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Hi everyone, sorry it’s been a while since the last post, just been busy having fun, dealing with dodgy guts and trying not to itch our vast amount of mosquito bites! Since the last post we went on the trip to Chichen Itza. (2/9) It was really great to see all the temples especially the big one as it has been made to amplify sound so people clap at the bottom and you can hear it coming back amplified but it sounds quite eerie. The Mayans’ were pretty harsh and sacrificed people all the time (but they didn’t chuck heads down from the temples, apparently that was the Aztecs. The Mayans’ only chucked hearts down! The Mayans’ that lived in Chichen Itza just sort of disappeared and one theory is that the Mayans’ didn’t realise that ... read more
Cenote Ik Il
Tulum beach

Its hard to imagine how exactly things will work out when I move to Belize in May. Sure, Ive been there five or six times in the last two or three years, but Ive never stayed longer than 3 weeks at a time... and Ive never been on the island longer than 10 days or so. Im so lucky that I know people living there that I can ask for advice before I go ahead and make any uninformed decisions. If it wasnt for the knowledge of others, I probably would have found an apartment online and wound up in a dump with a dead beat landlord when I get down there. My emotions about the move are all over the place - some days I cannot wait to get out of PA and away from ... read more

For travel journal click here: We stayed on the island of Ambergris Caye (in a remote area 3 to 4 miles north of San Pedro). Most of these photos are of Lamanai (the ruins of the former Maya city which translates to "Submerged Crocodile") which is in the Orange Walk District in northern Belize.... read more
Jaguar Snout
Steps of Jaguar Temple
Jaguar Temple

Wow! Wow! Wow! is all I can say!! Absolutely loving where we are, on the island of Ambergris, in the town of San Pedro in the Belize Barrier Reef. The Barrier Reef here is the 2nd largest in the world after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. We arrived here on the 7am ferry from Corozal after staying there for our first night in Belize. It's exactly what I imagined a tropical paradise to be like; crystal clear blue-green waters, white sand, coconut trees everywhere. But it's much more than that, it's the great food, relaxed, laidback atmosphere and most importantly the great friendly people. Everyone is so helpful and friendly and we seem to know half the people on the island after only 3 days; just stopping to say hello to someone here, waying at ... read more
The sign in Estel's
The dogs of Estel's restaurant
Testing out the snorkel gear

4 other girls and myself decided to meet up in Belize for some scuba diving. My sister and I, to save money, flew from FL to Cancun first, where we met our friend Sarah at the airport (flying in from Hawaii). We then bussed it to Belize. I am telling our itinerary here, in case this could help someone else planning to take a similar trip. Wednesday (in Mexico): Our flight from FL to Cancun was $255 whereas flights to Belize were well into the $600's. At the cancun airport we went to Terminal 2, where the ADO bus stop was. It cost 40 pesos per person (about $4US) to get to the main terminal in the center of Cancun. From there we took a bus to Chichen Itza... I believe it was less than $20. ... read more
San Pedro Holiday Hotel
Spotted Sting Ray

April 17, Friday Packed up and on the way to the Belize border. We rolled up to the Mexican authorities, and had to stop and pay 200 more pesos. I'm not sure if that was to get out of the country, or to allow us to return since he did stamp my paperwork "dos entradas" and told us we wouldn't have to pay anything on our return. Across the river we were hailed to the side of the road at the "Auto Insurance" shack. Belize requires you to buy their own liability insurance, $20 USD or $40 Belize Dollars (bz). Turns out that the Belize dollar is mandated as twice that of the US dollar. At least it's easy to figure out the exchange rate. Also interesting is that US money is completely accepted in Belize, ... read more
Waiting for departure
On the way
Unknown Caye

Belize is the most beautiful country I've ever been to. This includes both the scenery and the people. I have never met such friendly locals in my life - and they actually keep talking to you even if you don't buy whatever they are selling! We met so many people on Ambergris Caye, we were beginning to feel like locals ourselves by the time we left. The trip to Belize City from Flores, Guatemala was only a 5 hour ride. As soon as we arrived, a large Belizean man immediately opened the door to our van and bellowed "Welcome to paradise ladies and gentlemen!" This pretty much set the tone for the next few days. We took a ferry straight for San Pedro on Ambergris Caye (Caye just means "island"). I had read that this town ... read more
more fishies
sea cucumber
green sea turtle

Another day another bus journey and border crossing. Fortunately the journey from Tikal to Belize was only 5 hours and the bus was relatively empty. We had the first two seats which always gets you some extra leg room and we were both very comfortable. The border stop was a bit of a pain as we ended us joining the wrong queue and then at the back of the right queue. It is frustrating at times especially when you a bit tectchy from the heat. We checked out of Guatemala after a long wait and then headed off to get stamped into Belize. We could not see our bus but figured it was waiting the other side. The lady stamped us into Belize (hoorah we got a stamp) and we trudged back to teh bus with ... read more
San Pedro beach
Much needed shade and breeze

We've begun.... We arived safe, with all our belongings with us and in tact! Our trip begun at 4.45am from New York JFK to El Salvador, we caught our connection an hour later and arrived in Belize City mid-morning. Our third and final flight of the day was with 'Maya Isalnd Air' - a 10 seater plane with one propellor and only two other passengers. After looking to Berti who had turned slightly green, we took off, and startig flying over complete paradise. As we passed the reef below, the water was so green, we were actually looking directly through to the bottom of the ocean. This has to be already the most amazing experience of our lives, and it was Day 1.. Once we touched down and started our taxi ride through San Pedro, we ... read more
"Maya Island Air"
Window View

The 7 gates of Hell Our nightmare journey takes over 36 hours for us to travel approximately 1500km (not exactly sure but it felt like much more). We start at 6am leaving Tamarindo in our trusty Toyota Yaris driving the 4 hours to San Jose. After returning the car, we realize that the bumper is actually hanging off the front of the car - thank god for fully comprehensive insurance - and by the way its not our fault that the Costa Rican government are too cheap to pave their roads! The journey continues via a two hour flight to Guatemala City, a place that we originally thought that we might spend a couple of days investigating, but nearing the end of our travels and the distances involved we decide to head straight to Belize. You ... read more

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