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At the airport and heading home. We are sad to leave the warm weather and friendly tico people of Costa Rica. I have not blogged for the last 2 days and hope to get the photos organized on the flight. Ziplining on Sunday and a trip to Nicaragua yesterday. I got the full search in Liberia, Costa Rica. They did the full bag search with the test for drugs and firearms. They even wiped down the flip flops! That's what happens when you have the extra stamp from Nicaragua in the passport. The rest of the travel through Atlanta went well. Long lines going through customs, but we were not in a hurry as we had several hours before our next flight. The Atlanta flight was late and i fell asleep before we took off. We ... read more
Pedro at Libreria Airport Costa Rica
Atlanta Airport
Chicago 294

It was the last place we wanted to visit before leaving Guanacaste region. It's one of the hottest places in Costa Rica and I can confirm! Too far from the sea to get any sea breeze and far from any mountain or volcano. It' We went anyway, in the park and it was tough to walk more than 2 hours due to the temperature, (> 36 degrees Celsius). But the best spot during that time of year, is the visitor center!! There's a water source there, and trees are green. We saw coati troops. monkeys and beautiful mot-mot birds. Next stop, Monteverde's region.... read more
Toad in the rest rooms.

Rebecka and I reached Liberia around 11AM and went straight to the hostel I had booked, just 100m away from the bus station. Rebecka hadn’t booked anything and, unfortunately, when we got there, they had no free space for her... So I changed my booking : instead of staying 2 nights, 1 person, we would stay in a different hostel the first night and both stay there the next night. That was ok with the hostel and they even called a hostel nearby to ask if they have a free space for us. Fortunately they did, Hostel Pura Vida, and so we went there. It’s a very small hostel and not so nice. It’s very clean, beds are good, but there is no real common area and there were lots of mosquitos in our room. The ... read more

On Monday, 23rd of April, Rebecka and I left San Juan del Sur at 7AM with our taxi driver Dany who had brought us the day before from Rivas to San Juan del Sur. It was 1 hour to the border and cost us 25$US for both. At the border, there was a huge queue of trucks waiting and Dany said that it’s probably because the last days they were not able to leave Manágua or Granada and now all arrived to the border together. Fortunately, we could pass them all ! Just before the border, there were lots of shops and many people, but once we entered the border building, it got quiet. Since we were there very early (8AM), it was still very quiet and we might actually have been the first ones to ... read more

Montag, den 23. April, haben Rebecka und ich San Juan del Sur um 7h morgens verlassen und unser Taxifahrer der uns auch von Rivas nach San Juan del Sur gebracht hatte, Dany, hat uns für 25$US (für beide zusammen) zur Grenze gebracht. Die Fahrt dauert eine Stunde und ist ganz angenehm. An der Grenze stand eine riesige Schlange LKWs und Dany meinte, das sei wahrscheinlich weil die letzten Tage niemand aus Manágua rauskam und nun alle gleichzeitig an der Grenze ankamen. Glücklicherweise konnten wir an ihnen vorbeifahren! Genau vor der Grenze waren jede Menge Läden und Restaurants, aber sobald man im Grenzgebäude drin ist, wird es ruhig. Da wir sehr früh dort waren (8h), war es noch sehr ruhig dort und wir könnten tatsächlich die ersten gewesen sein, die die Grenze an dem Tag überquerten. Wenn ... read more

Matkustin bussilla Costa Rican luoteisosaan Liberiaan. Kävin vielä ennen aamupalaa ostamassa Ticabussilta lipun Liberiasta Granadaan ja sieltä San Josehen. Bussimatka kesti neljä tuntia. Puolivälissä oli 20 minuutin tauko. Otin hotelliin 1,5 euron taksin. Hotellin osoite oli 2,5 korttelia tietystä apteekista etelään. Otin siitäkin kuvan. Kävin syömässä. Kesti hetken löytää sopiva paikallinen ravintola. Eväitä yöksi marketista. Varasin sitten vielä lopun matkan puuttuvat hotellit eli Granadan ja San Josen.... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Guanacaste » Liberia November 19th 2016

(5:45 p.m.) This evening I am sitting on the patio of our set of four rooms, relishing the warm air and tropical view of palms in this all-inclusive resort on Playa Panama. The waterfalls in the swimming pools create their peaceful sounds, while the house band plays Elvis songs, sung in a light tenor voice. Our morning started in rain. The rain had fallen all night in torrents. For the first time I took my umbrella to breakfast. The sloth seemed to be in a languidly perky mood as it climbed down one large branch and up the trunk of its favourite tree by the spa. We all agreed to forego our visit in the mud and rain to the adjacent touristy Dino Park. As replacement, Ollie drove us into a resort that was so new ... read more
Lively looking chicken
Crossing the Central Volcanic Range
Iglesia de la Inmaculada Concepción

After our wonderful experience with Geovani we spent the remainder of the day having our laundry done and packing our bags. We ate at the hotel last night, finishing up our pasta and pesto. Our shuttle arrived on time and sadly we were a bit rushed, not getting to say a proper good-bye and thank you to Anthony and Wdlivia for all their hospitality at Hotel Villa Fortuna. The shuttle quickly filled with people as we stopped at various hotels and everyone was feeling the same misery about the rain! We drove around Lake Arenal and then turned up the mountain where, magically there appeared a line in the sky! One side clouds, the other brilliant blue and sunshine! You could hear the collective gasp from the riders and even the driver made a comment about ... read more
Checking out the crowds below
quiet moment

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Guanacaste » Liberia December 31st 2014

Well we made it to Liberia! We took a cold and very short walk down a busy street in Toronto last night to wear off a great dinner! Our flight to Liberia was on time and after a bit of a panic at the ticket self-service kiosk (Curtis' ticket had his middle name, passport did not!) we boarded our plane. We sat with a nice young man who kindly gave us his travel book for Costa Rica. The flight was uneventful followed by a smooth landing at a very windy airport in Liberia. Yes, there may have been a few random thoughts about crashing 😄. All went well and we disembarked to a very hot and humid day. At that moment I totally realized I had too many clothes, and several I would not need! We ... read more

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