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Hola! Throughout the next week we surfed alot, lounged around, forgot to wash the bird shit off my shorts for a copule of days, and said goodbye to Zoran as he left to San Jose to catch his flight back to Canada. Last monday we left Nosara and Juan Surfo for a new destination: Mal Pais. I had heard alot about it on my last trip to Costa Rica, but never made it there so I was excited to check it out. The town is at the bottom of the Nicoya Peninsula we have been traveling around on and getting to her was an all-day event. The day started with a 6 am walk to the bus stop to wait for our first bus. It was the day before the Costa Rican Independence Day, which they ... read more
Cha Boi Juan Surfo
Living Room

It was a couple days of big driving from El Salvador to reach Costa Rica. The girls were anxious for Roguers arrival and he was overjoyed to get back with them. We headed off early in the morning saying goodbye to the implausible waves and stunning beach of La Libertad. We knew we had a big day ahead. We were attempting to cross two international borders and drive much distance in a single day. To cross one Latin American border in a day is an assignment unto itself that we were planning on much more was a case of urgency and partial lunacy. But, we did it. Roguer handled all the panderers brilliantly, with the constant molesting and confusion at the border things can seem very improbable of functioning but with a lot of patience and ... read more
Pregnant goddess
Almost there
Honduras border

We headed to Monteverde from Liberia since I last wrote, which is essentially a cloud forest/rain forest. It was freezing and raining pretty much the whole time we were there but still beautiful as the sun would come out and spread a rainbow across the sky every now and then, making everything just peachy keen. The town itself is almost like banff - very small and quaint. We stayed in a hostel that was part of a tour company downstairs, however this helped since we wanted to do a canopy tour. We went to a little cafe upon our arrival for a bite to eat...I had one of the best coffees I've had since been here. Wow. Blew my mind. We bought some groceries for that night...I made delicious guacamole. Mmmmm. We just lazed around that ... read more

Pura Vida: A lifestyle term used in Costa Rica to describe the chill, the relaxed, the enjoyed - pretty much anything that adds contentment to life. The Ticos (locals) here live by that saying. And once you get here, you will too. Three weeks so far in Costa Rica chasing waves and living the Pura Vida beachside. Life here is simple. Wake up, surf, eat, chillax, play crib, surf, hammock session, surf, watch sunset, eat good food, meet new people, sleep, REPEAT. *Translation: a very desirable lifestyle compared to the rat race at home. First week here I met up with my good buddy Corey Rich and his cousin Kevin, followed by a random meeting with two great characters - Bill from Virginia and Alex from London. They happened to have a rental car for a ... read more
Barrel City

On Saturaday morning I ended up taking the local bus by accident. Apparently there is one bus for most of the tourist and then the other local bus for people to get to work. I thought it was odd that I was the only gringo on the bus. Nevertheless it was an adventure getting to Puntarenas to get to the Ferry. But because this was a regular bus I overshot my stop an entire half island and had to make my way back to the Ferry. The bus ride took 2.5 hours and cost $2 bucks which was sweet. Ferry takes 1.5 hours to Tambor which is basically a port to get to the real destination of Mal Pais. Getting to Mal Pais is tough because you have to basically take 4 buses and 1 ferry ... read more
lost in translation
another pic
another lazy day in Mal Pais

It had to happen eventually - we have been having way too much fun in the water! I guess you have to pay to play. At the end of a great morning surf I (Derek) got smacked in the face with my board - leaving a nice big gash above my eye. I didn´t realize I was cut until Heather started hyperventilating! (H - only becuase his guts were hanging out of his face). We caught some waves back to shore and walked 3k along the beach to our cabins. I received hundreds of surfer salutes to my bloodied, sagging, and swollen face as we walked back. Getting fixed up was a breeze - the doc came to me, stitched me up right at the cabin, gave me some good instructions and I should be able ... read more
the wound
H diggin´ the sunset

We made it to Mal Pais on Monday night. The trip up here wasn´t too bad - we were lucky to catch a ride with some Americans after the ferry across the Gulf of Nicoya. We have gotten two good days of surf in, catching two sessions each of the past two days. Some really nice longboard waves for us to play around on. We are going to stay on here for a while and check out the peninsula, get some hikes, kayaking, and hopefully some more snorkeling in. PS (Yes, Lindsay, it´s true. I have been carrying a huge sack on my back. Ill have to post a picture to prove it. And even better, I´ve been makeupless, and hair straightenerless for the whole trip! I can hardly believe it myself ) PSS (Happy belated ... read more
Heather´s bathroom buddy!
A monkey´s lunch
Another monkey´s lunch

Time for an update. Let me see if I can remember the last week and a half...when I go more than a week without adding an entry, the memories get fuzzy. The dogs in Central America are loco, but also really cool. They are not like American, pampered, wimpy dogs. They usually belong to a pack of 3 or 4 dogs. The pack has a terriorty consisting of a small distance, length wise, but their territory runs from the beach to the main street of town and to whereever their owners live. When dogs from outside of the pack enter the territory of another pack, the foreign dogs are immediately approached and run off by the barking and sometimes biting. If the intruders do not leave, its time for a brawl. Dogs have no problem with ... read more

I came to Central America to surf, but during the last 10 days I have been traveling around, seeing other places, meeting up with friends, and partying a little too much. Our last night in San Juan Del Sur was much like the night before... we drank a lot. Went to the music festival that was set up in the middle of the main street of town. The bands that played must be pretty popular in Latin America because they sounded good and there was a pretty large crowd. I especially enjoyed one of the bands that sounded like a mix between Sublime and the Chili Peppers...not a bad combination if you ask me. I ran into a guy from Vancouver Island named Rob who I have randomly met in four different places. Its funny to ... read more

Ok, let me try to remember whats been going on since the last entry..... The Italians were worried about immigration police coming around and asking questions. A lot of foreign business owners arent really supposed to be allowed to own businesses here. So, they took off to Pavones because there was a big swell coming. When Pavones is on, its one of the longest waves in the world. They told me I could stay, but they were closing operations for a few days, so I would have the place to myself. Again, I cant tell you enough how cool this hostel is...I want it to be mine. Usually, I wake up early and go surf, then I head to Casa Zen where I met some friends. I socialize, eat breakfast, have a fresh smoothie, use the ... read more

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