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I took a taxi back to Nicoya on Monday and from there took a van with 3 other travelers to Mal Pais. I met two of the guys in the van, Joe and Mike from Seattle. Joe and Mike were headed to Monetzuma, a town close to Mal Pais, so I decided to go with them after reading about Montezuma in Joe’s Lonely Planet guide to Costa Rica. We checked into a big room with three beds at Hotel Aurora. Then we headed to the Montezuma Waterfall. After hiking thru the forest for about 20 minutes we arrived at a waterfall probably 60 ft high. We learned from some other people who were swimming in the pool of water below the waterfall that there was another one, better for jumping off of, above the first waterfall. ... read more

well after hanging out for 4 very long days in the city we finally made our way to santa teresa on the nicoya peninsula to visit my sister taylor. A five and a half hour bus ride turned in a 16 hour trip due to roads being closed and ferry being missed and ferries breaking motors and buses stuck in the mudd. anyways we made 'er. its was epic! but so glad to be here and out of the city. its sooo peaceful here! so the adventure beings. chillin here in the rain until we decide to go up to nicaragua and then onto honduras. peace.... read more

On to "Costa Rica"Ross OlsenIt would be great if we could transport ourselves between locations like "Scottie" or "Dr Who". No, we´re all herded into great metal cylinders, stacked, packed and tortured on long haul flights, transit lounges, in and out of airports......someone has to invent a better way. If it wasn´t for destinations like Costa Rica, we´d all stay home. Travelling to Mal Pais and Santa Teresa you might consider you were never going to arrive. You might even consider turning back as the roads narrow and quickly turn into into an ugly mess of pot holes and ravines resembling something akin to the surface of the moon. Mal Pais and St Teresa is a sleepy little area (at least in the off season) that essentially share the same stretch of beach disturbed on occasion ... read more

It’s time to wrap up the Costa Rica entries, and move onto Argentina. I had made previous arrangements to stay at the Tranquilo Backpackers hostel once the camp had ended. My budget was “tranquilo” at $10USD per night; however, my mind was filled with skepticism. After checking it out and talking with some locals, I felt uneasy by the amount of people traffic and partying. Physically, I believe I would’ve been safe; however, I cannot say the same for the slew of new techy toys that was in my possession. Luckily, Annie, my surf instructor overheard my predicament and offered to take me to speak to her landlord. I was surprised to see that this place, with no formal name, was surrounded by a black rod-iron fence with an enormous swinging gate. Few places in ... read more
Front of Olie's
The man himself
kitchen at Olie's

Well i have to admit im lagging on my blog entries, unfortunately ive been having way to much fun and to much sun to remember to make regular entries. So after the 9 days straight of partying in tamarindo, we decided to head south down the pacific coast to a little place called mail pais. We took a shuttle bus with a few other fellow travellers that we had met in tamarindo. Two surfers, shawn and tom from canada and greg from the states. Me, laura and greg decided to stay at Tranquillo backpackers in Santa Theresa, which is a little town within walking distance of mail pais. These towns essentially only exist because of surfers who come into town to hit up the waves. Tranquillo backpackers was just that a surfer haven. I think me ... read more
this beach was a surfing paradise
we would watch the sunset everyday
our surfer buddies

Pura Vida Adventure Surf Camp March 3-9 2007 Daily schedule: Sleep, yoga, eat, surf, eat, surf, eat, sleep. Literally translated, “pura vida” means pure life. This phrase is the common response when one is asked how they are doing. To further expand on the meaning, I found the best description within the Costa Rica section of Wikipedia. It states that this motto, “…encapsulates the pervading ideology of living in peace in a calm, unclustered manner, appreciating a life surrounded by nature and family and friends.” It is a way of life that is not dictated by a clock. You go with the flow of each day. I was not as quick to adopt this lifestyle as I thought I would be. You have to let go of the things that are weighing you down in ... read more
Our classroom
Let's do this.
what a rush.

I bolted wide-eyed out my sleep on my flight from Atlanta to San Jose, Costa Rica. For a solid minute or two, I had forgotten what I was doing and where I was going. Not exactly the best feeling to have at 30,000 feet. “Are you traveling alone?” asked an American woman, who was traveling with her husband and two sons. I nodded as I rubbed the sleep from eyes. We weaved in and out of conversation with each other until we landed. Her main points were that I was going to get kidnapped or robbed, and that she had vacationed in Costa Rica many times previously, but she had never heard of Mal Pais... “But, you seem like a smart girl.” Good, great, grand, wonderful, I thought. And she’s never heard of Mal Pais, ... read more
San Jose
Bird's Eye View
Bird's Eye View 2

Hello everyone. We are getting lazy with the blog, along with everything else. We are adapting to the tico lifestyle, slow and relaxed. Well, after Dominical we left for Orosi. We got to see everyone again and played some futball and taught the people of Orosi Yaniev. It was nice to relax in the colder climate of the mountains. On Thursday in Orosi we went to Magaly, the hostel cleaner's house for coffee and pancakes. We colored with her two cute little daughters and watched a Bob Marley concert. That was nice. Unfortunately we both got sick while in Orosi right before we left. We got to Montezuma on the 29th and got checked into a really nice hotel right on the beach. You can wake up, get a coffee, and sit right outside your room ... read more
Ready for an all nighter
Two Clowns

Happy Holidays! Greetings from the sun, the sand and the surf! We are having a very different holiday experience than the one we are both used to back at home! So we finally met up with our good buddy Erik in a little surf town on the southern tip of the Nicoya Pennisula called Mal Pais/Santa Theresa (basically a gravel strip with shops all along it spread between two municipalities). We have been living it up as surf bums for almost the last three weeks. Life is pretty simple down here; eat, sleep and surf, which has caused the two of us absolutely no problems getting used to. We have met a bunch of excellent people while we have been here (Dave, Matt, Pedro, Laura, Shawna, CJ, Sophie, Gord, Andrew) and have enjoyed hanging out with ... read more
Sunset through my sunglasses
Isla de Rocca
Montezuma waterfalls

Hi everyone There is not much to tell, except that I am still having a blast back in Santa Teresa and enjoying spending more time here with friends. Im currently living and working at the Funky Monkey Lodge. The house we had paid for happened to be moved in by a bunch of other people while I was in Ecuador and my friend was in Mexico. The landlord seemed to think he could get away with the two sets of rent. Hah. We let it go anyway because we got offered jobs at Funky Monkey straight away and are able to live there for free. There is a wonderful atmosphere there. I work with 3 other girls and we share reception jobs. Basically all I do is hang out with the guests! We join them every ... read more
Funky Monkey
Our pool!
Diva the bike

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