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19th August 2014

My heart expands.
From Blog: We're home!
17th August 2014

Thank You,,
Wow, we love your blog and thanks for letting us come along with you! You are all fabulous 😘!
15th August 2014

Tears of Joy
You guys have cause me to cry watching all the great pictures and reading your blog so glad you are having the time of your life.
11th August 2014

Nice!!! What a view!!
The views are amazing... so happy nicks dream is coming true. glad to see your all having fun can't wait to see more updates.
9th August 2014

Love and miss everyone of you! It looks like you are haveing a blast'nn
9th August 2014

Looks like you guys are having a blast!!!
Hope the trip is going fabulously well! We all miss you guys but are so glad that you were able to make this trip! Can't wait to see more updates. Laura :)
7th August 2014

Love this!
This is the part of the computer world that I so appreciate.... this blogging. What a great idea! You can take those of us that are interested, along with you....kind of :) Keep it up. Never too many details for me! Just sayin' ;) Blessings to you all. Mama Barb
7th August 2014

I'm glad nick and Karla are having a great time some far. Very happy to see nicks dream come to have a good rest of your trip and safe travels.
7th August 2014

I am so excited for you all! Have a super trip and safe travels

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