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8.5. Es steht wieder eine lange Busfahrt an, allerdings diesmal in zwei Etappen. Erst fahren wir ein Stück zurück Richtung Norden bis Escarcega, wo wir am Busterminal auf den Lokalbus nach Chetumal an der Ostküste warten. Hierhin verirren sich offenbar wohl kaum je Touristen, jedenfalls werden wir bestaunt und freundlich ausgefragt. Der Bus hat dann zwei Stunden Verspätung, die gross angekündigte Air Conditioning ist ein Loch in der Decke, aus dem ein laues Lüftchen weht, aus zwei Lautspechern dröhnen zwei verschiedene Mexiko-Ländler, wie sie immer und überall zu hören sind und uns schon einzeln langsam auf die Nerven gehen. Nach fünf Stunden treffen wir etwas zerzaust in Chetumal ein, wo wir uns bald einmal ins Zimmer verziehen. 9.5. Wir schlafen aus, verbringen den Morgen mit Hausaufgaben und fahren am Nachmittag mit der Fähre nach San Pedro ... read more
fröhliche Frauen
unser Bus nach Chetumal

After the 45min boat ride and a short taxi, we make it to our unbelievable lodging at Xanadu Resort, where we will be spending 4 nights. Two neighboring 2bd suites with full kitchens, plus free use of bicycles, paddle boards, and kayaks. As per the usual, we don't waste any time. We throw down our welcome cocktails, unpack a little bit, and take the kayaks out about 1/2 mile to the reefs edge. The same reef system goes all the way from Belize down to where we started this adventure down in Roatan, Honduras. Amazing how different it is though, some recent rains have made the waters a bit cloudy but not bad, and the water is much more salty. Still, terrific snorkeling, more invasive lion fish and some sting rays. We head back in for ... read more

We're staying at a lovely hotel (Sunbreeze) in San Pedro. It's right on the beach, with a pool and a shady garden area with hammocks. It's also really close to all the main things in town, where everyone seems to drive a golf buggy... We've never seen so many! Our first day here was really relaxing, sitting reading, admiring the view and swimming. And eating. And drinking. Lovely! Today we got adventurous and went on a boat trip to the barrier reef. There were just two other people, and the boat had a glass bottom. The first stop was shark ray alley, where we snorkelled with nurse sharks, sting rays and lots of fish. Amazing to see them up close, but a lot of other snorkellers around and it was a bit daunting to jump in ... read more
San Pedro

It was pretty hard to sleep well with the roaring of Howler monkeys just outside our room at Tikal! We were picked up by another of Eduardo's mates relatives after breakfast and taken directly to Belize City. Unlike two days earlier when Eduardo did his best to drive into Tikal under the speed limit (40 kph) to avoid wildlife, the driver Tonito drove at 90 kph through the park. As expected the park officials didn't bat an eyelid at the direct evidence of speeding. Gradually down through the villages and Flores before coming down the the flat country that abutts Belize on the Guatemala side. Stopping for a break near the frontier we noticed the petrol station attendant had a sawn-off shotgun. It was very hot when we got to the frontier. At several places we ... read more
Is there an alternative: At the border
Leaving Belize City wharf
Also take the opportunity to windsurf

Thursday, October 8th, 2014, 6:50pm- Denver, CO. There was an accident on the I-70. The bus I was hoping to take to downtown Denver is inching forward slower than I could walk. I sit in the front row making small talk with the driver prior to remembering my travel journal sits in my bag ignored and long abandoned. This was once my main travelling companion but since being replaced by my lovely wife and child has forgotten how well we once got along... It's a strange but familiar feeling being on the road alone with time on my hands. In some ways, it is boring. There is no obvious person to share new experiences with and I suppose this reduces the possibility of making meaningful memories. At the same time I feel a little more oriented ... read more
Hol Chan Marine Reserve
Sharks at Shark Ray Alley
SNUBA trek

Happy St. Patty's Day! We didn't take in any celebrations last night. Yesterday we decided to visit the big city of San Pedro on the island of Ambergris Caye. After almost being run over a hundred time by golf carts, bicycles and Smart Cars we were more than happy to return to Caye Caulker. Ambergris Caye is actually more of a peninsula than an island. In the ancient Mayan times the Mayan people cut a channel through the small peninsula to make the movement of goods easier. Otherwise they would have to sail all the way around to the end of the Caye and back up again. The channel is recognized as the border between Belize and Mexico. Ambergris is arguably the most developed place in Belize for tourism. The eastern side of the island is ... read more

Hola! So we're on our fourth day in San Pedro/Ambergris and still loving it as much as ever! We spent a few days with our American chums over-enjoying the daily nightlife including a lovely midnight swim! The 'place to be' seems to change every night so we've danced the night away in most of the clubs on the whole island, from live reggae to karaoke to pop and reggaeton - all on the beach, what a life! As far as the daytimes go, they seem to involve a LOT of food and a LOT of sun and not much else. We've been living on Quesadillas, Burritos, Pupusas and Fajitas - we're proud to announce we know the fine differences - and the occasional rice and beans thrown in. We did go snorkelling on the Belize Barrier ... read more

Greetings from the Caribbean baby! After a touch and go start to the morning (slight miscommunications about where the coach was picking us up from), we finally started our journey to Belize baby. Met a fab girl called Louise and instantly gelled with her big-time. The border crossing was surprisingly easy, another stamp for our passport collection! As soon as we set foot on Belizean turf, we relaxed and felt at home. We arrived in Belize City which looked very run-down and not much to do there, so on a spur of the moment decision decided to head to Caye Caulker wth Louise. It was DEFINITELY the right decision - it's like paradise with perfect white sandy beaches, sun, reggae and amazingly friendly people. We've made some friends for life from all over - America, Belize ... read more

Conveniently enough, our hotel had helped us arrange the flights directly from Orange Walk Town to San Pedro. We left our car at the hotel, and took a quick cab over to, well, the airstrip rather than airport. There was a small office, an unpaved airstrip, and a sign. The 'check-in' took about 30 seconds, and we began to understand why our hotel had recommended being there 15 mins in advance only (to which of course we didn't listen..). We had a nice chat with, uhm, let's call him a ground steward, though, who seemed to be quite well informed about life across the Americas, and was keen to quiz Steve on life in Canada. Telling any Belizean about the winter temperatures in Canada is always a guaranteed hit ;). Just like our cab driver, he ... read more
View from the sky
It was a cozy plane.
San Pedro

Corn Islands, Nicaragua Big Corn Island After twirling around Central America since the end of May we finally reached our goal of being able to spend the month of September on the Corn Islands which are located off the Carribean coast of Nicaragua. We had really built these Islands up in our minds since we began planning our trip, and I wanted September to be special as we were celebrating Sky's 40th birthday away from home. I told Sky that the entire month was his to do what he loves the most, and that's to fish. Thoughts of fishing, diving, snorkeling, relaxing, exploring unadulterated island life, and celebrating his birthday were kinda like visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads, so after an uneventful hour-long flight from Managua to Big Corn Island on August 24th ... read more
Cool Shot
Miss Corn Island Contestant
Tough Guys

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