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North America » United States » Colorado » Denver August 18th 2014

We made it back safely on Saturday, August 16 around 4: 15pm. What a trip! It's crazy to think about how wheels can take you clear across the country and back in a matter of days. Rewind to a few days ago…… we were staying at the Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vegas. If I had to do it over again, I would have got us a cheaper place on Fremont St in old downtown Vegas. Everything was just too expensive at the Mandalay; food, shopping, gambling, etc. This being said, we did enjoy the luxuries of our hotel. The rooms were very nice and had good views and the free in-house entertainment kept us busy in our down time. The first night we went downstairs and enjoyed a Beatles cover band that we all thought ... read more

Here are some videos from our boat ride (Sorry, the cinematography isn't amazing): ... read more

North America » United States » California » Santa Barbara August 12th 2014

Here is the last post from Santa Barbara. We didn't have internet so I'm just now sending it. We're in Vegas now! __________ Well, it's our last night in Santa Barbara and we just got done eating a fantastic meal. Rita made chicken enchiladas and Eyerusalem made a chicken and veggie soup. Karla is heading to bed and Nick is on his computer. Baraki has been studying for his RN exam and I've been bothering him. We're all kinda walking around like zombies; we were pretty active today. We took a ferry "wild life" cruise to the Channel Islands today and had a great time. Sea lions, dolphins, and an assortment of interesting birds all presented themselves for our entertainment. I've never seen anything like it actually, I'll post a video of the sea lions and ... read more

North America » United States » California » Santa Barbara August 12th 2014

Good evening everyone! Once again, the internet is hit or miss for us. I'm sitting at the vanity countertop in Nick's bathroom (which is huge) to get a connection. The router is in his room and for some reason the rest of the house can't get it. I believe everyone is asleep, we had another big day……..but this time at the beach! We made good time yesterday and arrived at our house in Santa Barbara at 4pm. As you will see in the pictures, there is a hammock between 2 giant palm trees in the back yard and our view is pretty amazing. The house is on the side of a hill that is about 4 miles from the ocean, which we can see part of. Our rental is very spacious, which is important at this ... read more
Dinner at Opal

North America » United States » Nevada » Boulder City August 9th 2014

Back again. I just wanted to let everyone know that I added pictures to the last post. Also, here are some videos from the past 2 days. We're all glad that there is nowhere we have to be today :) I hope you all are well! ... read more

North America August 9th 2014

Well, sorry I haven't kept up on this. We had no internet last night and the internet tonight is very slow, so we'll see if I can even post pics tonight. Yesterday was VERY eventful. We woke up in Moab, made a big breakfast, did a photo shoot, and hit the road, heading south through Utah. We all thoroughly enjoyed the sights along the way and continued to have a good time riding together. We stopped at the Mittens in Utah to eat lunch and do a little shopping at the Jewelry stands. Fast forward a few hours later, we were at the Grand Canyon! Rita (Nick's mom) expressed her fear of heights…. several times :) Baraki and I took a little hike to get closer to the edge and I guess some visitors behind the ... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Moab August 7th 2014

Hello everyone! We arrived at our house in Moab around 10:30 tonight. We left Denver quite a bit later than planned due to the bus's A/C getting fixed and waiting for the pharmacy to deliver meds, but we're settled in and very happy with our rental :) What a great group we have! Lots of laughs, lots of stories…. a good start to a road trip. Nick: "It took us a while to get organized, but we made it and this place is beautiful. Everything I’ve seen so far has been awesome. Even though we’re packed in there like sardines, we rode comfortably. It’s been nice to get a change of scenery." Karla: "The company has been great and the laughter is plentiful and Baraki believes he can 'climb those mountains with ease'. Ha ha, suuuuure." ... read more

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