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Survey on Voluntourism in Belize

I’m a year three student doing a research study on the co-relations between voluntourism and tourism sustainability.
13 years ago, September 19th 2010 No: 1 Msg: #119331  
Dear all kind-hearted voluntourists in Belize,

I’m a year three student doing a research study on the co-relations between voluntourism and tourism sustainability. I would like to conduct a survey among those voluntourists who have made their efforts to any conservation programme taken place in Belize.
I will be more than grateful if you could do me the favor.Your kindness matter the most!

1Have you ever made a voluntour to Belize?

2)What were the motivations behind?

3)Among different conservation programmes /organizations , how did you select yours?

4)Throughout your trip,what skills or knowledges did you equip?

5)What was your expectation and experience ?

6)Did your experience meet your expectation afterall?

7)Did you establish a good relationship with the local ?

8)Did your co-coordinators give you enough and clear instruction?

9)Did the mentioned trip enhance your conservation consciousness?

10)Had you ever had a doubt on what you were doing?

11)Do you think the effort/donation you’ve made/contributed can truly make a difference to the indigenous?

12)Had you been given performance appraisal throughout the conservation programme?

13)What could have been done better for your conservation prgramme?

14)Do you promote the voluntour ‘s concept among your friends?

15)Will you come visit Belize again?

Thank you very much!
Niko Reply to this

13 years ago, September 21st 2010 No: 2 Msg: #119438  
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Dear Nikoniko,

I cannot answer your questions, but I am very much interested in the outcome of your research. I have just written a blog about the topic (And all thou touch and all thou see, is all thy life will ever be (Granada, Ometepe & San Juan, Nicaragua)), so that's where my interest stems from. Thanks for letting me know the main findings of your study once it is completed,

Ben Reply to this

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