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Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Swallow Reef April 5th 2015

Divesite: wrasse strip - our final dive before leaving visit to the bird breeding places. Swallows- which gave the island its name. also a few brown boobies breeding there.... read more
harlequin sweetlips and two cleaner wrasses
giant trevally and bluefin jack
giant trevally and bluefin jack

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Swallow Reef April 5th 2015

Divesites: Gorgonian Forest, Shark Cave 2, Dogtooth Lair at shark cave 2 we saw quite a few whitetip reef sharks, grey reef sharks and a large pufferfish ... read more
Sharin and Luke
Stephanie and Victor
whitetip reef shark

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Swallow Reef April 5th 2015

Divesites: Wrasse strip, Crack reef, Shark Cave 2 At wrasse strip I found a baby whitetip reef shark sleeping in a cave. After taking some pictures it came out and swam around me. At crack reef there was the strange occurrance of a nudibranch floating in the open water. As if it jumped from the cliff above. I dont know where it came from. ... read more
salp closeup
salp closeup

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Swallow Reef April 5th 2015

March 30th, 4th day of diving finally hammerheads! A school of 7-12 Hammerheads! Divesites: Wrasse strip, the Valley, Gorgonian forest, nightdive: shipwreck point 2 films with manta rays, gliding so elegantly in the current ... read more
Hammerhead shark
Salp or jellyfish

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Swallow Reef April 5th 2015

3rd day of diving. Divesites: Valley, Dogtooth lair, the Point on the dive at Valley we had a manta flying in and moving so smoothly just before the safety stop. Very lucky. At Dogtooth lair, mobula rays aka also known as devil rays. but they are beautiful ... read more
whitetip reef shark resting at the bottom
Hello Mrs Sharky...:-)
elegantly gliding manta ray

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Swallow Reef April 4th 2015

Layang-Layang A tiny island in the south china sea. Great wall diving. These walls rise from 1500m depth. In march/april you can see hammerheads gathering here. So we tried our luck, but on the first tow days it didnt happen. Divesites march 27th: Wrasse strip, Shark Cave 2 Divesites march 28th: Gorgonian Forest, The Point, D-Wall... read more
two whitetips restin on the bottom

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » Boquete January 3rd 2015

Boquete spending the years end here. doing a few beautiful hikes.... read more
The river
in a park with funny statues
smiling tree

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Veraguas December 28th 2014

The second part of the trip was going to Panama. I spent a few days in Panama City, then travelled to Coiba NP. To a small city called Santa Catalina. Santa Catalina is a really chilled out place, far away from the big city life. In Coiba NP I went diving again. A very different thing than diving Bonaire. Coiba NP is more rocky, not as tropical corals... but beautiful as well. It was a three day, two night stay on Coiba Island, on a ranger station. Wonderful experience and a great time with nice dive buddies....:-) some videos...:-) ... read more
Small island across Santa Catalina
Sunset colours

Diving on Bonaire with Bonnie, my great divebuddy. We stayed on Bonaire from Dec.11th to 21th and did quite a lot of diving - 28 dives alone on Bonaire... and had a tiny bit of trouble with equipment, and a few other things- it caused some stress on us. However the diving and the island of Bonaire was great. We also had great dives (her 100th, the dives around Klein-Bonaire, the Saltpier) and some eerie nightdives (with hunting tarpons). I liked especially diving the Hilma Hooker, the afternoon dive at windsock and the dives around Klein-Bonaire. I liked the corals and reef fish- great moments were the squids around us , a crab and moray in a hole, the angelfish. I missed some large pelagic fish, however (besides the tarpons). Maybe the greatest dive was our ... read more
Bonnie's 100th dive
A Seahorse on her 100th dive
A great barracuda at the Hilma Hooker

Central America Caribbean » Curaçao December 15th 2014

A few days for diving in Curacao. Together with Bonnie, my dear divebuddy... we met in Curacao on Dec. 7th, had 4 days of diving on Curacao... but on the 3rd dive of the first day my camera flooded. Same situation as the year before in Belize...:-( But fortunately we still had Bonnie's Camera and as I am quite a bit addicted to photography she let me have it a lot of the dives. Thank you so much again! Diving Curacao was very nice and it was a good thing to get into diving these islands. Preparation for Bonaire... ... read more
blue shrimps
me with my camera

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