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Our friends Jesslyn, Dustin and Emanuelle from Arizona stopped to visit us for a few days on their two week trip to Costa Rica. Here's how things went. Sunday mid-day we met them at the mall off the auto pista. Unfortunately, they arrived before we did as Bill's intuition is a little rusty. We brought them to the house to get settled in then went out for a driving tour of San Ramon in the rain and had a late lunch in one of our favorite restaurants, Pilar Hildalgo. We came back to the house and discussed what they wanted to do in the area and made a tenative plan. Monday, Bill took Jesslyn and Dustin on his morning walk. The girls and I met them half way at Las Musas, a local waterfall and waterpark ... read more
Girls kickin' back
Catarata near the house
Family shot at Las Musas

Hola! The property really feels like it is our's now. Yesterday, Wednesday, was the first time we spent the entire day on the property. We were there from 7a.m. to 5:30p.m. What an exhausting, wonderful, exciting day. Our blood, sweat and tears are now part of the land. We hired a back hoe and dump truck to deliver 50 loads of rock and dirt to the property to begin leveling the mountain for the house and yard. We knew it would take a few days and many hours to complete the project as things work slowly in Costa Rica. Once the negotiations we all handled and the men got into their routine we decided it was better to do some work ourselves instead of standing around and waiting for thirty minutes at a time for the ... read more
negotiating the price
Mid day temperature
Bill mid-day view to gulf

May already! Where has the time gone? Happy Cinco De Mayo to those who celebrate. It’s strange to think we’ve been living here for close to four months. It seems like only a few weeks. We’ve gotten word from family in Arizona that the heat is arriving. We are still enjoying weather in the 70’s on warm days low 80’s. You should see us run for the fan when the temperature nears 80 degrees. What a change! We’ve found warm afternoons are a great time to watch rented movies with popcorn and a fan. The big news of late is that we’ve finally closed on our property and Bill has completed the installation of propane on our Izuzu Rodeo. All I can say about the conversion to propane is that Bill is desperate to talk to ... read more
One of our visitors
View to San Ramon at night
evening view

goodmorning all. it acutally feels like midnight, we´ve been up since 3:30am to get us to this crazy city!! roosters were our alarm clock as always, and soon enough we were in the back of a cow transport truck to Upala. 5am caught the bus from Upala to San Jose, and a solid 5 hours later my gravol had worn off and i was ready to find a bikini!! girls i think you´d be proud of my choice, dont worry mom its not toooo cleavagey. haha we just ate breakfast at this cheesy americanized place, food is food though ! i realize how glad i am that my placement wasnt in a city! geeezz rural spoiled me rotten.... the city is so busy, crowded, smelly ( we summarized it as piss and dead fish) and fake. ... read more

so i didnt get crunked mom. i actually spent my birthday in a costa rican paradise ! i´ll try and paint the picture for you... about 15 people from our old community surprised (well somewhat) us in a HUGE trunk(like for transporting bulls) at our doorstep April 15th 9 oclock am. we hopped in and booted it down the dusty roads (which turned us a black colour) for about 40 minutes. we soon found ourselves driving down a driveway longer than creighton rd´s to this UNREAL farm! cut grass, HUGE property filled with trees and clear cut area annnnnddd the most amazingly structured house!! ( solar power, water purification, and this really neat water consevation system set up in their yard, i was very impressed) . the people obviously had money that owned it. it was ... read more

ev you said it yourself, pics speak much more than words! im trying trust me im trying. this net is SO slow to connect anything!! anywho hopefully you´ll SEE a pic of the group by the time im off here today. birthday in exactly 7 days. wooopp wooppp getting kinda stoked to be thew big 1 9 .... however wont have much drinking significance here. some friends from our other project in Rio Chiquito are planning to make a trip over to San Gabriel´s river for the day.... should be a memorable ´Cumple Anos´! guess what? hil is developing arm muscles! ceils you´d be proud!! ive been shovelling rocks and dirt into a wheelbarrel for the last 2 weeks as well as mixing concrete by hand(well shovel) ! its been really fun. but boy oh boy, ... read more

met my first howler monkey the other day(congos as they call them here)yep, crawled in bed with me and started making those crazy sounds they are known for! that very same night i got bit by a BushMaster ...the most poisonous snake around my area im living in. luckily i only had to amputate my left leg, got to the hospital before the Four Hour Death Mark. APRIL FOOLS! but wouldnt THAT have been a super sweet true story!?? havent met any snakes yet, but DID meet monkeys in the trees...they are so beautiful! quick update' work is getting going. we´re now working on building a new kitchen. side job is building a pavillion type hut that they call a RACHO ... we needed to cut down some palm tree leaves so on wednesday this week ... read more

im currently sitting in a net cafe in upala; the closest large town (not that that says much) from San Gabriel! yep, we´ve made the transition from our first project to our second! we arrived here on the 22nd. its been sooooooooooo hot guys, unbelievable the difference from Rio CHIQUITO! this is only one of the smaller changes we´ve expereinced..... before we were living in the comforts of a school, with a clean bathroom, kitchen and little children constantly at our door. now we have people distanced by far away houses, shower basically beside the toilet(meaning the toilet always looks as if its been peed ON), a kitchen beside my bed ( i will leave out how many bugs and scorpions we have killed thus far), and our house is made of rotten wood. needless to ... read more

hey there everyone! so this website is finally making sense to me... for the FIRST time i just read everyones blogs to me!! thanks to everyone who´s reading and replying, it makes me smile just seeing the update of your lives! i miss hearing your voices on the phone or in person, but knowing you´re doing well and keeping in touch makes me feel connected ! so since i´ve last written...hmmmm... the canadian group has improved our dynamics immensely! not that we were unbearable, but we certainly werent expressing ourselves well to eachother. we´ve got an open communication system going on now . Aunt Mary you´re right when you say that these are the most valuable lessons i´ll learn this year! I love our two leaders Karina and Elli, they each are so uniquely funny, I ... read more

sorry i dont think i´ve ever blogged TWICE in the same day. i must be tired or heat exhaUSTED or something...becuse i forgot to talk abotu all the intersting DAY trips we had last weekend friday went to a rainforest and took the most increbible pics of a landscape,,, i´ve never seen anything like this before.... it made me want to come back and work there sometime. or someplace like it, trail maintenance etc. the hit of the trail is the three suspension bridges they have. everyone else but roger ryan and i saw a family of MONKEYS in a tree overhead of the bridge. i lamost cried ,but then i saw one saturday so all was ok ! anyways this place was so green, so pure, so peaceful. UNREAL. truly unreal beauty. i hugged trees, ... read more

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