Chilling in the sun

Published: March 7th 2013EDIT THIS ENTRY

Arrrrrrriiiiighttt! Rose and Lucy here, still in Antigua.

After a violent but brief bug we're back in action! We're still taking it slow-Joe by spending the whole of yesterday chilling in a funky cafe/second-hand bookswap called the Rainbow Rooms. We were loving life so much that we went back there in the evening for an acoustic open-mic night which was SO much better than the cheesey ones you get in England. From local Guatemalan and Mexican singer song-writers to a very in-love Swedish couple and some crazily high banjo-playing eccentric. We had a slightly stressful walk home in the rain (how very dare it rain on us) after discovering that tuctucs unhelpfully stop running at night... But all was well due to Rose's fab sense of direction and a helpful Guatemalan shopkeeper.

Today was fairly similar. We people-watched in Parque Central and got a slightly unsatisfactory sandwich after having to remove the lettuce, tomatoes and spinach to prevent illness, leaving not a lot else... We also had a bordering on inedible "crepe" - turns out cinnamon and lemon don't go so well together - much to our disappointment. Tonight we're heading back to meet some friends at the rainbow rooms to watch some local reggae and then tomorrow we're off.

We leave in the evening to Tikal (Mayan ruins) via Flores and Guatemala City and then onwards and upwards to Belice (Belize), CARIBBEAN HERE WE COME! We found out from the lonely planet, to our elation, that Creole is the predominantly spoken language there and have been practising our 'AAAAARIIIIIGHT's and 'WHATAGWANNN's...

Big love Rosey bru and Lubru xxx


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