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Central America Caribbean » El Salvador » Western » Juayúa January 21st 2018

Unfortunately, our hostel is at the very edge of town, like we overlook nothingness on one side and the last property on the street on the other side. Unfortunately, unfortunately the town also doesn't seem that great, safety wise. Our long walk here was through the market and then past corner shops that serve through the metal door and houses covered with fences and barbwire on the rooftops, not exactly giving us the feeling that we were in the right spot. Too late now. Oh, and its up a big hill, probably not that bad but we both still have Acatenango muscles so its quite the bitch. Despite only being two hostels in town and it being the weekend (when the famous food festival is on) there was only one other person in the hostel. We ... read more

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador » Western » El Tunco January 20th 2018

With no choice but a bus to El Tunco if we wanted to go to El Salvador, we found ourselves beachside, not loving life. Though we did wake up with enough time this morning to run over and get our last egg sandwich, apple pies and carrot cake (a poor replacement for the banana bread that was not yet ready - bastards). More bad news came when the only other guy at our hostel, Mr Wanker Hat was also on our bus. In fact, everyone on our bus was shit; perhaps we should've seen that as an omen of what was about to come. hindsight. Up the back were the heavy drinkers, the front seat was occupied by a sweaty american who later got kicked out for not knowing how to count and overstaying his C4 ... read more

Santa Ana is known in El Salvador for its wealth from coffee. More than 90% of export income in El Salvador is from coffee, so while we didn’t have time to visit a plantation, we wanted to visit a local coffee shop. We visited a small place called café expresión, a short walk from our hostel. The coffee, like those we tried in Guatemala, were somewhat disappointing, lower than the standards of an average coffee in Europe. We spent the morning strolling around the city, visiting a local bakery, pharmacy (because I was feeling ill) and then the main square. Ben laughed as he pointed out one of the larger signs in the square indicating a guns weren’t allowed. It was quite funny. At the end of our short stroll through Sabra Ana we passed through ... read more

"If you have made it to El Salvador you must be either totally naive or you actually have a mind of your own" What we (think we) know: El Salvador ranks number 134 of 136 in safety and security of all countries according to the World Economic Forum report ranking the travel and tourism competitiveness of 136 countries. The number of homicides by violent, well-armed street gangs — 18th Street (“Barrio 18”) and MS-13 ("Mara Salvatrucha") has dropped to below 6 a day (last year). While the gringo trail (and backpackers highway) through Central America takes a wide d-tour around it and although El Salvador has the worst image ever as a country to travel to we decided not to skip the country and we have loved every bit of it. We have been travelling for ... read more
Tortuga Verde!
Great place Tortuga Verde
Colourful fishing boats

I heard El Salvador is a dangerous place. Should I go there or better not? I was debating with myself for a while and being just by me I probably would have skipped it. But I was still with Mitch and Justin. So, destiny had different plans for me and we decided to give it a try. How bad could it possibly be? From Guatemala City I took the chicken busses to the border, had an easy border crossing and got a ride from a Guatemalan father with his two kids, all the way to the first destination – Santa Ana. This was an awesome start and it was just the beginning. We went for a coffee and I got to know a father who does everything to get his daughter out of the endless circle ... read more
Short hike, great reward!
The secret surfspots of El Salvador
The Black Pearl

Geo: 13.5928, -89.8275I just finished my steps for today. We had a tour that I thought would involve a lot of walking, but I had logged only a little over 4,200 steps by the time we got back to the ship so I finished the steps in the room. I have made my 10,000-step goal every day but two so far.Today, the ship docked in Acajutla, El Salvador. The notes that I made at home showed our shore excursion was scheduled from 11:00 to 3:45. When we got our tickets on board, the time had been changed. We met for the tour in the Cabaret Lounge at 12:10 for a 12:30 tour. We did not get back to the ship until 6:15. This morning once the ship was in position at the dock, a large show ... read more
Boat at the Acajutla, El Salvador Port
Volcanos in El Salvador
Cashew Tree

El Salvador is the smallest and most densely populated country in Central America. Somewhat bypassed on the tourist trail, many people miss out on immense expanses of natural beauty, forests, beaches, and even the opportunity to view some archaeological sites. We'd planned to bypass it also because of time constraints but the last leg of our flight to Nicaragua was overbooked so we got to spend one short night in San Salvador courtesy of Avianca Airlines. Other than the military presence at the airport and the hotel we didn't see much ... but it wasn't too big of an inconvenience as we hadn't planned to stay in Managua for more than a few hours anyway.... read more

After Guatemala it was on to Santa Ana in El Salvador. I travelled with Theresa who I met at Arcas and her friend Steph. We arrived in the afternoon and found a fiesta going on in the plaza with traditional dances. I discovered later that this was for the anniversary of the theatre. Fiestas are always a good time to visit! After visiting the white gothic style cathedral we went back to the hostal to make a spaghetti meal and some pina colada with fresh pineapple! The following day we hiked up the volcano of Santa Ana. It was a hard climb as it was dusty at the beginning of the walk and there wasn´t much shade around the top. However there were lovely views of the lake (Lago de Coatepeque) and the surrounding countryside. It ... read more

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador January 20th 2017

As you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you better watch how you are talking and where you are walking, you read the news and realize its safe, for today is the day no murder has taken place. "El Salvador, one of the world’s deadliest countries, has recorded a rare day without a single homicide" (Guardian, 12th Jan 2017) Feeling a little more confident, you arrange a private taxi to Rute De Las Flores. As you get into the taxi, you are instantly met with a reluctant driver. Initially you think the driver is being difficult but soon realise he is concerned for his safety as you innocently ask him to leave his protected zone and head towards the ganglands. “Where the gangs stake out most of their territories. Residents who cross the ... read more
Street art on buildings
Colourful Streets
Painted on a wall

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador » Western » El Tunco January 18th 2017

First of all: sorry for my super late update. I have been so lazy to put pictures or to write the blog. a lot has happened over the last few months. On my day off, I went with the shuttle from León to el Tunco. I had a great day there. I went with Guayo to lake Coatepeque and in the evening I had dinner at Casa Bonita where Devon&Greg stayed with some other people and later I went out with the girls. I stayed the night with Claudia and the next morning I got on the shuttle back to León... Before the shuttle even left (I was already in it) My boss told me that I could stay in el Tunco to cover the girl in the office here because she was going on holidays ... read more
Raphy the turtle
Turtle race
With Rick

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