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Yesterday, while doing some further research online about the Garifuna people, I found this very interesting website and article. Based on the information in this article, I would have to say God is trying hard to pry my other eye open right now. It's a little stuck at the moment. I'm not sure what opening my other eye will mean for me, so God is being gentle and letting me blink it open from time to time before closing it tightly again. Right now, even though I am here in this foreign country, I still am able to have the luxuries I have experience in the states. In fact the last few days have been focused on what 'things' I want brought down from the states when my friends come at the end of the ... read more

Hello all my loved ones! I thought it time to give a more thorough update on my life in Belize so far. It has taken a bit to sink into this new experience and can now share more with you all. I now have my own apartment. The first few weeks I stayed at the spa which worked out at the time because there was an extra room there, a bathroom with hot water and shower, a security guard, and it was right in town, so anything I needed was readily available. Then I moved in with Sylvia, a born and raised Belizean woman. Sylvia is a personal Belizean chef for local parties as well as private breakfast, lunch's and dinners at resorts and private condo's. She is incredible, and food is her passion! I have ... read more

I recently gave a Maya Abdominal Massage session that was reviewed on a blog! Here is the review if you are interested. It seems that a couple people have heard of the Maya Abdominal Massage, but most have not here. Since this work is a big passion to me, I have been telling many all about it and hope to keep spreading the word. This work has been so important to myself and many women I know who have also benefited from it. Here's the link to the blog Search Mayan Abdominal Massage. Also check out for more info.... read more

Destination #1 - San Pedro, Belize After a short series of flights from DC to Miami and then to Belize City, we began our Belize adventure! San Pedro is located on Belize's largest caye (pronounced key), approximately 35 miles north of Belize City. Since they sold one extra seat on our flight, I got to sit in the co-pilot's seat, totally sweet. I made sure not to touch the steering apparatus! The Town San Pedro is a bustling little town of about 15,000 people. The center of town consists of 2-3 streets that run parallel to the coast, full of gift shops, restaurants, dive shops, etc. Since San Pedro's main industry (and all of Belize's for that matter) is tourism, the entire town is there to ... read more

Check out this Ambergris Caye blog. I follow it to see what is happening around here and I looked at it a lot before I came here. She posts pic's almost daily. I haven't been able to post pics yet, so I'm sure you will enjoy this one! ... read more

San Pedro has an eclectic mix of inhabitants. First off, you have the locals, who are born and raised in Belize. The Creoles make up 60% of the population and have 2 distinctive traits. They have some degree of African-European ancestry and use the local English-Creole dialect. Skin color varys from very dark to very light. The Mestizos speak Spanish and are a mix of Maya and European. They have come to Belize from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Mexico. The Maya, who are descendants of the ancient Maya and make up about 12% of the population. The Garinagu or Garifuna. They came from Saint Vincent which was a refuge for escaped slaves from the sugar plantations of the Caribbean and Jamaica. The Rastafarians. They believe in the eventual redemption of blacks and their return to ... read more

A little bit about the land of Ambergris... Ambergis Caye (pronounced key) is a rather large island - the largest in Belize, 24 miles in length. The mayans dug a channel at some point seperating this land from Mexico, so in effect it is a man made island? In fact this morning the Mexican coast guard was zipping by, and everyone noticed. I don't know how everyone can notice when the sea is so filled with boat traffic, but they were going quite a bit faster than the rest. Anyway, it is impossible to fit even a boat through the channel, so they must enter Belizean waters to go around the island to the gulf side of Mexico. The only town on the island is San Pedro, where I live. It is more towards the south ... read more

The hard life of a Belizean. I really feel naive here. I just had a very educational conversation with a Belizean security guard. I was on a very nice nightly stroll, and as I was sitting on the pier, the guard came up for a little conversation. He was asking me a lot of questions about where I come from and what Minnesota is like. I myself have been giving a lot of thought to is it easier or harder to live/work in Belize versus the US. As an american just arriving, I make quite a bit less to live on here. Even if I was as busy as I was in the states, it is considerably less. There are other things to factor in of course, like this is not my own business, I do ... read more

Happy Thanksgiving! Or in Kriol it might go something like Hopy Tanksgivin. Well, well, well..... a lot has happened since I last posted a week ago. Instead of riding with my friend from Tulum, I decided to leave a day early because they were getting busy at the spa and needed me. So, last Friday morning, I woke up at 8, decided to leave, and went to the bus station for a 8:30 bus. Turns out the first class bus was booked at that time, so I decided to wait for the 10:30. I could've taken a 2nd class bus, but it would've stopped in each town, and there would've been no bathroom on the bus. Since I would add an hour, I decided to wait. This gave me time to wonder around a bit more, ... read more

Apparently I'm not as crafty as I thought I was. This entry is about a trip that won't be happening. My passport expired nine days ago, and I can't yet quite seem to wrap my brain around that. I feel a bit like an amputee, and I can still feel the missing limb tickling a bit. I see my old passport there, just barely past the point of being usable. However, since a lot of my plans over the next few months involve getting out of the country, I thought I would take it upon myself to try to speed up the process a bit, since apparently it's taking a good three months to get a new passport. If you can prove you're traveling within 14 days, you get priority and will get the passport. I'm ... read more

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