Cinco de Mayo

Published: May 23rd 2006
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ICE working on phone lineICE working on phone lineICE working on phone line

One step closer to internet in the house.
May already! Where has the time gone? Happy Cinco De Mayo to those who celebrate. It’s strange to think we’ve been living here for close to four months. It seems like only a few weeks. We’ve gotten word from family in Arizona that the heat is arriving. We are still enjoying weather in the 70’s on warm days low 80’s. You should see us run for the fan when the temperature nears 80 degrees. What a change! We’ve found warm afternoons are a great time to watch rented movies with popcorn and a fan.

The big news of late is that we’ve finally closed on our property and Bill has completed the installation of propane on our Izuzu Rodeo.

All I can say about the conversion to propane is that Bill is desperate to talk to people about it. He’s so proud. If anyone is interested please email questions for him. He’ll be tickled to death!!!!

We are now the proud owners of just over an acre on the top of a hill in the town of Berlin. The property is twenty minutes from our rental house and fifteen from central San Ramon. The elevation is just less
One of our visitorsOne of our visitorsOne of our visitors

This is one of the small guys. :)
than 5,000 feet, something like 4989 ft, I believe.

We’ve been up to the property twice since it officially became ours. The other night we drove up to walk the property line to give me a better perspective and catch the sunset. It was a cloudy evening so not the best sunset. Last Sunday night we drove up for Bill to see the night view of the city lights below. We were surprised to see millions of fireflies. Callista and I are looking forward to catching and setting them free.

What a treat to see Bill’s face as he surveys his kingdom. Bear never wants to leave the property; it’s a struggle each time to get him into the car. Callista, she couldn’t be happier with the thought of living on top of the world. Me…I couldn’t be more content. The property has a really good feeling for all of us The moment we first set foot on the property both Bill and I knew this is where we belonged. No other property would do.

The building of the house will take a while. In the states one could use the yellow pages to find a reputable person and check them out with the better business bureau or licensing agency. It doesn’t work that way here. It’s dangerous to trust a person on someone else’s word if you don’t know the first person well. It is necessary to build personal relationships here to be able to do business with confidence.

So, while it may seem we aren’t progressing in terms of building our house we are doing things that will help us choose people we trust to build our dream house. It will be much better to build with confidence than be worried about the entire process for as long as it takes and for years after completion.

Our life here is about the journey, not about just getting what we want.

Pura Vida!

Jennifer, Bill, Callista and Bear

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May 1stMay 1st
May 1st

Bill admiring the view

9th May 2006

Laughlin, NV
Bill - This weekend we went to Laughlin for one night. Had a great time, just the two of us. Did stop in at the Regent (remember that little casino between the Edgewater and the Flango. Yes, it is still there. Talked to someone who works there and she told us that the only way it can be sold is to an individual as something in the deed states it can not be sold to another casino. They have cut it in half so really it is smaller if you can image that. We had a good time - lost about $30-40.
10th May 2006

What a treat to have three entries to read. It all sounds like so much fun. For some reason my computer wouldn't show the the pictures for the night views. I am sure they are beautiful though. The park you went to sounds like something right up Aidan's alley. Well actually all of it does. Maura
10th May 2006

Sounds beautiful...
You sound truly content. What a beautiful thing! I can't wait to read more about your journeys and to dig into past entries (this is my first time to your blog). Anyway, just thought I'd drop by and say hi. I've blogrolled you on my site ( in the "Costa Rica Blogs" section. Peace and pura vida! Erin
17th May 2006

I would like to know more about installing propaine in the rodeo... please email me @
20th May 2006

Ah hah, I've tracked you down !!
Hello from Snotsdale. Cynthia gave me your blog link. Mark had called with new phone no. in Port Deposit so I got caught up w/ them. Have enjoyed your descriptions and photos. Sounds divine, except for the roads !! Bravo to Propane Bill. Can you convert in Infinity? Belated happy birthday to Callistra. LOVED the photo of the new bike (next it will be a car, y'know?). Thought the blog entry she wrote was excellent. (And, remember, I used to teach the fourth grade !) I envy all the time you have together. Home schooling sounds like the right choice for now. I spent Mother's Day in Irvine. Kirk was preaching; I was proud ! 'Nuf said. Feel loved and thanks for the postcard. Will write soon. Off to help my mom. Adios -- Aunt Carole
23rd May 2006

Glad you tracked me down. Thought the post card would start you thinking. Feel free to share the blog with anyone you wish, especially Kirk and Emily.
23rd May 2006

Hope you check out the blog again. I just checked out yours, WOW! Gonna have to look it over one night when I can't sleep. It's got a lot of content! Thanks for adding me to your page! Eventually I'll take the blog to another site but for now, this is simple and fast.

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