i offically am in love with monkeys!

Published: April 1st 2006
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met my first howler monkey the other day(congos as they call them here)yep, crawled in bed with me and started making those crazy sounds they are known for! that very same night i got bit by a BushMaster ...the most poisonous snake around my area im living in. luckily i only had to amputate my left leg, got to the hospital before the Four Hour Death Mark.

but wouldnt THAT have been a super sweet true story!?? havent met any snakes yet, but DID meet monkeys in the trees...they are so beautiful!
quick update' work is getting going. we´re now working on building a new kitchen. side job is building a pavillion type hut that they call a RACHO ... we needed to cut down some palm tree leaves so on wednesday this week we went to one of the local farms to start machetting some down. possibley one of the scariest moments of this trip occurred. ryan got charged at by a bull! hahaha the look on his face as we were all yelling at him to deek and run was absolutely priceless. he´s still in one piece although a little shook up!
our connection in the community is through this awesome american girl named Julie. She is 24 and has lived in San Gabriel for 2 years now! She is volunteering for the PeaceCorps and has really been doing some wonderful work in the community. Building leadership within the older members of the village, creating youth groups and committees for social activities and leadership roles and doing some really impacting conferences. yesterday our whole team helped out with her Womens Issues conference. 5 guest speakers came , and although i still cant quite understand all sentences, from what i got it was quite motivational.
to celebrate her completing this conference we took her out to the bar last night. these costa ricans really know how to dance!! even the 40 year old man thats working with us on the kitchen was out there shaking his thang!
ok so even when im thousands of miles away from home, i still cant help but tell people whats going on with my social love life. (tals this is your YES!)
haha as some of you noticed in the last blog, there is a guy named Roger coming home with me. he really is a wicked guy, and we thought it would be sweet to check out eachothers home lives.... so yes, after he visits in dundas for a week i will be flying out to Cawston,BC
(1 hr from Penticton) with him to hang out with his apple orchard! haha found myself a farm boy! we´re acutally really surprised to have met someone that we´d end up liking on this YCI trip.... i never thought i could live with someone i liked for 2 months straighhttt 24.7....however we´re pretty compatable!
ok personal shout outs.....MISH AND ALI FAR, you´re coming to CR_!_!_!_!_!_ whatttttt this is nuts. ok when can i call you ? ali i called your house today, collect sorry haha, and your mom said shes coming to visit you in waterloo tonight. )sat) im flying home may 4th, but im in CR travelling the carribean and pacific until then !!! SO LETS DO IT! i will call the farlow house hold again soon, phone is 45 mins away though sooo maybe sometime mid week!? keep me posted.
tals, you are the greatest ever. it was like reading an email that last blog!!! i dont know what i said about travelling to thailand last time i cant remember but im not going haha iw ish i was!!! cant wait to see you!!
kay and hails you girls rock my world keep aussing it up!!!! MWAAAA
ahh group is waiting at the bus stop for me im late ah ah ah
miss you all and sorry i couldnt do more personal shout outs.
loving life.


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