferris wheel

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador » Western » El Tunco December 19th 2016

After Bryan and Emma left, I made friends with some people at the hostel. We formed a real nice group. We went to watch the sunset every evening. The sunsets are spectacular over here. Especially because of the big rock forming in the front. I have been told that the place got it's name because of that rock forming. If you stand on the left side of it, it looks like a pig, laying on his back. I looked up the word in spanish but it doesn't exist, so it must be a local word for pig. One of the days we all went with a local guide (Guayo) to the waterfalls in Tamanique. We had to walk down for about 30-45 minutes through the forest on a pretty steep path. When we reached the waterfalls, ... read more

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador » Western » Santa Ana December 16th 2016

El Salvador has a very bad reputation, so much so that most people I meet on the road skip it, and everyone I tell I'm going, their first response is either 'be careful' or 'it's dangerous'. I'd just like to say now - they're all missing out! Our first impression of El Salvador was fairly Chaotic - in order to get to Santa Ana we were dropped at the side of the road by our shuttle and put on a chicken bus. Once we got to Santa Ana the bus 'terminal' seemed to be the side of the road, with no taxis. Luckily I have offline maps on my phone and knew we were only 800m from the hostel. On embarking from the bus a couple of locals from the bus insisted on walking us to ... read more
Santa Ana cathedral
So many fireworks on sale

I had put my alarm on time, I woke up as well, but then I fell asleep again. I guess I was still tired from the hike. At 4:00, the night securety of the hostel woke me up with his flashlight telling me the shuttle was waiting for me. Luckily I packed my backpack the night before already! I was traveling with Bryan from El Salvador and Emma from Switzerland. The other night, when I asked Bryan what to visit in El Salvador after he told me he was from there, he told me I could join them because they were going there on monday. The shuttle brought us to Guatemala City. There we had to wait for the busstation to open. We could wait in the lobby of a Holiday Inn hotel. Emma and I ... read more
Border crossing (new bridge in the back)
Night out in San Salvador
Almost christmas at the mall

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador » Western » El Tunco November 6th 2016

Shuttles and tired drivers There are two reasons why we went to El Salvador the so called "murder capital of the world". One was that I wanted to add El Salvador to the list of countries visited and you have to stay at least a night to make it count. The other reason was that we didn't fancy sitting in a shuttle for 16 hours straight to go between Leon and Antigua in Guatemala our ultimate destination. Shuttles are small 10 seater mini buses that are used to well shuttle around tourists between the main sites in Central America. We had used them before and we were using one to go from Nicaragua through Honduras to El Salvador. Our journey started at 2am in the morning with a pickup from our hostel. We finally left Leon ... read more
Yay a pool
One more please
A few to many?

Le 5 octobre 2016 2:00 am... le cadran sonne. Terrible comme heure de réveil. Sans compter ma sinusite carabinée, qui m'a occupée toute la veille à courir sans fin pour obtenir un rendez-vous d'urgence chez le médecin afin d'obtenir un précieux flacon d'antibiotiques... J'arrive lentement à ouvrir les yeux et l'excitation me gagne. Enfin, je repars en voyage! On s'habille en vitesse et on file vers l'aéroport. Notre première mésaventure débute avant même d'arriver sur l'île de Montréal... En effet, le tunnel est fermé, il y a des cônes oranges partout mais pas un travailleur en vue... On se dirige alors vers le pont Champlain et vers l'inconnu, nous ne sommes jamais passé par-là pour rejoindre l'aéroport, YUL pour les intimes et fans finis de voyage. Heureusement, à cette heure, rouler en ville est un charme ... read more
Iglesia del Rosario
Iglesia del Rosario

I did have my reservations about going to El Salvador – in fact, I was originally going to skip it – much like I did with Honduras, mainly due to the murder rates of both countries. Things are always different once you get on the ground though and the more travel I had done in Central America and the more people I had met who had been there, the more convinced I was that there really wasn’t anything to worry about and that this small country was worth at least three days of my time. I took a shuttle directly to Santa Ana from my hostel in Copan Ruinas, which although was pricey, saved me from having to catch a series of chicken buses and a whole lot of time. Having managed to get an entire ... read more
Countryside Scenery, Juayua
Cathedral, Santa Ana

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador November 7th 2015

Geo: 19.5543, -96.9387El Tunco - the final stop of our little Salvadoran adventure, and by far the most disappointing ... El Salvador has been pretty cool overall, but we're finding little in the way of redeeming qualities of this tiny surf town, which was an odd finish to the tour. El Tunco was likely chosen for its location, a relatively short drive to the airport, which makes it a convenient final night for those departing the country. It does also offer a brief taste of El Salvador's Pacific coast, but it was more than disappointing in that regard, especially for non-surfers - while there are some great waves for surf bums, the water is far too rough for swimmers to even wade out much deeper than their knees. Add the fact that the water appears to ... read more
Ostradamus ...
Feels Like Ko Phi Phi, In a Bad Way ...
Lovely View at Lunch ...

Geo: 13.7069, -89.2018Today was cause for celebration - having wreaked too much havoc in the Guatemalan and Salvadoran criminal underworlds, we received word that the gangs had given up on getting revenge on us. So we honoured this most special occasion in the most Salvadoran way possible - with several rounds of beer at a ... Salvadoran craft brewery???!!? Who woulda thunk it, that a place like El Salvador would have a cool, hipster-esque craft brewery?Sure, we had sampled some Cadejo beer in a few different places in El Salvador, but it really didn't clue in to us how unique this truly was in a developing country such as this, until we rolled into San Salvador. Not having traveled through any of the more affluent parts of El Salvador until today, we had almost forgotten that ... read more
Rosario Church - Definitely Non-Traditional
More Rosario Church
Ruins of Tazumal

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador November 4th 2015

Geo: 13.7942, -88.8965Our arrival in Suchitoto yesterday turned out to be a rather fortuitous occurrence - I wasn't quite sure where to get rid of the Barbie Butchers' bodies, until today, when I got a closer look at Lake Suchitlan. It's always interesting in developing nations, particularly from an environmental standpoint - in the case of El Salvador, there is some truly stunning natural scenery, and a cruise on Lake Suchitlan is a must if visiting Suchitoto, both for the bird watching and for the beautiful views. There is a problem, however - as lovely as Lake Suchitlan is, it's also heavily polluted, being the final destination for the Lempa river. At its source, the river is considered pristine, but once it passes through San Salvador, it picks up all manner of ... organic material from ... read more
Dirty Lettuce of Lake Suchitlan
Rainbow Over Suchitlan
The View Was Better Than the Breakfast!

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