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Hey Everyone.... I think the time has come to try and tell you what the first month of my travels has been like and exactly wat Im doing, so here goes!.... I am starting off in Costa Rica in Central America and will be here for the first three months. My first impressions was walking out of San Jose airport into waves of heat and being swamped by approximatly 60 taxi drivers crowding the entrance of the airport! Haha Lucky we had arranged for a lovely guy called John to pick us up (Me and my friend Jo) and we were saved at this point (have learned taxi drivers are very pushy and funny...they stand there and say Taxi, followed by, 'hey baby where u going?'-haha again a have to laugh situation!) and he took us ... read more
Me wading
The Profelis Gang

Ali turns 20 today! Feliz Cumpleanos! We're at the beach again to celebrate - see the photo... looking blissfully happy! ... read more
Yum... cake...

Hey guys, I hope you find this interesting... just a quick look at a few of the species we have spotted in Costa Rica, and I've managed to take half decent photos of! The highlight so far was definately watching the troop of wild capuchin monkeys - we stood about 10m away from them and just snapped away the photos I wanted to give you good detailed species info but have no time (or money!) to spend searching costa rican wildlife info on the net. So if you feel inspired, look them up!... read more
Blue morpho butterfly
Boa Constricter
Cane Toad (Giant neotropical toad)

Hey guys, Just set up a travel blog so you can track photos and journeys mostly from here-yay!! I will go back to the start soon, but for now im just gonna put some random pics on, for your viewing pleasure!! Hope everyone is well and happy...enjoy! Ally... read more
Me and Sheila

Hey all, Just have a minute to add some photos of the beach at Santa Teresa (Mal Pais) Not the best sunset we'll see here but pretty beautiful. It is amazing when you're out there by yourself, just sitting on the sand watching the sky change and the stars appear. Even the sand glitters at night.... read more
Mal Pais at sunset
Mal Pais at sunset3

Hey... well I've been here a week. Its hard to get access to good computers here so I'll take the opportunity to get some pictures up here. Just hanging out at a surfy town this weekend. Work at Profelis, centre for wild cats, is such an awesome experience but pretty tiring. We're busy doing behaviour research for ocelot and margay since there isn't much published on these cats at all, and we have the opportunity to introduce some novel behavioural enrichment and measure its effects. Its a great challenge discussing the ins and outs of a project with the directors in spanish but we manage! They are really appreciative and cooperative here, and I'm happy to say the standard of animal welfare is very high. Actually, the jaguarundi stand out the most in the centre. The ... read more
Mother Earth tree house
Guys we work with

Just a few Kilometers up the coast was the small town of Santa Teresa/Mal Pais the reason for the two names is that both towns just comprise of the beach road and they merge into each other at some point...exactly where, we are not sure. Unfortunately we jumped off the bus at the start of the one town and the Funky Monkey, where we were going to stay was at the end of the other town. We walked with full backpacks, on the dustiest road ever in 30degree heat. Can you imagine how I was bitching! We arrived after walking for nearly an hour at the Funky Monkey. We looked like two members of an African tribe who cover themselve in clay before warfare. Did I mention the 30degree heat? We had met Sam, an Australian ... read more
What a sunset!
Sundowners on the beach
Funky Monkey pool

I arrived in San Jose after a long day of travel through Los Angeles and Guatemala. Typically I don´t return to places I´ve travelled before so it was a different experience upon arriving.( I travelled through central and south america for 4 months a while back) Unlike before I knew where I wanted to go and, dun dun duh, a little spanish. With rehearsed disdain I blazed past the scam-artist taxi drivers to my "parada de autobus" and on to my hostel. Anyway, I spent only a day in the capital city of San Jose before heading to the surf in Santa Teresa. In Santa Teresa I stayed at "Zenaidas", which is where I was last time as well. There is a campground on the beach with several hammocks along the beach and a small restraunt ... read more
Standard sunset shot
My Pad in Santa Teresa
Small business family

Today we made it to Quepos, just a few kilometers North of Manuel Antonio. One thing Deanna and I did not take into consideration too much was that it is Semana Santa. Essentially, it is like Spring Break back home, or Holy week here. All the kids have school off and a majority of adults have Thursday and Friday off, so everything is much more crowded and finding a cheap room has been difficult. Anyways, I will get everyone caught up for the last couple of days. One thing that is funny is how slow the first week went by, it felt like it would last forever, meanwhile this week is just flying. Monday We finally headed out of Samara, it was sad to leave, I don't expect are trip to be better than our few ... read more

The hostel has once again changed all over again. There is only 1 person from the original crew when I got in last Monday. New groups come and slowly the whole place becomes new again. It is the best place to be, in my opinion; though I will love to be home and have my own space, it is so great to meet so many new people every day. This week down here is by far the biggest holiday for the whole year, Semana Santa. The ticos take their Easter celebrating very seriously and head to the beach immediately for a few days away from the daily grind in San Jose. Town is completely filled to the brim, every place is full, and there are gypsies camping on the beach. You always have to make sure ... read more

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