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Central America Caribbean » Panama » Veraguas December 28th 2014

The second part of the trip was going to Panama. I spent a few days in Panama City, then travelled to Coiba NP. To a small city called Santa Catalina. Santa Catalina is a really chilled out place, far away from the big city life. In Coiba NP I went diving again. A very different thing than diving Bonaire. Coiba NP is more rocky, not as tropical corals... but beautiful as well. It was a three day, two night stay on Coiba Island, on a ranger station. Wonderful experience and a great time with nice dive buddies....:-) some videos...:-) ... read more
Small island across Santa Catalina
Sunset colours

Diving on Bonaire with Bonnie, my great divebuddy. We stayed on Bonaire from Dec.11th to 21th and did quite a lot of diving - 28 dives alone on Bonaire... and had a tiny bit of trouble with equipment, and a few other things- it caused some stress on us. However the diving and the island of Bonaire was great. We also had great dives (her 100th, the dives around Klein-Bonaire, the Saltpier) and some eerie nightdives (with hunting tarpons). I liked especially diving the Hilma Hooker, the afternoon dive at windsock and the dives around Klein-Bonaire. I liked the corals and reef fish- great moments were the squids around us , a crab and moray in a hole, the angelfish. I missed some large pelagic fish, however (besides the tarpons). Maybe the greatest dive was our ... read more
Bonnie's 100th dive
A Seahorse on her 100th dive
A great barracuda at the Hilma Hooker

Central America Caribbean » CuraƧao December 15th 2014

A few days for diving in Curacao. Together with Bonnie, my dear divebuddy... we met in Curacao on Dec. 7th, had 4 days of diving on Curacao... but on the 3rd dive of the first day my camera flooded. Same situation as the year before in Belize...:-( But fortunately we still had Bonnie's Camera and as I am quite a bit addicted to photography she let me have it a lot of the dives. Thank you so much again! Diving Curacao was very nice and it was a good thing to get into diving these islands. Preparation for Bonaire... ... read more
blue shrimps
me with my camera

Asia » Indonesia » Bali July 19th 2014

I visited Bali- Nusa Lembongan again in July 2014. It was also my starting point for the divetrip to Komodo NP. First I had two days of diving on Nusa Lembongan (7.7.-8.7.2014) then went on my divetrip to Komodo NP - see the other blog. When returning to Bali, I went to Padang Bai, had a nice day of diving there (16.7.) In the afternoon I went to Nusa Lembongan again and had two more nice days of diving with Evy (17.7.-18.7.2014). And an amazing afternoon near the devil's tear. It was a high swell, so high that it prevented us diving on the south coast of Nusa Penida. This high swell caused fantastic crashing waves on the south coast. I saw a girl and her boyfriend shooting some photos with that dramatic background of the ... read more
beautiful red colors
Anemone with blue arms

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo July 16th 2014

I went for a dive trip to Komodo NP between July 10 and July 15. Amazing dives, beautiful corals and fishes and animals. Really fantastic. Some sites with strong currents. The most amazing drift dive of these was the cauldron / the shotgun. A very strong current up to 5-6kt blows you throug a channel... The greatest dive was perhaps the dive around Mawan Island, a cleaning station for Mantas. One dive we didnt see any mantas, but on the second dive we were lucky and three mantas were visiting, and a turtle and a cuttlefish. Mantas at Mawan island! funny: a manta diving nosedown into the sand-I have never seen this before who is watching who? ... read more
sea lily
sunset at Kuta beach
evening near Kuta beach

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen January 2nd 2014

Bonnie and I came back to Mexico from Guatemala. We went diving in Cenotes around Tulum and Playa del Carmen, and had a few dives in the Ocean near Playa del Carmen. And Silvester in Cancun...:-) Diving in the ocean was special we wanted to see sharks, and we saw some at "Jardines". Just a few hundred meters away from the pier at Playa del Carmen. And they were Bullsharks. The massive, strong guys. I compare them to bouncers in a nightclub. The guys who throw you out if they want to. Still they are quite elegant. But really strong. Diving Cenotes is still one of the most special kinds of diving I know. Its like flying in a crystal clear world, crystal clear water... The Pit with its fog-like layer of H2S is a very ... read more
Bullshark in Jardines

After diving at the Belize Barrier Reef Bonnie and I went to Guatemala. Guatemala turned out to be one of the greatest countries I saw. Better than I had anticipated, to be honest. The trip started with getting drenched in the rain on the boat to Belize City. Also our bags got quite wet, what was a bit a problem as they didnt dry for 2-3 days...:-( We arrived in Flores, Lago Peten province, in the evening. I was completely exhausted and had a bad headache. But we had a wonderful dinner at a restaurant at the lakeshore. The next morning at 4 we got up again and went with a group to Tikal to watch the sunrise. Unfortunately just before sunrise there were clouds moving in. So we did not see the sun rise, but ... read more
Me, in Flores, Peten Itza
Tikal, Templo I in the moonlight
Tikal, Templo III in the moonlight

Dec. 2013 Belize Bonnie and I met in Cancun Aiport, took a bus to Belize City. We arrived there early in the morning after a long night bus ride. From Belize we took a boat- called Watertaxi- to Caye Caulker. We stayed a few days on Caye Caulker and used it as a starting point for a few divetrips. Unfortunately we had quite some rainy days on Caye Caulker. We ended up getting really wet - and not always because of diving... We only had one wonderful sunny day of diving (of Ambergis Caye), a lot of the other days were rainy and wet. The divesites we visited were in the Lighthouse reef and at Turneffe Atoll. Nice sites, the great blue hole and half moon caye wall. Funny movie sequence . After the days of ... read more
Street after rain in Caye Caulker
Bonnie and a cuddly stingray
Me and a nurseshark

I started my trip to Central America 2013 in Costa Rica, landed in San Jose and then took a bus to La Fortuna. I stayed there for a few days, went around the Volcan Arenal on a trip with a few really nice girls and we spent the evening in some hot springs. Great and relaxing... The next day I had a hike to Cerro Chato, which was a tough, but great hike. And I visited the hanging bridges at Arenal, seeing some of the unique animals of Costa Rica. Later that day I went to Monteverde to spend a few days there. Visiting the cloud forest and the next day I went to Selvatura Zip lines. Unfortunately it was raining a lot. But I liked it, some hummingbirds vere flying around there. Just amazing creatures. ... read more
Stop in Newark
Volcan Arenal
Leafcutter ants

North America » United States » Hawaii » Big Island » Kailua-Kona December 26th 2012

Dec. 26th 2012, Kailua-Kona One of the most amazing dives of my life. Years ago divers discovered during nightdives, that mantas feed on the plancton that is attracted by the light of their flashlights. Also the mantas are not at all scared by the divers. Over the years these nightdives have developed into one of the top attractions on the Kailua-Kona Coast. From the manta's perspective they have educated divers to bring divelights to attract plancton... I don't think they are interested in us. We just carry the lights... Just when we entered the water, the mantas were already there and in full swing. They were attracted by the lights of the snorkelers, who were in the water before us... Watch these 3m-5m big fish turning loopings below the snorkelers! Now some more videos showing you ... read more
manta from below
turning in
two mantas crossing

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