hola from San Gabriel!

Published: March 25th 2006
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im currently sitting in a net cafe in upala; the closest large town (not that that says much) from San Gabriel! yep, we´ve made the transition from our first project to our second! we arrived here on the 22nd.

its been sooooooooooo hot guys, unbelievable the difference from Rio CHIQUITO! this is only one of the smaller changes we´ve expereinced..... before we were living in the comforts of a school, with a clean bathroom, kitchen and little children constantly at our door. now we have people distanced by far away houses, shower basically beside the toilet(meaning the toilet always looks as if its been peed ON), a kitchen beside my bed ( i will leave out how many bugs and scorpions we have killed thus far), and our house is made of rotten wood. needless to say THIS IS WHAT I CAME FOR!!! i love it. im definetly feeling different though,,, rog and i keep talking about how thsi feels like a long weekend, and on monday we will just return to good ol RIO CHIQUITO nATA, not the case. we still have our bug nets, our cold shower and our close knit friendships,(since arrival we´ve realized how close we all are) so we´re all hanging in there. but gosh i miss the kids. the tears wouldnt stop rolling on wednesday guys..... i felt an attatchment to a group of people that i´d only known for a month.... they were my family, my best friends and in my eyes so admirable in their daily lives! i know i will go back to visit, coburns get ready for a sweet march break trip next year!!
i dont have much time: sorry i couldnt call you today mom da ardyand heath::: the phones were all in use: i will take a run this week to the phone forty five mins down the road: how is the weATHER NOW? Im hating the heat here most of the time, yesterday lauren and i dug the compost trail and massive hole for the month, i dont think i´ve ever sweat so much . i thought it was raining when i looked down at my shovel and saw a big puddle of water, lauren regretted to inform me it was from my forehead..... nice one hil.
i miss everyone and tell how you much i love reading your msgs....ange you made me cry with yourlittle note, i miss you to the moon and back, look at the stars and thinkof me babe! goodluck with the last two weeks of school, cant wait to catch up!!!!looooooveeee you and miss ya!
tals i cant wait to sit down and pour my heart out to you. your msgs have been constant and soooo needed, i love hearing how my blogs are affecting ppl,n amely you! i cant check my email, but email me aLL the same, because when i travel for two weeks after proj (apr 20 to may 4) i will find away of getting it then. i want to see you in thailand.... when do you leave? miss and lov eya babe!
g and g, ev, lauchy, heath, mom , kayla and hails, joel, and everyone else who has been posting their love on my blogs...thank you and i miss you!!!!!! keep em coming.
love from your almost 19 yr old....
hils xo
ps I BOOKED MY FLIGHT HOME FOR THE 4th of MAY!!!!!!!!!! yay. rog and i will be in pearson airport, at 11´47pm. cant wait to see everyone!


30th March 2006

Hello my sexy costa rican sistah!
hey babe....kayla here form sydney. ahhh how i miss you, but i do love reading your blogs...so very very descriptive. i wish i could make my blogs that detailed, props girl. happy to hear that im not the only one being affected by the heat....but im not going to lie..i love it. i love hot weather..i've just gotten used to it, i guess?? i dunno, but whatev, it's all good. you booked your flight for may 4th? as of now we are coming home may 5th! just one day after you...yessssssss thats amazing. we still have Fiji to see before we head home... im pretty pumped for that....almost as pumped as i am to see your pics, and hear your very very descriptive stories...hahah I LOVE YOU..so much. MUAH! -kayls

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