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01.07.06 Um 06.00 Uhr stand ich auf und gegen 07.00 Uhr war ich am Busterminal. Mit dem Bus fuhr ich bis nach Sonsonate. Dort suchte ich das Hotel Florida, in der Naehe des alten Busterminals. Dafuer musste ich jedoch vom neuen Terminal aus einen Bus nehmen. Diesmal ignorierte aber der Chauffeur meine Bitte, mich am richtigen Ort aussteigen zu lassen. Als ich ihn fragte, wo ich jetzt hin muesse, sagte er, dass das Hotel Florida nicht existiere. Doch da sprach jemand dazwischen und gab mir die korrekte Richtung an. Ich lief dorthin und fand noch ein weiteres Hotel gleich gegenueber, welches ich zuerst besuchte. Ich fragte an, ob ich dort meinen Koffer fuer zwei Tage lassen koenne. Bis er dies abgeklaert hatte, ging ich ins andere Hotel und fragte dasselbe und auch nach dem Preis. Ich ... read more
Nahuizalco - Marktalltag
Nahuizalco - Marktalltag

I arrived into El Salvador later in the day than I had hoped, so stayed one night in San Miguel, the city nearest the eastern Honduras border. The next day I headed north early and reached Pequín, site of a lot of fighting in the civil war. visited a museum and local lookout and tried to understand as much as I could about what had happened and who was involved. As always women featured prominently as fighters, not to mention priests (several of whom were assassinated) and, the biggest shock, the use of handheld computers by the rebels to keep spreadsheets of weapons captured, amongst other things, really brought home how recent the fighting was. Then went on to El Salvador, where I stayed with the ever so lovely George Chippendale, a Brit and a great ... read more
Pequin mural -    looking forward
Representation of El Salvador
Devil's Throat canyon, near San Salvador

24.06.06 Ich stellte den Wecker auf 05.30 Uhr, blieb aber wegen wahrscheinlich falscher Zeitvereinbarung doch noch eine Stunde laenger liegen. Es war noch zu dunkel draussen. Ich packte alle meine Sachen zusammen und lief auf 07.00 Uhr zum Comedor. Dort deponierte ich meine Sachen und bekam ein gutes Fruehstueck. Dann uebergab sie mir ein Tuch mit den Tortillas fuer den Lunch. Um 08.00 Uhr liefen wir los. Doch schon nach einer halben Stunde waere ich vor lauter Anstrengung wieder umgekehrt. Natuerlich liess das aber mein Kopf nicht zu und ich kaempfte mich durch. Es ging praktisch zwei Stunden nur bergauf und ich war ja nun schoen laenger nicht mehr so aktiv, aber es klappte. Es fing an, ein wenig zu regnen, aber zum Glueck hoerte es nach kurzer Zeit wieder auf. Die Landschaft bot viele Pilze ... read more
Nationalpark Celaque - eine Pflanze
Nationalpark Celaque - ein Pilz
Nationalpark Celaque - schlechte Aussichten

So we took a break from traveling when we got to El Salvador. We had previoulsy talked to Amado from couch surfing ( and he agreed to put us up for the evening and show us around the following day. Amado was yet another really nice couch surfing host (four out of four) He took us to a restaurant that served delicious vegan cusine, we both ate yuca for our first time! mm and delicious plantain (basically bathed in sugarcane and honey syrup) but yummy none the less! Thursday we ventured to the public market in search for a blanket and some food stuffs to take with us on our journey (completly forgetting that fruit is not allowed to cross the border) We got entirely ripped off on banana's, with our lack of spanish excellency skills ... read more

i havnt written for a bit, because really there wasnt anything new going on. I could only write about surfing so many times...soooooo...i waited, for some more things to happen as a matter of fact they did. i find myself with 2 local guys heading to go skate some hills at around 11 at night. im sitting shotgun and this guys girlfriend is sitting in the drivers seat...the other guys putting on his street skating gear when i see lights from a police truck behind us. 2 cops get out..or should i say soldiers, they are freaking menacing with their AK´s combat boots and full guerrilla uniforms. they ask us to step out of the car. Im tranquilo and step out around the front of the car. as does the driver. we stand and wait for ... read more
injury´s siempre
skull, tree...word

i fly out at 6:45 pm. anticipation mixed with a bit of a nervous energy has me not knowing what the heck to expect. next stop L.A., then Miami, then San Jose Costa Rica, where i finally end up at a backpackers hostel tired as hell. I spend 3 days waiting for word from a friend, looks like she won´t make it so im heading to the beach. First stop jaco to get a board, however i manage to drop my bank card into the case of the machine, after jamming my hand into the money dispenser to get my card I decide i hate Jaco and head out the next day. Next stop Panahachel, then Montezuma, then Malpaise/Santa following of the waves begins... Nicaragua and the waves of Popoyos and Maderas, Guatemala and the ... read more
evening session
 Popoyos Nicaragua
volcanic lake, cigars

Travel blog - PART II (This is a lot ... but I've finally caught up!!) We entered Livingston, Guatemala not knowing what to expect at all. * We spent most of our time speaking with people from of the Garifuna culture. I danced with locals, saw one of the Semana Santa processions (it's kind of like religious parades that they have each day during Easter week in towns all over Latin America that focus on the Easter events), and ate fresh garlic shrimp every day ... and enjoyed every single one. * Our next stop was Tikal which was AMAZING. Our cabins were in the jungle - literally. The Jungle Lodge cabins were in the middle of the national park, a few minutes walk away from the pyramids we would see. Monkeys woke me up twice ... read more

Hi again everyone! I apologize for taking so long to send another blog. Our schedule got really crazy recently and I wanted to send a blog with pictures. Each time I had an extra 30 minutes to work, my pictures would be in the hotel ... or just not with me. It's been way too long since I've written. So, of course, I have a lot to tell you all. :-) Right now, our group is in Suchitoto, El Salvador. We spent Easter week in San Pedro, Belize for a break which was incredible. I went snorkeling for the first time and it was GREAT! At first I was really freaked out about trying to breathe while in the water and stayed attached to the boat ladder for about 30 minutes; but after I got the ... read more
San Cristobal de las Casas
Zapatista Territory

Crossing borders into El Salvador has brought a change in culture and ease of travel. Unlike Guatemala, this country is not as geared for tourism and thus takes a little more effort. The Spanish here is also slightly different making communication more challenging. A lot of travelers I have talked to skipped past El Sal because of these very reasons. But, I have also talked many who have been here and absolutely loved it. I only had a few days to spend here, so I decided to check out the surf beaches near Libertad. I set up my transportation through Tica Bus who provides 1st class accommodations from capital to capital. The bus had A/C, comfortable seats, and played movies for our entertainment. They had to literally pry me from my seat when we had reached ... read more
Tica Bus
The Town of Sunzal
Playa de Sunzal

Jeps, taas saanut kerattya tarpeeksi energiaa kirjoittaa jotain lyhytta, nyt tullut jonkun verran aikaa vietettya San salvadorissa, torstaina saavuin tanne, tutustuin taas ruotsalaisiin ja norjalaisiin tyyppeihin, joita tuntuu sikiavan jokaisesta kallionkolosta taalla. Torstaina oli suht iso ulkoilmakonsertti, Benny Benassi, housee, ihan ok kivaa. Perjantaina lahdin kahden ruotsalaisen, norjalaisen ja amerikkalaisen kanssa viikonlopuks rannalle, El Zonteen. Melkos rento viikonloppu, lohoilya mustalla hiekkarannalla ja surffaamisen katselua. Tuli myos todistettua amerikkalais-norjalaisen parin valirikko, ah, draamaa.. Mutta Mark kylla oli aika pippelipaa joskus, mutta Anita on mukava ja tuli takaisin San Salvadoriin Sebastianin ja miun kanssa. Tanaan liityin seuraan ja kaytiin katsomassa keskustassa pari kirkkoa ja kiroamassa kaupungin meluisuutta ja likaisuutta ja kaikkia muita huonoja p... read more

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