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Day Five - Saturday September 23rd I woke up every two hours on the hour to puke. I won't get detailed about it because I'm sure nobody likes me THAT much (except for MARTA who got to hear it all) to want to know the details of my illness. Suffice it to say that those over-cooked and crispy eggs from that morning made a reappearance and I wasn't feeling well on Saturday morning to go out. I stayed in bed while Marta went out to meet Gaby. I think I drifted in and out of consciousness, decidedly uncomfortable but not sure what part of my body was aching and preventing me from having a restful sleep. The bed was suddenly too hard and the pillow not fluffy enough. My granny!gown wasn't enough to keep me cool. ... read more

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador » Western » La Libertad September 22nd 2006

Day Four - Friday September 22nd We woke up early because it was going to be a packed day. Marta had met a girl online from El Salvador who likes Yaoi. YES an EL SAL yaoi fan! Apparently there are many of them, but they're either spread out too far around the country, their parents are too overbearing and won't let them leave the house, or they are too young and their parents won't let them leave the house. This one girl, Jen, lives in San Salvador and met up with us after her English classes in the morning. We could only hang for an hour or so, so we hung at (where?) Metro Centro where we had breakfast. Her English is *really* good and it was nice to understand a conversation as it happens rather ... read more
Getting Supplies
Road to the beachhouse
Gates to the beachhouse

Day Three - Thursday September 21st The day we decided to go to see the other malls. There was Metro Centro, but M's cousins told us that MC is "ghetto" and that there are "classier" malls to go to. We called a cab that was blessedly free of seat belts and we were taken to the expensive, cold, emotionless malls that you can find in the super upscale districts in Toronto or any other city in the world. I don't have much to say about them at all. I can't even remember their names! I'd call them Boring Mall 1 and Boring Mall 2. Boring Mall 2 was complicated and we kept getting lost (and ending up in the underground parking lot). I was sitting on this bench when suddenly Colonel Sanders sat down next to ... read more
Camera on a ledge
Wicked View
Shiny Floor is Shiny

Day Two - Wednesday September 20th We'd staked out the Metro Centro as our base of operations while not in our guest house. We trekked down there around noon to grab a bite to eat. We found a breakfast place called Florencia (or something along those lines) and ate crepes packed and covered with strawberries and sauce. Oh god, it was so good! The service there was unmatched. Nowhere have I gone in the world where the service is as polite and friendly as in El Salvador. The people nearly burst at the seams with cheer when they greet you! We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the mall, shopping, and pretty much looking around at all the neat stuff. We were getting a lot of stares, although after a while I got used to ... read more
Gorgeous house

I'd been talking about it for a while, and we finally *did* it! From September 19th until the 29th, 2006, Marta (my faithful travel companion and inspiration) and myself were in the lovely country of El Salvador in Central America. She grew up there and has many friends and family that showed us a good time. I'm glad that I could go with her back to her homeland which she had been away from for 10 years. As a non-Spanish speaking person I knew I'd be in for a bit of difficulty communicating, so I reminded Mchan to never leave my side while we were there. I somehow knew that I could only ask so many times where the bathroom was, and Marta had taught me some bad words that don't really circulate through polite conversation ... read more
Stopover in Miami
Political Party Colours

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador » Western » La Libertad September 12th 2006

In the evening we headed to Rolando’s friend’s beachfront house. The house was basic, but we had our own room with an air conditioner. We made dinner together and went for a late night swim in the fish shaped pool to cool off. We spent the next few days hanging around in hammocks and swiming to combat the humidity. The ocean was very violent. The waves were huge. We went for swims with extreme caution. Every 5 seconds we had to dive to the bottom to avoid being tossed around like a rag doll. Occasionally, a wave would follow another wave closely and catch us off guard and toss us around a washing machine. Fortunately the ground was rock free so the worst that would happen was a little disorientation and black volcanic sand in all ... read more
Beachfront House with Fish shaped Swimming Pool
Hanging Around
This spider is REALLY that big

We weren’t sure if we wanted to go to El Salvador. We had heard numerous stories about the sometimes dangerous political climate. Our friend Cedric from Switzerland, who we had met up with for the third time convinced us to join him to meet his old University mate Ronlando in San Salvador. The three of us took a bus to San Salvador arriving at night, and were told to wait inside the station as it was very dangerous around that neighborhood. When we arrived, the bus area was caged in with numerous security guards armed with automatic rifles. We went on to the main entrance where we waited for Rolando. While waiting Katharine witnessed a store keeper load her handgun and conceal extra bullets in her belt. It was a relief when Rolando eventually showed up. ... read more
Cedric and Rolando
Casa Blanca
Some food tases better then others

Ofanan´s original trip to MonteCristo, El Salvador - March '08 Isolated and pristine (...) thick cloud forest canopy, exotic orchids and abudant wildlife (...) views and photo opportunities are outstanding Get advance permission from the National Parks and Wildlife Service in San Salvador (...) There is no place to stay here (...) bring all your own equipment, food and water (...) none of the trails is well marked (...) hiking trails begin from Los Planes (1900m), a grassy clearing (...) Unforunately, getting to Los Planes is a challenge, and not the cheap one. If you have a 4WD (...) (Description of National Park Monte Cristo, El Salvador at Lonely Planet). The easiest part was getting to Los Planes. 2h of unpaved uphill, from which only the last half hour was really steep. The obstacles Obtaining an ... read more

i've heard about black beaches but have never seen. the beaches in libertad, el salvador are black because of the volcanic ash. they are black and rocky. and the ocean current is so strong. when the waves roll back into the water, they move the rocks around. and as the rocks tumble, they make an amazing sound. it was neat to hear. our rooms were right on the beach so we were lulled to sleep by the ocean and the sound of the rocks tumbling around. i went for a swim in the ocean and the strong currents made it an adventure. when you dove into the approaching wave, you were tumbled around like a doll. i would just hold my nose and go for the ride. i am back in antigua now and am trying ... read more
our feet in the black sand
the pool

Just a quick visit to El Salvador.. wish it was longer its a beautiful country. And really friendly. We travelled here with Helen & Jenny from England (and Jenny´s sheep, who was sooo cute!), we met them in Roatan. We went straight to the capital city, San Salvador. The country is small so we could do most things from here. We stayed in a lovely guest house, Ximenas and the Norwegian owner knew everything about El Salvador, so we managed to cram lots into our short stay. We went to the devils door.. a fab lookout where you can see virtually across the whole of El Salvador. Then we went to climb an active volcano, where we would have climbed 4 hours and got amazing views. But we were late and although our driver tried to ... read more
Devils Door
Lake Coatepeque
Church & bus

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