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Geo: 13.9344, -89.0238It doesn't matter how many times I get reincarnated, one thing never gets old - spending a languid morning spooning in bed, underneath a warm tortilla blanket, made of freshly-ground corn, by an old Salvadoran granny. Soft, warm, and squishy, there is no bed anywhere that is as cozy as one covered by a fresh corn tortilla. Ahhh ... such a grand way to start the day ... until, the gang sent their elite group of assassins to take us out!!!The gang had upped their efforts, sending type of killers that you definitely don't want to mess with - for all of the horrific assassins I've disposed of during my countless lifetimes, I have never seen any as frightening as the ones that showed up in our room today. Known as the Barbie Butchers, ... read more
The Brutal Barbie Butchers
Suchitoto's Santa Lucia Church
View of Lake Suchitlan From Hotel El Tejado

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador November 2nd 2015

Geo: 13.9188, -89.8485I hadn't realized that the Day of the Dead is actually a single day celebration, but one that actually goes on for three whole days - Daniel wasn't exactly sure what to call today because, in fact, yesterday was the Day of the Dead. So today, must be the Day of the Deader, right? It was a rather fitting nickname that Daniel had bestowed upon today, as our brief one-day reprieve from carnage ended early this morning, when a thug busted into our room, in a murderous rage!My inner Jason Bourne immediately awakened and sprung into action - but I had to improvise, as there were no magazines, pens, or hand towels in my vicinity that I could use to dispose of this would-be assassin. Before Pat could even stop snoring, I ripped the ... read more
Brown Waters of Aguas Termales de Santa Teresa ...
Thug, Pre-Roasting and Grinding
Juayua's Church

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador November 1st 2015

Geo: 13.8691, -89.8518No time this morning to enjoy being newlyweds - a snitch at the monastery had given away our location to the thugs, who were now hot on our heels, and en route to Antigua. This was especially disappointing as we had hosted an open bar at the wedding last night, and that damn parrot drank more than his fair share of booze! But the details of how this all came about quickly became unimportant, as we needed to get to some place safer. The monks knew that the thugs would hit the monastery, and hit it hard, but they were prepared to fight to the death, in order to keep our escape route a secret. Deep down, I knew the monks would be slaughtered, but I took solace in the fact that, having converted ... read more
Our Guatemalan Monk Friends
First Breakfast Together in Nearly Three Years!
Papaya Volcano Overlooking Antigua

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador » Western » El Tunco October 16th 2015

We arrived in El Tunco to a pretty cloudy but hot town, and had to try a couple of hostels before finding our base - as they're full! Not something we've encountered so far, as it's low season. About an hour after we arrived, the heavens opened. Big time. I've never heard thunder and lightening like it!! The next day started sunny and we thought our luck might have changed...But jus as I was about to get in the pool it started again! We spent the afternoon taking sunny pictures in torrential rain haha! Hopefully we will have better luck next time we try a beach... Given the weather forecast (no sun in sight for five days!) we booked ourselves onto a shuttle to Leon, Nicaragua - leaving at 7am Friday morning. We were there early ... read more

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador » Western » Juayúa October 14th 2015

Arriving in Juayua at about 5pm, in torrential rain (bringing the number of times rain has been annoying to the grand total of 2!) we made our way to Casa Mazeta to check in, and I instantly hopped into the shower to get the remaining gravel out of my arm. After ending biking on a high, nothing hurt too bad, but bruising is out in force now, a couple of days later - I think I might be pretty stiff and achy for a few days. The cuts and grazes on my arm are now joined by an impressive rainbow of bruising all over one leg and shoulder, but still - maybe it will be a fun conversation starter! It turns out that maybe Juayua might have been a better first stop, as at the weekend ... read more

Waking up bright and early at 4.30am to get our taxi to the bus station went surprisingly well, and our broken Spanish got us to a bus going to San Salvador - not the one we had planned though, so our carefully calculated remaining money wasn't enough to pay for our tickets... luckily, they were totally happy to accept payment in a mix of Lempira and US dollars! The troublesome 4 extra dollars were worth it though, as we ended up in the cheap seats on a luxury bus (instead of our planned standard bus). The cheap seats still reclined to nearly horizontal, had WiFi and air conditioning. Money accidentally well spent!! Crossing to El Salvador was trouble free, although lining up with our bags just passed the border for a narcotics police check was pretty ... read more
Sam shouldn't be allowed to jump off things...

That is just what God has done. He has opened doors for us. This month has been one filled with new ministry opportunities, and new experiences. And finally, God has opened the door to allow me to share the team’s experiences with you. So here’s what’s up… Spanish classes have started. And not too to my surprise I was placed in Basico 1. So yeah it’s a bit humbling to start at the basic level, but it also presents an opportunity for me to get better at the Spanish I do know, and learn more in class. I quite enjoy my Spanish class, although the idea of being in school is kind of a drag. Also the atmosphere in class is very different. Our teacher says about five English words per class, which is good cause ... read more
Dia de Indepencia
Fam photos

After one week in El Salvador I couldn’t be happier that God has called me here. Reality is now beginning to hit, and even though I’m on a mission trip, I am also living here for nine months. El Salvador is my home, and it is really starting to feel that way too. The team gets along, and it’s been a pleasure to share testimonies of what God’s done in our lives. Also we’ve spent this week going out together on excursions to see the country. We’ve been to two volcanoes so far. One called Coatepeque had a lake in the crater that we went swimming in, and we managed to get some sweet pictures from the top too. Besides seeing the country we also began attending Vida Nueva services. My favorite so far has been ... read more

So we finally touched down in El Salvador Thursday afternoon. After months of fundraising and patiently waiting we finally made it to El Sal. Being here these past couple days has totally made all the hard work of fundraising worth it, and I am nothing but glad and thankful that God has called me here. It has been such a blessing to be able to work with such awesome teammates, and we're all really becoming a family. We've all opened up a ton, and we're growing closer in unity as well. It's also super cool to see how everyone's gifted in different ways. Asher and Emma are phenomenal worship leaders. Emily is such and extrovert and loves to engage with everyone. Lane came across as quiet but has really opened up and is really fun to ... read more

Our next stop was Santa Ana because we heard from friends it had the best hostel boasting a well deserved high nineties review rating for little over USD11 per night. Make sure you take extra change from home to Santa Ana since there is an ice cream vendor (we encountered him near Parque Libertad) who seems to genuinely want to chat and collect foreign change. He was excited to show us his collection that he stores in a styrofoam cup, but we still made sure to be watching our backs since we can never tell what kind of distractions people may come up with to get a drop on you. From Santa Ana we were able to take a bus to a national park, Cerro Verde, that contains several volcanoes, including the Santa Ana volcano. We ... read more
Where's Daniel?
Los Tercios waterfall

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