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05:00 is early - but when you know you are traveling it makes it that much easier. Justin our amazing CEO (Chief Experience Operator) had arranged for coffee for us; however it was glorified crayon water - thankfully I travel with Starbucks instant coffee so added some (yes I don’t change). Away we went, but managed to find a coffee shop in the square that was open at 06:00 so we got REAL coffee. The irony of destinations that produce coffee is they export almost all of it - and leave the crappy stuff here. So people come to places like Guatemala expecting to drink amazing, incredible coffee only to find out it’s Nescafe:-( ..... But coffee shops you can usually get it - and we ALL know how much I worship my coffee, so any ... read more
Suchitoto Hotel
Suchitoto Room Key

Our Arrival The bus from La Libertard dropped us on the main road next to the entrance of the town. Cross over and walk through the barrier and you are on the road into town. Where We Stayed Casa Makoi - $20 for a double room with bathroom. Balconies, kitchen and hammocks. Small room but nice shower and we basically had a balcony to ourselves on the top floor. Where We Ate El Yate - On the corner of the road to the beach. Has a menu of pupusas to choose from (50 cent for non meat or $1 for meat), freshly cooked sauce and $2 litre Brahva beers. When you turn left from the hostel road towards town there is a lady cooking on the street. She was selling things that tasted like spring rolls ... read more

Next we wanted to go to El Tunco beach in El Salvador. This meant from Esteli we would have to get a bus to the border with Honduras, go through Honduras and go through another border crossing into El Salvador. It looked like it would take us a couple of days to get to El Tunco so we asked at Ticabus to see how long that bus would take to see if it was worth doing. They quoted us $37 and said we would arrive in San Salvador at 5pm which would be too late to go to El Tunco that same day. As both options would take 2 days we decided to go with the chicken buses. Here is how we did it: 1. Catch a bus to Somoto. On the main highway in Esteli ... read more

After getting thoroughly knackered on Cerro Las Minas in Honduras 2 days prior, it was with great relief that the highest mountain in El Salvador turned out to be a walk in the park. I liked the little town of San Ignacio as a base for the hike, seemed much nicer than La Palma a bit further from the border, and the posada was excellent. San Ignacio Good introduction to El Salvador as it's the first town coming from the border with Honduras. The first night was pretty rowdy, complete with fireworks, because of the presidential election but the rest of the time was muy tranquilo. There must have been more pupuserías here per capita than any other place I visited in El Salvador. Previous reports indicate there is no ATM in town but there is ... read more
Post Pital Pupusas
Riding in the Back With Muchos Cheetos

I’m writing this on an almost deserted beach on the pacific coast close to the Nicaraguan border. We are in El Esteron just east of Playa El Euco. The beach spans several kilometres east to west and at low tide it can spread a further kilometre out to the ocean, there are few amenities here, only a few small tiendas selling the basics, a couple of restaurants and occasionally a fruit or bread seller comes along on his bike. It is really quite blissful hearing nothing but the tide and the birds in the palms. I’ll admit it has not been like this every day, the weekend was much busier with Sunday in particular attracting many local visitors but still most of the beach remains unspoiled. Getting here from San Salvador was straightforward enough but not ... read more
Vultures feasting on a washed up Manta Ray
The view from our room

We did not know much about El Salvador before coming here and as we were only giving it a week of our time we thought we should find out a little bit about it. We had planned to cram in a busy day of culture with the modern art museum, the anthropology museum and the memorial to Monsignor Romero but San Salvador is incredibly hot and not really designed for walking so we only managed the two. Attempting to walk anywhere in the western part of the city involves navigating non-existent pavements alongside huge, congested, dusty main roads, getting strange looks from everyone as to why on earth you are trying to walk anywhere. We started at the memorial to Monsignor Romero which is set in the grounds of the university, right next to our hostel. ... read more
Painting depicting the resurrection of Romero in the people
Shopping mall after shopping mall

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador » Western » Juayúa February 7th 2014

We had a few options for crossing into El Salvador from Guatemala but most involved returning to Antigua and were subsequently more expensive. The cheap option was to do what the locals do and take a lancha through the Mangroves to Avellana. We opted for this, it was cheaper and somewhat more comfortable than the tourist shuttle we could have taken from Antigua. At Avellana we were met by a local bus which took us halfway to Taxisco where we changed buses, we eventually arrived at the border after about two hours or so of travelling. The boat journey was fine and quite picturesque although at that time of the day there was little shelter from the sun. The buses on the other hand were quite another story. The local buses throughout Central America are affectionately ... read more
Feria gastronomica
A local football match
Chameleon love

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador » Western December 7th 2013

Having nice friends is good but it makes departure hard, but somehow I got away THE TRIP was not waiting , it sat in the back of my mind telling me to get a move on. Yesterday I did, it didn't start to good , woke up with the old friend Montezuma and his revenge taking it out on me. What a miserable feeling that is when you wake up and you know that is no some pretty girl kissing you but just Montezuma laughing at you. The early start was a goner but modern medicine works wonders so by 11 am I had my shit together, started up my old pal The mighty KTM. Of course I fucked up royally , not having checked out the settings on the GPS, it did what i was ... read more
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Central America Caribbean » El Salvador » Western » El Zonte November 15th 2013

I didn’t really know what to expect when it came to El Salvador, for I had never met another backpacker who had been here. All I knew was that it is a small country with waves pummelling the west coast night and day, which is what drew me to its shores. Picture this conversation being repeated thousands of times over all my years of travelling: Friendly person I’ve just met: “Where are you from?” Me: “Australia.” Inquisitive person I’ve just met: “Oh, do you surf?” Me: “Ah, not really.” Very confused and uncertain person I’ve just met: “But you’re Australian!?!?” In Nicaragua, at the absolutely stunning beach of ‘Playa Hermosa’, I decided it was high time that I made a concerted effort to finally fit the stereotype of all those who call Australia home. After taking ... read more
Playa El Zonte by Day
The approach of sunset
Dusk at Playa El Zonte

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador October 14th 2013

We crossed at Goascoran and it was uneventful. The bus dropped us off at the bus station in San Miguel, it was very busy and seems like an important jump off point for the rest of the country. Just ask anyone and they'll be happy to show you which bus you need to get, just make sure you pronounce the place correctly! We arrived in a little town called Perquin, we wanted to visited this town and surrounding area because of it's involvement in recent history and events during the Salvadorian civil war. This was lasted approximately 12 years (1980 - 1992) and claimed 75,000 lives, according to the UN. This area was a stronghold of the left leaning guerrilla forces. The town itself is small and remote. We turned up without booking any accommodation and ... read more

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