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This morning we started at the community center and we were introduced to Tonya who is the site manager. She introduced us to the community co-op. The co-op is the ladies of the community who sew, knit, paint, jewelry,macrame to sell to people to make money. After that we went to the build site. We were introduced to the head mason and crew. There we're many jobs available digging floors, sifting sand for white wash,cutting and bending rebar,hauling dirt, digging trenches, painted white wash on walls and tamp the dirt. Our translator was Eswaldo a 20 year old man was given a scholarship by habitat to learn English. The only stipulation is he helps translate when build groups come. The day starts at 6:30 for breakfast then we catch a bus at 7:30 to go to ... read more

Hello to all at home. We arrived safely. This hotel is beautiful and very peaceful. We started out our day by attending Cristo Rey Lutheran church. It was a unique experience to be able to worship with the El Salvadorian people. The pastor was very welcoming and very appreciative of us coming. He incorporated his sermon of transfiguration in relating it to how God changes us and gives our hearts the ability to make a difference. It was very moving. I was not the only one with tears in my eyes. It was great to see the youth helping Harold follow along in the service. We were able to take communion also. At the end of the service the youth of the congregation presented each of us with a cross to remember them by. Following the ... read more
Cristo Rey
Outside the Bathroom
Inside the temple

We had quite a bit of downtime today, so we all enjoyed lots of laughing and fellowship. Dinner tonight was at Tipicos Margoth. The drink that was served was called salad. It tasted like punch. It included apples, peaches, pineapple and lettuce. For dinner we had cheese papoosa, bean papoosa, turkey sandwiches, tamales, yuca fries and plantains (a tiny bananna). Dessert was empanadas and some kind of fried egg-dough ball. Dessert drink was chocolate rice milk. Tomorrow morning we look forward to packing all our belongings and heading up the mountain for church service and moving into our new digs.... read more
Flowers, Flowers everywhere
Making the papoosas
Salad drink

Here are additional pictures one is the Chocalate Rice Milk.... read more
Street vendor
Shopping center

I think I have figured out the picture problem. On the blog name is thrive2013. Send comments to let me know if you can access them. Thanks Sonya... read more

Yesterday was our first day getting to see the city. When we arrived Thursday night it was dark. We started out the day going down into San Salvador the heart of the city. The traffic down here is crazy. Alot of times there are two lanes with three vehicles and then you have a motorcycle coming down the middle. You will look out the window and see a bus an inch away. But since every one drives the same we did not see many accidents. We drove by the presidents house and went to see Father Oscar Romero´s tomb. It was at the San Salvador cathedral in the basement. The cathedral is beautiful with painted walls, beautiful stained glass and painted ceiling. The next stop was the city park that had a memorial wall of the ... read more
Father Ramero
Painted cathedral ceiling

Today our first stop was the University where 5 preist were murdered. These were preist that supported Father Rameo´s cause. We toured the museum. We stood in the very spot they lost their lives. SO much to listen to and take in. We also visited the rose garden where there bodies had been moved to after their death. It was followed up by going to the Chapel which was their final resting place. We have learned alot about the history of the civil war and how priest fought to get rights for the poor people. We learned that Father Rameo didn´t start out wanting to help the people but his best friend convinced him. Once his Best friend was killed he took on the cause. Our guide said it meant alot because ¨Pastor Ramero showed that ... read more
Loading for the day
More of the group
Our Guide Lewis

We are working to figure out the photos.... read more

Beautiful El Salvador. We arrived last night and went out to dinner. It was very warm and humid out. Today we are headed out for a day of relaxation and sightseeing after a feast of breakfast at our hotel. We were welcomed by a three-inch long cockroach.... read more
Thrivent Builds
The wheels on the bus go round and round

“Come to El Salvador, fall in love, have your heart broken, and be ruined forever.” - Dean Brackley Backblogging about my trip to El Salvador in January with a group of students from my school feels both empowering and disappointing. Reading back through the notes I made during our travels, I am reminded by the incredible solidarity movement that we encountered there, and by the people both Salvadorean and from around the world who dedicate their lives to the transformation of El Salvador and to La Lucha (the struggle) for justice and equality. I came back from this journey feeling energized to do more justice work in my classroom and in my own community. The process of conscientization or critical consciousness seemed to be alive and well in me after 9 days of being nourished by ... read more
Church of the Workers
Oscar Romero
Beach Day at Sunset

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