A quick stop in El Salvador

Published: November 26th 2016
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El salvador

Shuttles and tired drivers

There are two reasons why we went to El Salvador the so called "murder capital of the world". One was that I wanted to add El Salvador to the list of countries visited and you have to stay at least a night to make it count. The other reason was that we didn't fancy sitting in a shuttle for 16 hours straight to go between Leon and Antigua in Guatemala our ultimate destination.
Shuttles are small 10 seater mini buses that are used to well shuttle around tourists between the main sites in Central America. We had used them before and we were using one to go from Nicaragua through Honduras to El Salvador.
Our journey started at 2am in the morning with a pickup from our hostel. We finally left Leon around 3am once we picked up other passengers, luggage was strapped to the roof and the mandatory so at a petrol station to full up.
At around 5 it was pretty clear that our driver was overtired. Not the thing to find out if you have another 8 hours to go. Not much you can do though as we were in the middle of
Yay a poolYay a poolYay a pool

Dillons first question when we go to a new place is itf there is a pool in the hotel
no where. As you already figured we didn't die in a traffic accident but it wasn't the most pleasant ride. We usually kept an eye on our driver to see if he is nodding off. He was adamant that he is not tired. We were quite happy when we arrived 2 hours late but safe in El Tunco.

El Tunco

The normal reason for being in this town is the good surf break that is in front of the towns beach. The beach itself is rather average as it's quite rocky and made from black sand.
We had a nice time anyway as our Belgium run hostel, to Dillons delight, had a small pool which he frequently visited, a large selection of European beers and Belgian waffles. The two-street-town of El Tunco has a Thai beach town feel to it with its small paved pedestrian street and loads of small eateries. A pleasant place to spend two nights.
We even managed to get some exercise when we went on a excursion to a waterfall. This include a 45 minute trip in a old American school bus (usually referred to as chicken bus in these parts of the world) past very green rural highland to a cute village , hiring an 8 year old boy as our guide and walking down 45 minutes on a steep small and slippery trail to a smallish waterfall. Unfortunately we also had to hike the same distance up again. As we had some time before the bus left we sampled the local street fares and one of the best burrito on the trip so far.

That's all we did before we boarded another shuttle heading for Antigua. This time it was a rather uneventful journey.

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Corn everywhereCorn everywhere
Corn everywhere

A staple in these regions and grown wherever possible

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