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Published: April 17th 2006
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so i didnt get crunked mom. i actually spent my birthday in a costa rican paradise ! i´ll try and paint the picture for you...
about 15 people from our old community surprised (well somewhat) us in a HUGE trunk(like for transporting bulls) at our doorstep April 15th 9 oclock am. we hopped in and booted it down the dusty roads (which turned us a black colour) for about 40 minutes. we soon found ourselves driving down a driveway longer than creighton rd´s to this UNREAL farm! cut grass, HUGE property filled with trees and clear cut area annnnnddd the most amazingly structured house!! ( solar power, water purification, and this really neat water consevation system set up in their yard, i was very impressed) . the people obviously had money that owned it. it was our friend MacDonalds friend´s farm. (haha i know a coincidence that his FRIEND owned this FARM!)
we all got on our suits and enjoyed their pool, their outdoor shower and their lawn chairs (unheard of in the rural areas) under the blue skiied day. needless to say all my buddies were jealous that i could call this day MY birthday! 19th at that.
so thanks to ALL that wished me a happy bday... it feels nice to know Spence remembers his mama bird, Ange screams when i call her, Tal drinks by herself (in my honour of course haha we WILL have a glass of champagne soon i promise), Jenn is updating me on staff positions at camp(hehe love ya babe),g and g are thinking of me a my growing muscles and my family understands the reality of phone cards cutting out (awe the forsythia comment got to me, how beautiful!!)
soooo many questions from people about WHERE TO NEXT. this is the second last day of proj, and petrena and i are teh only ones lucky enough to grab a bus into Upala to get some last minute food and goodies for our last day tomorrow. we´re HOMEBODIES(meaning we cook, watch the house, burn the toliet paper that we arent allowed to flush in these countries, etc) tomorrow so , knowing us two, took the initiative to make the day as SAPPY and ´this is our last time together as a YCI GROUP´ as possible. yep love her! haha
4am on wednesday the 19th we start our travels to San Jose. That afternoon we shop San Jose and that night we stay at the same place as our first night in country,called GLORIA (the gated community resort like place). Meeting up with the OTHER group of 8 challengers should be very cool. we have heard some intersting facts about their trip ' no equipment arrived, no work done, bored outa their minds, etc....however their is more to this trip than the work so hopefully they made the best of english classes etc. (makes me feel quite lucky to have been graced with such awesome people and wonderful work experience on this trip!!!) the next day (20th) we say ADIOS to the organization and Ryan Neville( one of the friends on this trip, his famiyl and girlfriend are calling his name at home, miss ya already buddy!!) and the rest of us give away our dirty work clothes and take 2 days in San Jose to find hil a bathing suit ,and come friday, take a 4 hr bus trip to the PLAYA of the CARRIBEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh beach how i long for thee.
rog and i are excited beyond belief to be a normal couple... not a group'conscious couple haha. although it really hasnt been anything to complain about, this group loves us together. phew!
so im there for one week and then take a 7-8 hr bus to the pacific coast for another week!! Rog, Ayendri, Adam and myself all have flights leaving on the 4th, so we´ll be back in San Jose night of the 3rd and take off the 4th to Canada! ughh what a thought. im stoked, yet emotional beyond belief .(tal i can relate babe, whoa i cant believe you´re in Japan and then must be home in CAnada by now!? we will definetly exchange emotional departure feelings when i have more phone access on the coast)
thats basically it. oh and i got hissed at by a snake when we were on a boat tour in Caño Negro.
pura vida peeps. this is it for project, if i could make one last reflection it would be to take risks and constantly put yourself out their to adapt. living these beliefs has allowed me to understand and speak spanish, make Tico friends to last me a lifetime and successfully finish a group project with some of the most dynamic and different canadians ive ever met.
love and peace,
hils xoxooxox! wow, feels good...


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