trying to hook up some pics!

Published: April 8th 2006
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first photo!first photo!first photo!

its the groupppppp
ev you said it yourself, pics speak much more than words! im trying trust me im trying. this net is SO slow to connect anything!! anywho hopefully you´ll SEE a pic of the group by the time im off here today.
birthday in exactly 7 days. wooopp wooppp getting kinda stoked to be thew big 1 9 .... however wont have much drinking significance here. some friends from our other project in Rio Chiquito are planning to make a trip over to San Gabriel´s river for the day.... should be a memorable ´Cumple Anos´!
guess what? hil is developing arm muscles! ceils you´d be proud!! ive been shovelling rocks and dirt into a wheelbarrel for the last 2 weeks as well as mixing concrete by hand(well shovel) ! its been really fun. but boy oh boy, HOTTTTT as ever! ive finally accepted the sweat and decided not to fight it.
we had a great binfire last night with the kids from teh Collegio (highschool).... they are crazy partiers! not in a drinking sense...but in a creative game sense! (needless to say i lovvvvvvvve them!) they showed us how to play this funky version of spin the bottle.... haha we felt a little awkward being like 6 years older than a lot of them but they´re so comfortable with being sexual with cousins and sisters that we cant help but feel like its all in good fun. haha this one boy jimmy is a huge group leader at only age 14, teaches us spanish lessons, initiates work out in the kitchen with us AND is the instigator of these bottle games. sure can dance these kids. i´ll have to show you some videos when i get home, the way they move their pelvis is really quite phenomenal. sort of ,kind of,... wrong...but again, its part of their culture!!
getting really excited for the coast..... not that im not loving every moment of this trip, because believe me there isnt a day that goes by without at least 5 ´hils CR-appreciation moments´. however there are aspects of living with the same 9 people for 2 months that are getting to me.... i dont think i´ve peed in silence or private for at least 4 weeks. sometimes i wonder what it would have been like to NOT have volunteered with a group though...and the thought scares me because i know i would get lonely and isolated. its so great to come home after work to english speaking friends and common understandings of eachother and our culture. i really am happy with the members of this group , hearing about the other group with YCI in southern CR makes me thank my lucky stars i got put on this trip.
mom and dad and heath (and adry in spirit) is was SO fantastic to talk to you this morning... thank you for your support through everything, i cant wait to hug you before rog in the airport (the race is on, he´s stoked)
ange i love hearing abuot your life!! thank for that run down. cam !! eekk cam and you shall work out the way its meant to be.... as long as your happy im happy know that ok!? i miss you like a biiottchhh check the mail , postcard on the way for the crosses! goodluck with exams, im studying spanish for you here cant wait to see you soon lllllllloveee you babe
talia i realize i never spoke about an address my love...this is because we dont have one . at least one that we are aloud to give - apparently mail is a 50-50 chance here of arrival.... send whatever you want to 5 robinhood babe... looking forward to our encounters with eachothers travels!! it shant be long ! mmmmmmwaaa love you.
everyone else i hope all is well with your life in canada.... cant wait to be back to the land of the loons, loving it here though!
pura vida peeps.
ALL THE BEST , hils xooxoxoxox!


16th April 2006

Happy Birthday Silly
So basically yesterday was your birthday!! so happy friggin birthday. Hils it sounds like you are having an amazing time in C.R. and i can't wait to hear all about it from you when you get home, I have lots to say about Honduras as well so we'll trade!! anyways peace out, hope you had an amazing birthday, Love Spencer

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