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Long day on Monday getting from San Jose to Mal Pais. Missed the early morning transfer, so I had to wait until the 3:30, which I knew would be getting me in super late. The bus was completely brand new, it still had plastic on the seats, with AC and TVs(this never happens in costa rica). I was stoked to say the least, but luck was not on my side. We made it an hour out of the city before the bus broke down on the side of the highway. A couple of gypsies came and tried various procedures, then somehow it magically just started again. We barely made the ferry from P town to Paquera, then it was another 2 hours on the bus to Mal Pais. I met a bunch of people on the ... read more

Prett wild last couple of weeks, I have been all over, up and down both coastlines and back, travelling with a few different people. My friend Megan came down, and we travelled all over, from the Carribean in Puerto Viejo, then up and down the Pacific coast. After the last entry in Quepos, her and I kicked it in Manuel Antonio for one more day. We hung out on the beach during the day, then rented a sea kayak and went way out to a few small rock islands near sunset, definitely one of the coolest views I have ever seen. After going out in Manuel Antonio that night, we got up early the next day and caught a bus back up to San Jose. It was nice to be back and get a hot shower ... read more

Well after leaving Purto Viejo on the Cariibean coast on Tuesday we made our way by bus, taxi, bus, ferry, bus, taxi to the Pacific Coast and a place called Malpais. 12 hour journey coast to coast althought if the roads were better would be a hell of a lot quicker - most are even worse than our driveway at home after a cyclone has been through! Potholes the size of small craters - some enought to lose half a bus in! All adds to teh adventure I guess - but try telling our butts that after 12 hours! Since we have been here the weather has been the stunning the beaches more like what we were expecting - beautiful, long and white with consistent and better than average surf - good out back for Mike ... read more

well, my suspisions of never leaving this place are proving to be true, there is no need to move when you are in a spot like this...havent really left the hammocks in 3 days...recoverin from a wave that got the best of me, and my board...dislocated the ole shoulder (not really that bad, its a pesky reoccuring injury that mount seymour gave me) and broke my board, but it is being fixed and will be back on the water soon...must say though doing nothing and being totally content to do so is a good time in its own right...went fishing last night for 3 hours and caught yellowfin tunas and red snapper and supplied the hostel with a fish feast...thats all for now later, peAce, shane.... read more

Da har Rickard anlant och vi har begett oss ut pa en liten tur. Bestemde oss i sista liten vart vi skulle resa och de blev Montezuma. Jag hade ju redan vart i Montezuma med Fredrik, men hadei nget emot att aka dit igen. Jag hade garna akt till Karibiska kusten oxa, men eftersom vadret kan vara ostabilt dar valde vi de sakra fore de osakra... Torrperioden er i full gang pa Stilla Havskusten..all vegetation er torr och vagarna bara yr av damm...inte bra for mig som har linser. Vi stannade pa samma stalle som sist i Montezuma och en av dagarna akte vi pa en snorklingstur ut till Tortuga Island. Snorklingen var absoult inte nat att skryta over, speciellt inte efter de fina korallerna och fiskarna i de klara vattnet i men, de var ... read more
Malin i Montezuma
Solnedgang i Malpais
Solnedgang i Malpais

Hey, will keep this short and sweet cause los olas grandes (the big waves) are calling my name...the jungle, what can i was exactly as i hoped it would point form... - made a medicinal plant garden with interpretive info for local school kids - went scuba diving for free 4 times, swam with manta rays, sharks and turtles - snorkelling every day - 2 hour hikes to my secluded surf beach, waves all to myself - 6 hour hike to the nearest town to freshen up on whisky/beer stash - struck at by a fer-de-lance, 3rd deadliest snake on the planet, missed by about 10 feet - scorpions in my clothes, monkeys in my room - 19km round trip hike to a 100ft waterfall, accessible only when tides are timed correctly - constant ... read more

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