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Not really a born traveller but love experiencing different cultures & environments.

My final country in Central America and the last week in my thirties! Our first stop in Panama was a city called David. It was just an overnight stay there so we had a look at the main plaza and then went to a nice local seafood restaurant. We were given a free shot glass full of ceviche for starters and then I had concha a la criolla (conch shell dish) for a main. Ali ordered a flan for dessert but it was slightly cheesecake-like so I had some too! We woke up at 7.30 the next morning with the sound of macaws having a lover's tiff and so we had time for a nice dip in the swimming pool. After a long bus journey to Panama City we arrived at the Best Western Zen hotel ... read more

Ok so I'm writing this a little late but the final month has been a busy one! My first stop in Costa Rica was Monteverde. I had a few connections on my way from Nicaragua and the last one involved a three hour wait for the afternoon bus. I met some German travellers and we tried hitchhiking but it didn't work so we gave up and played cards using one of our backpacks as a table. We also saw a massive iguana who looked hungry so I gave him some leftover chicken. Monteverde was a lovely place, very much geared towards tourists but it didn't feel too busy when I was there. I went to Santa Elena, Curicancha and Monteverde cloud forest reserves. They were all very beautiful and reminded me how much I love being ... read more

It was a slow journey to Granada and I very nearly didn´t make it but good things come to those who wait! I had the typical Nicaraguan breakfast for a Sunday which is called Nacatamal made from corn and other fillings. After that the owner of the B&B gave me a tour by car of the city. In the afternoon I explored on my own and went to the Cathedral and then randomly met Laura and Georgia in the plaza. We´d all met in Santa Ana, El Salvador so it was nice to catch up over a late lunch. I wandered back to the plaza later and there was a band playing. People were dancing to cumbia and other latin music so of course I had to join in! We danced until it started raining and ... read more

First stop in Honduras was Copan Ruinas. I arrived in the evening at a pretty B&B just outside the centre to stay in a room called Luna (the moon) which had a lovely terrace to view the night sky. Not many street lights so I could see all the stars! I went to a local restaurant and luckily they managed to make me some dinner before the electricity cut out. It was quite windy so I ate my dinner using the torch light of my mobile rather than by candelight but it worked! Apparently they were doing some work on cables in the town so the electricity cut a few times whilst I was there. I had more great views from the B&B in the daytime as they have a lovely garden and the terrace overlooks ... read more

After Guatemala it was on to Santa Ana in El Salvador. I travelled with Theresa who I met at Arcas and her friend Steph. We arrived in the afternoon and found a fiesta going on in the plaza with traditional dances. I discovered later that this was for the anniversary of the theatre. Fiestas are always a good time to visit! After visiting the white gothic style cathedral we went back to the hostal to make a spaghetti meal and some pina colada with fresh pineapple! The following day we hiked up the volcano of Santa Ana. It was a hard climb as it was dusty at the beginning of the walk and there wasn´t much shade around the top. However there were lovely views of the lake (Lago de Coatepeque) and the surrounding countryside. It ... read more

I arrived at Arcas in Peten, Guatemala after a long journey in taxi, colectivo and lancha (small boat). Arcas is a rehabilitation centre in the jungle for animals and birds. Some have come in as injured and others have been confiscated by the government from illegal trafficking. I stayed as a volunteer for two weeks and looked after parrots, toucans, baby crocodiles, turtles, a falcon and a macaw who kept trying to escape! Other animals at the centre included monkeys (spider and howler), racoons, coatimundis, grey wolf, puma, jaguar, ocelot, jaguarmundi, margay (small wild cat), agouti, peccari (wild boar), otter, stork, owls and an eagle. Looking after means feeding and lots of cleaning! The aim of the centre is to rehabilitate and release the animals and birds where possible so we were not allowed to touch ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Belize February 2nd 2017

So after the joys of Tulum we had a long journey to Caye Caulker, Belize by bus and ferry. We hadn’t managed to get lunch before the ferry trip so bought some takeaway toasted sandwiches and chips from the rooftop bar. The word ferry conjures up some kind of slow moving large boat but what we actually went on was a speedboat. Speedboat plus waves plus sandwiches plus chips is not a good combination! Needless to say I felt a little nauseous for the first half of the journey but the sea got a bit calmer later on. We first stopped at another Island San Pedro for immigration then went on to Caye Caulker. We were met by a smiling man in a golf cart who turned out to be Pike from our Airbnb apartment. He ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Tulum January 31st 2017

Welcome to Davina’s Central American travel blog. I’m travelling in Mexico and Central America for 4 months and at the end of it turning 40 so a little older and maybe a bit wiser...or not! So my sister Ali is accompanying me on the first two weeks of my trip, after that it’s just Cedric and I for a while. Cedric is a small lovable cuddly turtle who Ali brought back from Sante, Greece. Anyway on with the blog...first stop Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Well we arrived after a long flight after watching several films (one of which was the Book of Life which is an interesting animation on the Mexican day of the dead traditions). We couldn’t find a taxi when we arrived at the bus station as some of the roads were blocked ... read more

Europe » Italy May 6th 2008

Buon Giorno! Finished my first trip yesterday from Rome to Venice (called La Dolce Vita!). Can't remember at what stage I last wrote but I finished training in Lucca, then went to visit some of the places on the tour with two other trainees then went on a training trip to Naples & Amalfi coast... then I was on my own! I was very nervous & found the first group meeting difficult. I don't think I had prepared enough and I don't like public speaking anyway so having to talk for 45mins continuously & not really knowing what I was talking about was not fun to say the least! The next morning I gave a 5 hour orientation walk in Rome (starting at 8am - the night before I went to bed quite late as I ... read more

Europe » Italy April 6th 2008

After joining a tour in China (after Chunna's Wedding) I decided to apply for job with the same company. They were looking for leaders in Europe and here I am in Tuscany after finishing my initial training. My job as a leader is to take a group to all the places, book the accommodation, transport & activities and do some guided walks myself in the locations. I'm quite nervous about public speaking but I will only have groups of 12 or less normally so its not too bad. There is a lot of paperwork & accounts too and I'm a bit worried when I will have the time to do everything! I'm staying in a place called Lucca and it is a lovely place near Pisa. This week has been hard work. We've been starting classes ... read more

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