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Traveling is more then just a vacation…this is something that opens you mind and gets your spirit going. Most people wouldn’t know, because they have never taken the chance to go. It becomes an addiction like no other. To see, communicate with, and learn other cultures in Latin America has become a life style for me. However I don’t just go on these trips to have a good time, or to meet people, which happens every time I go down there, but for business as well. Land will be the first thing I start with in Nicaragua but I plan to help the people more then the average traveler with technologies of today Nica’s will be able to have power on islands and fishing communities that use solar power boats. You might not thing that is ... read more

My first nice, air conditioned bus ride in Central America was completely empty except for myself and Mike and unfortunately, it made me sick! I don´t know if it was entering a confined, far too air conditioned space after weeks of heat, the winding moutain roads, or the blue gatorade and salty plaintain chips I had downed just before climbing aboard, but for the first time on this trip, I threw up, twice! I felt much better afterwords though, and enjoyed our whirlwind trip through El Salvador, the tiniest but most populated country in Central America. We left Honduras, cut though Guatemala briefly and entered into El Salvador, stopping for every border crossing and for the police several times along the way. Hondurans and Salvadorans have a long and checkered past and apparently the Salvadoran police ... read more

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador December 10th 2004

A NEW CONCEPT OF TRAVEL AND TOURISM. FOR THE WHOLE OF CENTRAL AMERICA! ... Launched about a year ago in order to put online consumers who seek travel and tourism experts in El Salvador, Guatemala and the rest of Central America, the Polyglots "Freedom in Paradise" Tours is gradually becoming an online destination both for business people and tourists who plan to visit El Salvador and the neighboring countries, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua in addition to Costa Rica and Panama. Our local travel expert network offers you in detail knowledge of travel activities starting from vacationing, surfing and diving to honeymoon journeys, adventure tourism, visiting the marvelous Maya World and more. What makes us different... Most websites related to the travel industry and tourism only offer online self-service options where consumers can book their flights ... read more

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador November 26th 2004

LOCAL! GoNOMAD DESTINATION MINI GUIDE El Salvador By Donald T. Lee updated 11/04 WHY GO 25 volcanoes, one-Izalco-which can be viewed from nearbyCerro Verde Park - is still smoking!: A cloud forest with a stunning view of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras from the Summit: Museum of the Revolution and El Mazote-Arambala Civil War Memorial Massacre sites: 200 miles of unspoiled and uncrowded Pacific Coast beaches, coves and bays; The best surfing in Central America; Colonial and indigenous villages where time has stood still; humungous arts and crafts, visit several towns dedicated over to the making of these native crafts, such as La Palma in the North and Ilobasco in the East of the country; You will find throughout all of El Salvador friendly and industrious people, always ready to assist you and to practice their ... read more

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador September 18th 2003

Monday was a national holiday (El Salvador's Independence Day) and my office was closed; we decided to participate in a trip organized by some friends to the old Spanish colonial-era town of Suchitoto, which was a (the?) Pipil tribal capital during the Mayan Empire. Suchitoto in Nahuat means "Place of Birds and Flowers". (I would guess that Suchitoto is a Spanish bastardization of a name that was originally something more like "Xochitotl".) We headed east on the Pan-American Highway to San Martin, then north on a secondary road to Suchitoto; took us awhile to get there because every little town was holding an Independence Day parade, so we had to bushwhack our way around each village on muddy side roads.Suchitoto is very charming and quaint and tranquil, and is one of El Salvador's few remaining colonial-era ... read more

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