El Tunco Beach

Published: April 9th 2014
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Our Arrival

The bus from La Libertard dropped us on the main road next to the entrance of the town. Cross over and walk through the barrier and you are on the road into town.

Where We Stayed

Casa Makoi - $20 for a double room with bathroom. Balconies, kitchen and hammocks. Small room but nice shower and we basically had a balcony to ourselves on the top floor.

Where We Ate

El Yate - On the corner of the road to the beach. Has a menu of pupusas to choose from (50 cent for non meat or $1 for meat), freshly cooked sauce and $2 litre Brahva beers.

When you turn left from the hostel road towards town there is a lady cooking on the street. She was selling things that tasted like spring rolls (pastillas?) that were 4 for $1.

What We Did

Enjoyed the black sand beach and really warm sea. Head to the North end to get away from the rocks.

Where We Went Next

We went to Santa Ana.

First catch the bus to La Libertard. We waited at the exit of the town for about 10 mins before a bus came along at 9:55am. It was bus number 80 and cost 25 cents. It arrived in La Libertard at 10:15am. Get off the bus when it turns into the town and parks by lots of other buses. Head back to the main road and cross over and wait for a bus by the ship.

Catch the 102 to San Salvador. This arrived at 10:20am and cost 60 cents (pay as you board). We were hoping to get off the bus at Terminal Occidente however missed it for some reason and the bus started going down roads we didn't recognise at all. At 11:40am the bus stopped in the terminal for 102 buses. We didn't want to take a taxi and it was too far to walk back to the terminal so we got on another 102 bus which cost another 30 cents and got off at the Occidente Terminal.

Go to the buses on the right side of the terminal to stand number 5 for buses to Santa Ana. The express bus is 201a and cost $1.35. It left at 12:20pm. The bus arrived into the town and stopped around lots of markets and most people got off. We decided to wait one more stop however the bus then did a massive turn and started out of the town along a road to nowhere. It stopped at the new terminal out of the city at 1:45pm. Again we had missed out stop. We crossed over the road and managed to catch a bus back into town from the stop over the road for another 25 cents. This time we did get off at the markets.


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