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I am going to update my blog with some more of my trips in the future...quite a task!

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Africa » Egypt » Red Sea » Port Ghalib October 9th 2015

Oct. 8th 2015 Elphinstone reef! It's kind of a legend of a site. Famous for oceanic whitetip sharks. Also known as Longimanus. Longimanus comes from their latin name, Carcharhinus longimanus. These are very curious sharks, approaching divers and coming very close. Even touching us. They especially like me or better said, they liked my flash. They found it very interesting and came close to investigate it. Here one is touching me, almost like little bump. So close! Here we have a few more videos of the Longimanus... ... read more
Large gorgonia fan on elphinstone reef
lionfish on gorgonia
sea turtle

Africa » Egypt » Red Sea » Port Ghalib October 8th 2015

Oct. 7th 2015 When we were at the Sataya reef (Dolphin house) we wanted to swim with the dolphins but it seemed like they weren't there. Our zodiac didnt find them. We passed the island and when I looked back I saw something black, and to my opinion it did not look like a freediver (what someone else thought). After some discussion we decided to turn around and look what it was. I am soo glad we did! Dolphins! Swimming with the dolphins was amazing! Then we sailed on to Claudia reef. This is one amazing site. It is a reef with caverns and swimthroughs and beautiful scenes of light in it. When the rays of sunlight fall through the holes and cracks of the caves, it so beautiful.... read more
Dolphins at Shab Samadai
Dolphins at Shab Samadai
Dolphins turning below us

Africa » Egypt » Red Sea » Port Ghalib October 7th 2015

Oct. 6th 2015 There were rumors that there was a Tiger shark at Rocky. Just rumors, but enough to keep Sharif exited. On the first dive at Rocky we saw him, deep down and then turning away and disappearing. On the second dive alll divers went together as one big group. Then we saw it again, and it was disappearing again. Like one second after it was there again. From a different direction. realized that it must be two tigers! I guess I was the only one realizing this and a few guy s believed me this after we analyzed the photos we took. The shark appeared later again and swam right at us. This is the moment on this video. Tiger shark! Amazing what a powerful creature this is! We saw that it is a ... read more
my divebuddies
pic of me on the boat
before getting wet

Africa » Egypt » Red Sea » Port Ghalib October 6th 2015

Oct. 4th+5th 2015 Daedalus Reef is a reef in the open ocean, almost half way between Egypt and Saudi-Arabia. Its remote location makes it a destination for liveaboards. We stayed at Daedalus Reef for two days. Also visited the lighthouse there on one evening just before sunset. On our trip we tried to find hammerheads that live around this reef. And we were lucky! There is a school of 24 hammerheads living at daedalus reef... And one day we met the whole school! But they were always deeper than us. The first group of divers had a bit more luck, they met them directly at same level.... read more
some emperor
Scalloped hammerheads

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Swallow Reef April 5th 2015

Divesite: wrasse strip - our final dive before leaving visit to the bird breeding places. Swallows- which gave the island its name. also a few brown boobies breeding there.... read more
harlequin sweetlips and two cleaner wrasses
giant trevally and bluefin jack
giant trevally and bluefin jack

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Swallow Reef April 5th 2015

Divesites: Gorgonian Forest, Shark Cave 2, Dogtooth Lair at shark cave 2 we saw quite a few whitetip reef sharks, grey reef sharks and a large pufferfish ... read more
Sharin and Luke
Stephanie and Victor
whitetip reef shark

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Swallow Reef April 5th 2015

Divesites: Wrasse strip, Crack reef, Shark Cave 2 At wrasse strip I found a baby whitetip reef shark sleeping in a cave. After taking some pictures it came out and swam around me. At crack reef there was the strange occurrance of a nudibranch floating in the open water. As if it jumped from the cliff above. I dont know where it came from. ... read more
salp closeup
salp closeup

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Swallow Reef April 5th 2015

March 30th, 4th day of diving finally hammerheads! A school of 7-12 Hammerheads! Divesites: Wrasse strip, the Valley, Gorgonian forest, nightdive: shipwreck point 2 films with manta rays, gliding so elegantly in the current ... read more
Hammerhead shark
Salp or jellyfish

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Swallow Reef April 5th 2015

3rd day of diving. Divesites: Valley, Dogtooth lair, the Point on the dive at Valley we had a manta flying in and moving so smoothly just before the safety stop. Very lucky. At Dogtooth lair, mobula rays aka also known as devil rays. but they are beautiful ... read more
whitetip reef shark resting at the bottom
Hello Mrs Sharky...:-)
elegantly gliding manta ray

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Swallow Reef April 4th 2015

Layang-Layang A tiny island in the south china sea. Great wall diving. These walls rise from 1500m depth. In march/april you can see hammerheads gathering here. So we tried our luck, but on the first tow days it didnt happen. Divesites march 27th: Wrasse strip, Shark Cave 2 Divesites march 28th: Gorgonian Forest, The Point, D-Wall... read more
two whitetips restin on the bottom

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