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Published: March 18th 2006
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sorry i dont think i´ve ever blogged TWICE in the same day. i must be tired or heat exhaUSTED or something...becuse i forgot to talk abotu all the intersting DAY trips we had last weekend
friday went to a rainforest and took the most increbible pics of a landscape,,, i´ve never seen anything like this before.... it made me want to come back and work there sometime. or someplace like it, trail maintenance etc. the hit of the trail is the three suspension bridges they have. everyone else but roger ryan and i saw a family of MONKEYS in a tree overhead of the bridge. i lamost cried ,but then i saw one saturday so all was ok ! anyways this place was so green, so pure, so peaceful. UNREAL. truly unreal beauty. i hugged trees, admired the carpy ants and made sure we left no trace of our bags of popcorn for snack. thanks camp trips!
saturday was a LOT of driving! wholleyyyyy! 5 hours in a small small bus of 24 ppl... hot sweaty and lauren was mighty car sick. so worth it when we arrived though.... we saw an ACTIVE VOLCANO! yikes was i ever anticipcating being covered in lava , or at least getting nailed by a rock or something. nahh it was still about 1000 mts away, but seemed closer and more alive than the postcards can make it! Arenal it was called. very beautiful in the day, but even cooler at night , we all gasped at the lava shooting metres above the top of the volcano.... one of those one in a lifetime moments. that afternoon we headed over to the Serpenarium. snakes, frogs, butterfly garden, and a lot of excited canadians! i have never held a boa until that afternoon, shit they´re heavy!! whew. although the turtles in captivity made me sad , it was really interesting to see people face their fear of teranciaulas by holding one. i didnt have the guts.
sunday was incredible. sleep in, oh sooo needed, then an hour on a bumpy road to the most gorgeous place i´ve ever been in my life. my description wont do it justice , neither will the pictures, yet i will try and paint something for you anyways. deep in the valley of a farmers field lay this costa rican hot spring, waterfall and river..... as we crossed the bridge into this peaceful scene we literally all felt such tranquility that we almost fell over. ok i may or may not be describing my own feelings..but im pretty sure we all felt something crazy! as i swam in the warm water, looking over at roger jumping into the waterfall i felt like i was in my utopia. I realize i used that term once before(lcs chapel speech) but i feel as if this scenario is truly deserving of that strong word. I was happy, calmed, excited, motivated. all at once! the costa rican locals were more than inviting to us, and we were so grateful for them to share this incredible hidden treasure of theirs. i dont think i´ll ever ever forget any part of that afternoon.
ok i feel better getting that out. cant believe i came to canas net cafe and almost didnt log ANY of that. must be the malaria pills. lol
so much love,


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