More history on El Salvador (Saturday Sightseeing)

Published: February 9th 2013
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Today our first stop was the University where 5 preist were murdered. These were preist that supported Father Rameo´s cause. We toured the museum. We stood in the very spot they lost their lives. SO much to listen to and take in. We also visited the rose garden where there bodies had been moved to after their death. It was followed up by going to the Chapel which was their final resting place. We have learned alot about the history of the civil war and how priest fought to get rights for the poor people. We learned that Father Rameo didn´t start out wanting to help the people but his best friend convinced him. Once his Best friend was killed he took on the cause. Our guide said it meant alot because ¨Pastor Ramero showed that people can change and do good¨. All the priest were given the oppurtunity to leave but chose to stay for the people. Our next stop was the very church where Father Ramero was assasinated. We were told that he saw the asassin coming but continued with the blessing of the bread and wine because he didn´t want the full church to panic and more people to get killed.

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Our Guide LewisOur Guide Lewis
Our Guide Lewis

This is our tour of the University.

This shows where the 5 priest we killed

10th February 2013

Can see pictures
I can now see posts and pictures! Yeah! Looks like the weather is warm and you are having fun. Can you send an invite of the blog to Tracy at church. She can then send out to church members. I saw Beth Banwart today and she asked to have the link. Kids are coming over tonight to spend the night and go to church with us in the morning. Tony and Sydney are at a girl scout dance fromn 6:30 - 8:30. I will show them the blog. Love you, Kim
10th February 2013

Hello! Added tracy to the email list. She should be able to pull it up now. If any on wants to know it it is and they can search thrive2013 for blog. Love to all Sonya

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