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The Ambergris Caye is paradise. We arrived from Belize city on a buzzing Maya Island Air 5 passenger plane. The view of all the islands and of the barrier reef was spectaculor. Most people drive golf carts around town through the narrow streets and over the many pot holes and speed bumps but there are also an abundance of toyota previa vans (not sure why). Our plan for San Pedro was to relax on the beach, bike ride through town and of course dive the Blue Hole. We stayed at Mata Rocks Beach Resort just south of town. The hotel only has a dozen rooms all facing a pool and bar maybe 10 steps from the ocean. The white and blue theme makes it feel like you're in Greece. Mata Rocks staff are ridiculously friendly and ... read more
San Pedro Town
View from the Plane
Amigos Del Mar Dive Boat

Chetumal, Mexico. This was to be the first of many times Hannah and I would arrive in a town with no-where to stay. At the bus terminal, I asked the nearest backpackers if they knew of a decent hotel/hostel. They gave us the name Maria Dolores. We took a taxi there and got ourselves a room - no air con, but a lovely clean (avocado!) bathroom, a tv and generous sized beds. We spent our evening planning the next part of our adventure with the help of the guidebook and Hannah's laptop. I had the inspired thought, that instead of killing time with Hannah in Honduras over the next two weeks, we could see if we could arrive on Utila early. Hannah thought it was a great idea - instead of the project, she could come ... read more

Esmeralda, April 4th and 5th 2012 my first dives in Belize. Getting familiar with the environment. Ambergris Caye is famous for rays and sharks. Nurse sharks.... read more
Sea turtle flying away
Loggerhead turtle
Loggerhead turtle

We arrive at the ferry port having pissed off the taxi driver who tried to rip us off but we gave what we were willing to give and not a penny more. We get to the ferry tetminal to be informed we have to pay port fees, and departure tax. Departure tax was always included in your flight but just our luck the rules changed for 2012, 3 days before our flight so off we march to the bank to pay 300 pesos so we are allowed to leave mexico. At the bank I see everyone get out their mexican visa... And I get a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. As I open my passport and can see clear as day the visa card I was so careful to keep safe which was ... read more

Belize Il faut maintenant faire nos adieux à nos amis qui nous organisent un party costumé de départ. Ce fut une superbe soirée bien arrosée. Merci a tous, votre rencontre a changé notre vie. Le retour vers le Québec commence par la rivière (rio Dulce) qui nous amène à l'océan. Ce beau paysage que nous revoyons à nouveau est toujours aussi agréable à voir. De retour en eau salé, et oui ca nous manquait. L'eau bleue, les plages, les poissons et les langoustes. Notre séparation avec nos amis Français se fera plus tard car ils ont décidé de nous suivre jusqu'aux premières îles du Belize, Sapodillas Island. Sapodillas, une série de 4 îles paradisiaques ou l'eau limpide et les plages blanches vous invitent à rester quelques jours. Nous y avons passé 5 jours en tout. Nous ... read more
party d'adieux
les amis

Sadly, today is the last day of our 28 day vacation to this beautiful country. As promised, my last blog is going to be a summary of What We Learned About Belize, specifically Ambergris Caye with a side trip to the Cayo District on the Mainland. First and foremost the People are what make this country and island paradise worth the trip. Never in our travels have we met friendlier people than in Belize. Everyone smiles and says hello, and after a week they remember who you are and their greetings are like those shared with old friends. Not once in 28 days did we ever encounter rude, unfriendly people. From waiters and waitresses to store clerks and bartenders, the people of Belize are thankful you have chose their country to spend your hard earned vacation ... read more
Jovan Pascascio
Trevor - Wayo's Beer Net

As you can see by the length of time from my last post, there has not been a great deal to blog about, mostly because of the rain. It started raining on New Years Day at 1:00 p.m., and didn't quit until Monday, January 2nd at 5:00 P.M.. It was so bad that on Monday about noon, Jim and I put our wet suits on to go for a walk, just to get out of the condo. Each day since then it has gotten progressively better. Not good enough to dive, as the winds were still pretty strong, but we still found plenty to do. Today we decided to try ocean kayaking. We rented a two seater kayak from Island Diving ($20 US per hour) and paddled north to where the island splits at the point ... read more
Greg and Moe from MN
Our "Dream Boat"

Today was the last day we could dive, since we have to have 24 hours between our last dive and flying. We woke to a partially sunny day, very little wind, but it was cold, or cold for Belize maybe 65 degrees. Natives were dressed in winter coats and stocking caps, as we walked to the dock to catch the boat in our shorty wet suits. I have wanted to dive a site called The Christ of the Abyss since we arrived, but the seas were too rough. Also there isn't a mooring site there so they have to "eyeball" the location, drop you and then follow your bubbles to where you eventually come up. So that's what they did, we rolled off somewhere near (we hoped) the site and started the swim to where the ... read more
Patty with Lionfish Kill
Spotted Eagle Ray
Gray Queen Angel Fish

We experienced something this week, that has never happened to us before in all of our travels. The loss of a loved one is hard enough when you are in the U.S., but is the most helpless feeling there is when you 1,000's of miles from home. Wednesday, December 28th my nephew's wife died suddenly after a short illness. She was a lovely young woman with so much life ahead of her, and leaves behind a husband, a 5 year old son and a 17 year old daughter. Barb you are loved and will be missed by many. With the sad news from home, our hearts were not into beachcombing or diving for a few days. Today we awoke to a beautiful day and learned Reef Adventures was going to go "north" to dive which is ... read more
Hawksbill Turtle
Queen Angel Fish

Yesterday we decided to get some "real" exercise so we took off in the morning and headed for the north shore of the Caye. It was a warm sunny day and the iguana's were sunning themselves everywhere we went. Our walk was about 4 miles roundtrip and we finished it up out on the Paradise Villa Dock, where we met a nice guy from Canada who just got his dive certification. We sat and talked with him for about 45 minutes and then just relaxed by the pool. The end of the story is that we both got more sun than we needed, but not to the point we uncomfortable. This morning when we got up, the seas had finally laid down and we were able to dive. So we headed off for Hol Chan Marine ... read more
Tiger Grouper
Gray Angel Fish
Drum Fish

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