Rose and Lucy hit Central America

Lu and Rosey Brus

Rose and Lucy hit Central America

This is a blog about our amazing gap year travels. Rose is starting it off with a month in Australia on 25th January with four of our friends then joining me in Central America on 3rd March for two months where we fly into Guatemala City and out of Managua but the rest remains undecided. I'll be staying on for a further three months volunteering in Nicaragua and we'll be reunited on 4th August 2013. Feel free to join us for the journey of a lifetime 😊 Big love, Rosey and Lucy brus x

Aloha (cheeky bit of Hawaiin to get this blog started) from Antigua! Again, getting here was a bit of a nightmare, can you see a pattern forming too? So after our slightly uncomfortable chicken bus ride into Chiquimula, we decided to treat ourselves with an express, ´direct´ bus for the next leg of our journey. We even said the words ´let´s definitely go on the direct one, it´s much safer and worth the extra money´. Unfortunately it didn´t quite work out like that. On our way up to the bus station, we saw a bus with ´GUATEMALA CITY´on the front whose conductor seemed fixated on us getting onto said bus and it stopped in the middle of the road despite the heavy traffic. Not left with much choice, we begrudgingly got on the bus and made ... read more

Howdy y'all (we do hope you're appreciating our varied greetings) from Guatemala. We escaped Punta Gorda by boat to Puerto Barrios, Guatemala, where we had a rather stressful re-entry to the country. The boat journey was pretty bumpy and for some reason they decided to separate us from our beloved rucksacks by putting them in the other boat, but you can be sure our eyes never parted from that boat for the duration of the crossing. We are aware that going through Customs is a legal requirement for entering a country, yet Customs was nowehere to be found. We decided sticking with the other travellers was our best bet, so we stalked them the 5 minute walk to this hidden building where Customs was hiding. Customs done, we needed a bus outta there. Re-whacking out our ... read more

Oh hey there, fancy seeing you here! We´ve rather a lot to catch up on. Our final few days in Belize passed far too quickly for our liking. We had an amazing taxi drive up to the junction after deciding against the relaxing hitch-hiking experience that we had to get into Hopkins. Our driver was the coolest reggae-playing rasta ever, named Shaka after his instrument (Maracas). After catching the bus with the Brizzle and German girlies and meeting our friend Shakil (another band member who taught us the art of Garifuna dance) we arrived in a boiling Placencia. We had a slight miscommunication with the bus-conductor and ended up being dropped at the wrong hostel in the midday heat with our bags, nightmare situation. After a mini-breakdown on the side of the road (which lasted until ... read more

Whatagwan? We're writing to you from Placencia, which is known for having the best beaches in Belize! We arrived yesterday after spending four amazing days in Hopkins, just further North than here. On our way, we visited Belize Zoo and would have been slightly disappointed had we not seen a real-life Jaguar and Panther, which made the heat and extortionate prices worthwhile. We coped with the Chicken Buses pretty perfectly and met some lovely locals along the way who helped us on with our huge bags in through the back door. After a relatively smooth journey so far, our first impressions of Hopkins were slightly sketchy. We met the lovely local Policeman on the Bus from Dangriga who, along with the Lonely Planet, told us that hitchhiking was the norm for getting from the Junction into ... read more

Hola! So we're on our fourth day in San Pedro/Ambergris and still loving it as much as ever! We spent a few days with our American chums over-enjoying the daily nightlife including a lovely midnight swim! The 'place to be' seems to change every night so we've danced the night away in most of the clubs on the whole island, from live reggae to karaoke to pop and reggaeton - all on the beach, what a life! As far as the daytimes go, they seem to involve a LOT of food and a LOT of sun and not much else. We've been living on Quesadillas, Burritos, Pupusas and Fajitas - we're proud to announce we know the fine differences - and the occasional rice and beans thrown in. We did go snorkelling on the Belize Barrier ... read more

Greetings from the Caribbean baby! After a touch and go start to the morning (slight miscommunications about where the coach was picking us up from), we finally started our journey to Belize baby. Met a fab girl called Louise and instantly gelled with her big-time. The border crossing was surprisingly easy, another stamp for our passport collection! As soon as we set foot on Belizean turf, we relaxed and felt at home. We arrived in Belize City which looked very run-down and not much to do there, so on a spur of the moment decision decided to head to Caye Caulker wth Louise. It was DEFINITELY the right decision - it's like paradise with perfect white sandy beaches, sun, reggae and amazingly friendly people. We've made some friends for life from all over - America, Belize ... read more

Wow where to begin? We spent a couple of days chilling and wandering the cobbled streets of Antigua. We had an absolutely hilarious last night... We went back to Rainbow Rooms for what we thought was going to be a reggae night... It was pretty dead to begin with, just us, a rude American group and two extremely eccentric Guatemalan men. We got into a conversation with them, in a mixture of English and Spanish (mostly the latter) discussing everything from race, homosexuality and the positives of being a monk in India for three year. Our hilarious conversation ended up with us all in tears - literally - from laughing and an invitation the next day to their butterfly reserve in the mountains, which we politely declined due to the slight 50 year age difference. Alice ... read more

Arrrrrrriiiiighttt! Rose and Lucy here, still in Antigua. After a violent but brief bug we're back in action! We're still taking it slow-Joe by spending the whole of yesterday chilling in a funky cafe/second-hand bookswap called the Rainbow Rooms. We were loving life so much that we went back there in the evening for an acoustic open-mic night which was SO much better than the cheesey ones you get in England. From local Guatemalan and Mexican singer song-writers to a very in-love Swedish couple and some crazily high banjo-playing eccentric. We had a slightly stressful walk home in the rain (how very dare it rain on us) after discovering that tuctucs unhelpfully stop running at night... But all was well due to Rose's fab sense of direction and a helpful Guatemalan shopkeeper. Today was fairly similar. ... read more

Woohoo we've arrived! The arrival was slightly stressful as my phone decided not to be able to send/receive texts or make calls so I didn't know when Rose was going to arrive. But with the help of the lovely Rob and Caz we managed to get in touch and turns out she'd just landed and was going through customs! I arrived at our hostel Casa Cristina to one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen over two volcano silhouettes (photo to follow we hope) and then there was a procession for Semana Santa with hundreds of people dressed in purple cloaks carrying huge religious monuments/statues. Not bad for my first few hours. I'd also broke into my Spanish on the hour drive here with my driver which was pretty satisfying. Our reunion was amazing and, ... read more

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So it's 23:44 on 2nd March and I'm counting down the hours until 2am when I leave for Heathrow with my family. I have had some amazingly emotional 'au revoir's with some insanely amazing people including the best leaving party with my lovely work people and I think it's just hit me that this is real. Just been texting Rose as we've suddenly realised we both have the wrong numbers for each other, but that's all sorted now. So the plan is I leave at 6:20am from Heathrow and fly into Madrid - going backwards but oh well - and then onto Guatemala City to arrive at 16:15 local time (10pm English). There should be a cheeky Guatemalan waiting for me with my name on a board which is one of my lifelong ambitions. When I ... read more

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