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Hola amigos Well its great to finally have my vacation! 100 days on the ship and 45 in a drilling shack has finally paid out. My route has gone something like this. Arrived in San Jose on November 27 and quickly B lined it to the beach. Arriving in Jaco a few days later to find perfect waves and warm water. Jaco is costa rica's surf center and is the place to pick up a board and whatever else you may need. Once equitped it was off to Santa Teresa on the Nicoya Pinnesula to find a quite beach break and a good surf vibe. The friends i picked up in jaco were all keen on the area so we spent the next 6 days. Andy's a surf instructor from england with a super mellow personality. ... read more
La Fortuna - Volcano Arenal
Quading Montezuma
Santa Teresa

So I asked around town in Santa Teresa where all the hostels were and came across Tranquilo Backpackers. There also one in San Jose, not exactly cheap but $10 a night on that peninsula was cheap. After I settled in I borrowed some books and headed out to the beach. For the next few days all I did was sit at this resort called Luz de Vida cuz they had the hammocks on the beach. There was never anyone there using them so there would be days when all I did was sit from 11am till the sun set sometime at 5am. Every now and then I would get up and get in the water, then back to reading, then taking a nap or eating my snacks. My god it was soooo cool, I miss it ... read more
Longest Zip
Got Stuck
Having to climb backwards

So I forgot to mention in the last blog about my costa rican experience with the fucken banks there. So when I first arrived I had to try and track down an ATM well theres hundred of banks all over the city but none of them worked. So that night I thought I was gonna go hungry until this guy from Melbourne staying in my dorm whom was also traveling the world bought me dinner and a beer. I didnt even catch his name, nice guy. Next day I went inside a bank only to be told that ATM´s dont accept all cards and it depends on the bank weather they take only visa or master card. That was lame. Also on my first night at the Hostel Pangea in San Jose I met this older ... read more
Trail up to Gary´s

So I get to Gary´s place and was surprised to see a tent in his yard and a small little house. After the small talk Gary takes me inside the little house and tell me that it only has a bathroom and a kitchen. The sink and shower (which was just the head) are outside and so is his tent where he sleeps. I couldnt help but ask then was the point of building a small house if everything was outside. His response was that he needed a place to store his surf boards. Hardcore. After the intro it really started to rain and I thought great, I came here to get away from the caribbean rain. I could see Gary getting cabin fever and says to me at one point if it stops we should ... read more
Evil Bike
Its just a scratch
5 am at the beach

So here's the dealio right now. Ali and Jo have left Santa Teresa and will go to Ecuador this friday, starting work at the wildlife sanctuary there on monday. Now, GUESS WHAT? I've decided to stay in costa rica for another month!!!! I've found a house I can live in for FREE and share with my mexican friend, Sheila, and an american guy. Right on the beach, hot water, tv, beautiful wooden and tiled. WOW WOW WOW I said. PLUS, I'll be saving SO much money cutting a month off the volunteer work I'm doing in Ecuador which is gonna cost us about $400 PER MONTH! (for some reason they want to charge us US$85 per WEEK, NOT including food!) I can still go to Ecuador, join the other girls, and work at the wildlife rehab ... read more
Mila mi perra
More stunning views
Flip flop

Sorry! This was a diversion from the Mountain air. Got pics, met people, swam in the Pacific, got HOT and saw property...then got disgusted! Met a woman, hope to hear from her soon, gave her my email, hers was defunct. See what I saw: Now google surf pics under Costa Rica......... read more
As good as it got, rain!
Property with view

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Mal Pais September 15th 2006

It was independance day in Costa Rica today. And a very peaceful independance it was too. Flag displays and school children marching down the street at night with lanterns and playing drums. Independance was peacefully declared for Central America by Guatemala (i think it was), and Costa Rica has not had an army for the last 50 years, so the country has an incredibly peaceful feeling (There is even a university of peace!). Just imagine how much money they save on military which they are able to put into education and health etc. No wonder ticos are well educated with good social systems, even if they don't have much for development. We have fallen in love with so many people in Santa Teresa (and other places in Costa Rica!). i know you guys won't get the ... read more
Danny and Me

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Mal Pais September 10th 2006

Hey Guys Quick update on the old travel blog..not much news but just thought id put up a few photos..etc. I have just had a fantastic lazy week of eating sooo much and being extremely lazy (wat a suprise!!) We have met some great people here, we even have a kiwi contingent of older guys that have moved here and own a surf shop close by and a juice bar, so they look after us and play kiwi tunes wen we go into their shops! The weather is really, unseasonally hot, we have heard, sits between 29-38ish degrees round the clock. Anyone jelous! There are so many cool people id love to tell you about and hopefully will get all the photos of them in due course..but will have to make do with the ones we'v ... read more
The whole Gang
Sunset and Johnny

Ok guys, I know a few of you have been waiting for a few of these photos so here goes... We're staying at an amazing hostel called 'Brunela' (which is the spanish, feminine version of the name Bruce, and also the name of the leading lady in a novel written by the owner - go figure..). Since we're here for a few weeks Juan (the owner) is only charging us $4 a night, for which we get the BEST coffee in the world free every morning, a cosy room which we share with one other guy, Todd - American, (we get the whole mezzanine upstairs), free use of the surf boards and a WHOLE LOT OF FUN. Brunela is basically a bachelor pad for surfers (mostly from argentina and uruguay at the moment) and Ali and ... read more
View from kitchen
Beautiful days...
Turn into beautiful nights

Hi all, I'm back in Santa Teresa (again!, what can I say? we love this place!) which means I can blog to my hearts content. So here goes.. A photo update of Profelis, the centre Ali and I have just left after working and doing research there for the last month. We had very rewarding experiences at Profelis, enjoying the company of wonderful, like-minded, people who were willing to share all manner of information. It is a real shame they are closing down this particular centre, a result of difficulties with the owner private land on which the centre is based. They have a directive based in San Carlos however, and the cats will be relocated there at the end of September. Welfare standards are very high in both places. I wish I could go into ... read more
Margay Feed
Profelis grounds
Just because its interesting...

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