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Last weekend was quite the Carribean weekend! I have been continuing to soak up the sun and catch up on all the amenities available to us lucky folks spending time in Ambergris Caye. PADI I finished the water portion of my open water PADI course I have been taking with Oliver on Saturday. We had 2 dives and more skills to complete. After we set up our equipment, and headed over the reef, we were quick to get in the water. I did a back roll entry for the first time (put all the equipment on, and sitting on the side of the boat, roll backwards into the water), and then Oliver and I started descending right away. Immediately I started to panic. I could breath just fine, and was equalizing my ears, but for some ... read more

I'm coming home in 2 weeks (yeah!!), so my days have been filled with preparations, packing, and doing all the things it seemed like I would have plenty of time to do, but now am scrambling to fit in. Like diving. When I first arrived I went snorkeling quite a bit. And being that most of that was done on the island side of the reef, the water is shallow enough to feel very involved and close to the ocean life. So I didn't see the benefit of diving and didn't push it. Today, however, I dove for the first time! I've been reading the PADI certification book quite a bit, so was a little familiar with terminology and procedures. But it was nothing like jumping in the water today! My biggest fear was breathing. Would ... read more

Here are some more links on the storm. It's quite amazing what mother nature can bring in a short period of time and with no warning. read more

Tropical Storm Arthur 1 day before the official start of the hurricane season, and we experienced our first tropical storm. Tropical storm Arthur developed right over the island on the last day of May. Now June 1st is when the official hurricane season starts worldwide. However in Belize, they consider the hurricane season to be Sept and Oct. Last year everyone was surprised to have Dean so early in August. We experienced this storm as rain all day the first and second day, and no one was anticipating it to increase. However, last night the tropical storm gained some energy. I awoke about 2am to lots of wind, rain, thunder and lightening. After sleeping off and on throughout the night, I awoke to find what the storm had brought in. In my apartment it brought water. ... read more

Before I left the states for Belize, my wisdom teeth started coming in. Now don't ask me why they waited so long. I thought maybe it was significant with the timing of leaving for my trip. Maybe I would need extra wisdom for what was to come, or maybe deciding to go to Belize was a wise choice and my wisdom teeth were letting me know. I even searched online to see if there is an 'old wives' tale about wisdom teeth and how they became known as such. I found no such tale, so if anyone does know and they care to share, I would love to hear it. Anyway, I went to the dentist before I came down and they recommended I get them taken out. Both uppers were coming in and impacted. Without ... read more

We were so taken by our first visit to Belize last March that we decided we had to come back often. We have a place on Ambergris Caye that we like, and plan to see some Mayan sites as well as snorkling. Andrew and I became open water certified so we can go scuba diving this year. We hope to do two dive trips, possibly to the blue hole, one of the most amazing sites in the world for diving (so we hear). As we are just starting, we probably won't go below eighty feet, but it should be pretty cool! More reports to follow.... read more

Belize elections are tomorrow. When I first arrived, I started hearing talk of upcoming elections, but the date had not been set. Somehow Feb 7th was chosen, so that in combination with Carnival has made for an interesting week! There are 2 parties. The UDP (United Democratic Party) and the PUP (Peoples United Party). The PUP is currently in power with Prime Minister Said Musa (palestinean descent, but born in Belize). There have been many parades throughout town lately as well as blue and red banners and vandalizing for the 2 parties promotional materials. Wikipedia has a good summary of the political system here at Most people have the day off tomorrow to vote. This requires the entire day off for most people because I assume polls are less organized here than in the states, ... read more

MMMmmmmmmmmmmm If I were to sum up belizean food in a few words, it would be spicy, fresh, and sexy. Having some girlfriends here for the last week has allowed me to re-experience the newness of the amazing food offered here in Belize. Just to give you an idea, here are some of the foods I have eaten in the last week: Fresh lobster, conch and snapper bbq with plantains and veggies - all caught and prepared in front of my eyes, served with corn tortillas - pineapple for desert Conch fritters, black bean soup, coconut crusted shrimp Empanadas, more conch fritters, curry chicken with rice and beans Meat pies and limeade Sesame shrimp with a tahini dipping sauce, crackers and lobster dip, sushi and coconut tarts Grilled tilapia and conch with veggies and a spicy ... read more

Rain....... As my laundry woes have continued, I have learned a couple tid bits that should help me out. A couple local belizeans have informed me that it rains every half moon and every full moon. In thinking about the past couple months, I would say that this has been accurate. I was wondering how everyone knew this because it would be so beautiful out, not a cloud in the sky, but nobody would have their clothes out on the line. I would take this wonderful opportunity to wash my clothes (still by hand), and put them out only to have it start raining again just as I put it out. Now with my newfound knowledge, we'll see how I fare! White gal here... Seems everyone here knows who I am, and I don't know who ... read more

Op Ambergris Caye in Belize zijn we uiteindelijk vier nachtjes gebleven. Op het eiland wonen veel Rastafari achtige types, al dan niet met lang haar. Een van hen ontmoetten we toen we de steiger af/het eiland op liepen; hij wees naar mijn gitaartje en het volgende gesprekje ontstond (althans, dit maakte ik op uit zijn gebrabbel): What do you play man, you play reggae? - Uh, I play all kinds of music. - You smoke herbs man? - No. - You should smoke the herbs man, you´ll play totally different things! Met deze tip in de zak waren we vol goede moed voor een relaxed verblijf hier. Welkom op het eiland! De mensen spreken er wel Engels, maar je kunt het het beste vergelijken met Jamaicaans Engels, wat gelijk associaties opriep met de film Cool Runnings, ... read more
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